Nintendo apologizes for Amiibo shortages, plans to bring back old figures

We know all about Nintendo’s Amiibo troubles, and now the company’s acknowledging these issues and attempting to make amends. In a Facebook post, it apologized for the shortages of the rarer NFC figures, saying it understands “how frustrating it can be at times.” According to the post, Nintendo is increasing the manufacturing runs of Amiibo figures, more »

There are no “right” decisions in Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker

The nature of morality is an interesting one. We see games where there are clearly right and wrong decisions to be made, such as Mass Effect and inFamous. But these aren’t realistic, because the world isn’t so clearly defined. Shades of grey are far more common than matters that are clearly good and evil. Which more »

Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker Review: Winning strategies

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker Price: $49.99 System(s): 3DS Release Date: May 5, 2015 Publisher (Developer): Atlus (Atlus) ESRB Rating: “Teen” for Alcohol Reference, Blood, Language, Partial Nudity, Suggestive Themes, Use of Tobacco, and Violence If the world was ending, would you have it in you to perform the heroic actions necessary more »


Toys R Us discounts amiibo, Disney Infinity, and Skylanders NFC figures

Know what sucks? When you see a great NFC figure deal, but no new toys have been released to make it worthwhile. It’s what makes Toys R Us’ latest amiibo, Disney Infinity, and Skylanders promotion a little unfortunate. I mean, there’s nothing worse than finding a price drop and not getting to take advantage of more »

Samus comes to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate with May DLC

There’s more free Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC waiting for all of you 3DS owners with the game. Believe me when I say you’re going to want to run to your 3DS, fire it up, and get all of them now. This may be the best add-on yet. Why? Because now Samus, Mega Man, and more »

Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition Preview: Line ‘em up

You expect certain things from demos appearing on Nintendo’s eShop. It’s a sample, which means a brief experience and perhaps even a limited number of opportunities to play. Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition defies both of these. At least, in a way it does. Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition plays like more »

Heart Beaten certainly came out of nowhere

Every week, I handle the Technology Tell Gaming Channel’s weekly eShop updates. It’s a pretty easy gig, and I come to expect certain things. When Heart Beaten came up as one of this week’s newest titles, I found it a bit odd that the official Nintendo page was devoid of any pictures or trailers. So, more »

Nintendo eShop Update for April 30, 2015

Nintendo eShop Update for April 30, 2015 Time to head to the eShop, everyone! Seems like it’s going to be a good day, though the offerings are rather unexpected. The Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition demo is here, so 3DS owners can give that a try. Wii U owners can give amiibo tap more »

Don’t forget to claim your Club Nintendo Elite Status Reward

Time for a public service announcement for all 3DS and Wii U owners. One of the major Club Nintendo dates draws near. As we’re all aware, Nintendo is shutting down its rewards program for good on June 30, 2015, but there are two other important dates to keep in mind. One of which is April more »

Top 10 hottest Mii Plaza characters ranked

With the April 16, 2015 addition of two new games to Nintendo’s Mii Plaza suite for the 3DS, gamers are encouraged to head out and collect tags to experience the newly available content. And with good reason, too! With new games come new NPCs, Mii characters who are strikingly attractive in all of their big-headed more »

Celebi shows up in Pokemon Shuffle

It’s been, what, a week since we’ve a Pokemon Shuffle event announcement, right? Seems about time for another one. Nintendo seems to think so as well, which is why Celebi is suddenly in our games, shuffling our Pokemon. Though, this event isn’t only about getting another Legendary in our roster. It’s about celebrating 3.5 million more »

Best Buy selling 3DS XLs for $150 today

You know how Amazon has its Deal of the Day specials? Best Buy does that too, and today it has a rather lovely deal on the original 3DS XL. Typically, the handheld is still , but today everyone can take $25 off. Yes, that means anyone interested can get a 3DS XL for $149.99. It’s more »