Super Smash Bros. players can buy Mewtwo next year

Wanted Mewtwo in Super Smash Bros without having to pay $100? Nintendo has heard your pleas. You don’t have to buy both the 3DS and Wii U versions of the game to add the Pokemon as a playable fighter. Leniency has been extended and it’s going to be possible with real cash. Nintendo revealed the more »

Nintendo eShop Update for November 20, 2014

I honestly think the is one of the last things on people’s minds this week. They don’t care about the general and releases. They want Super Smash Bros and Pokemon ORAS Which is understandable, but there are other games out there. Though, to be fair, this week’s update is rather smalll. There are only four more »

Persona Q Review: One of the bests on the 3DS

Title: Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Price: System(s): 3DS Release Date: November 25, 2014 Publisher (Developer): Atlus (Atlus) ESRB Rating: “Mature” for Blood, Language, Partial Nudity, Sexual Themes, and Violence It’s no secret that sometimes reviewers are under embargos. We’re given advance access to some games, because they’re ones that can’t be played in more »

Hoping for the best Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley DLC

There are a lot of things I’ve wanted and hoped for in Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley. I want my character to marry Gareth the wizard. I still wish I could visit Hillsville. As time goes on, I want more animals than the cow, chicken, dog, horse, and sheep that all eventually unlock. A pet more »


2014 GameStop Black Friday ad isn’t striking

I want to state in no uncertain terms, I hate black Friday and everything it represents. For these stores to be open, even at midnight, means someone has to give up their holiday by going to bed early, and then deal with throngs of people who are focused on nothing more than crass consumerism. However, more »

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire / Omega Ruby animated segment is adorable

Prepare for something that will melt your heart. Nintendo has released a new commercial for Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby in Japan that is probably one of the most precious, Pokemon-related things you’ll see all week, if not all year. To prepare people for the practically worldwide, , an original animated segment has been more »


You need to play Kemonomix+

It was the eating scene that got me. I always do the Nintendo eShop updates here, and this means I see everything small, indie, or unusual that pops on the 3DS and Wii U eShops. Last week, I was writing things up and Kemonomix+ caught my eye. It isn’t often you see a localized game more »


2014 Best Black Friday 3DS Deals

Almost all of the major Black Friday ads for November 27-28, 2014 have made their internet debut. Which means it’s now the perfect time to start putting together our shopping lists. To help make things easier, Technology Tell’s Gaming Channel is going to put together lists to organize everything, starting with the Black Friday 3DS more »

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Review: All farming, all the time

Title: Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Price: System(s): 3DS Release Date: November 4, 2014 Publisher (Developer): Natsume (Natsume) ESRB Rating: “Everyone” I’m going to be brutally honest – Harvest Moon: The Lost Vallmiey is a pretty bleak game. It isn’t because the game’s introduction feels like a setup for the next Silent Hill. No, it’s more »

2014 Toys R US Black Friday deals great for Skylanders and Disney Infinity fans

We’ve had a chance to check out the 2014 Toys R Us Black Friday ad, so now we’re gonna hit you with some sweet, sweet, Toys R Us Black Friday video game deals. This stuff can only be so surprising, but there are plenty of opportunities to save some big money, particularly if you’re into Skylanders and/or Disney more »

Nintendo eShop Update for November 13, 2014

It’s so refreshing to see all of these games appearing on Nintendo’s . I mean, think about it. A year ago, the eShop was lucky to get 3 games each week, and nothing every appeared on the eShop. Fortunately, those days are gone and this week we have 5 3DS games and 4 Wii U more »


Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley’s Gareth better marry my character

If there’s a wizard in a Harvest Moon game, I marry him. Granted, the only other opportunity to marry a magical character for women who play the game was Harvest Moon: Animal Parade, but still. Though there’s only one example, there is a precedent, which is why I better be able to shanghai Gareth into more »