Google Maps lets you Chase Ghosts as Pac-Man

Google Maps has a special, retro feature in place for April Fools’ Day 2015, and it’s already live. Right now, the mapping service offers Pac-Man mode, populating a small section of the map you’re viewing with the classic ghosts, pellets, and bonus fruits. The option, which can be enabled by clicking the Pac-Man icon in more »


Doctor Who: Legacy gets an 8-bit addition

Doctor Who: Legacy, one of many mobile, orb swapping game phenomenons, is heading towards two million downloads. While this is already exciting news, if you can believe it, there’s more. Anyone who is anyone probably already knows, but the reboot of Doctor Who on television is reaching it’s tenth birthday. You heard that right folks, more »

4 Games to play during the Extra Life 24 hour marathon

Extra Life game day will soon be upon us. The epic gaming marathon fundraiser hosts an official game day every year so that participants can play their way through their marathon with friends. In some cases, Extra Lifers hold events on game day to create an even greater sense of community. Certain gaming venues even more »

Angry Birds movie assembles all-star comedy cast

You’re making an Angry Birds movie and you need an all-star voice cast. Who do you get? How about Jason Sudeikis (Horrible Bosses), Josh Gad (Frozen), Danny McBride (This is the End, Eastbound and Down), Bill Hader (Saturday Night Live, The Skeleton Twins), Maya Rudolph (Saturday Night Live, Bridesmaids) and Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones, more »

Microsoft makes biggest Minecraft purchase ever

Microsoft is spending the most money anyone has ever spent on a Minecraft after a formal announcement was made that a $2.5 billion deal for Microsoft to buy Mojang has been finalized. Reports circulated last week that Microsoft was in serious talks with Mojang for a mega-deal. More reports surfaced over the weekend stating that more »

The Room adds on a third game

The Room and The Room 2 are compelling mobile games, not least for the reason that they couldn’t really exist outside of the mobile platform. And the creepy horror puzzle games will be getting a third entry next year. Yes, expect a The Room 3. For those unfamiliar, The Room is basically a game asking more »

Square Enix bringing Dragon Quest to the perfect platform

Yeah, so, I like Dragon Quest a lot. Sometimes it’s hard to tell is Square Enix does too. On one hand, we got a weird-but-somehow-still-fun port of Dragon Quest 8 on mobile platforms. On the other, the 3DS has had like 3 awesome Dragon Quest remakes that have yet to leave Japan. Being a fan more »


5 tips for getting your deck over in WWE SuperCard

So, I won King of the Ring in WWE SuperCard. I stuck with it for a few hours, came out on top and won a pair of super rare Cesaro cards for my troubles. I also won a rare support card, but I don’t really use it, so whatever. I wrote a little about it more »

Catan Delisted From XBLA, Multiplayer Nigh on Mobile

is one of the most popular board games worldwide, having sold fifteen million copies, and translated into 30 languages. Players take the role of settlers of a new continent, and claim territory by installing villages and cities on the zone borders, attempting to reach ten victory points. The game is so popular, that it’s become more »

Age Of Empires: World Domination is quite mobile

Fans have been bugging Microsoft for the next for a long, long, loooooong time. True, they’ve had Age of Empires Online, but that hasn’t exactly scratched the itch hardcore strategy game fans have been looking for. Well, relief might be on the way… or it might be a massive letdown. Either way, though, Age of more »

Science: Tablet gaming is making you sick.

It’s true that mobile and gaming is a market that’s still struggling to define itself, amid a sea of free-to-play apps, sudden and intense fads that come and go, and shady practices. It’s enough to make any gamer ill, but apparently, that green feeling you’re getting around the gills might have as much to do more »

Nintendo denies smartphone game rumors

Nintendo has pulled off a feat that’s seemingly impossible: In a market where everybody’s got a smartphone, and there are thousands of games for free or cheap on that smartphone, they’ve kept portable consoles not just alive, but thriving. So rumors that Nintendo was, however timidly, going to start making mobile games was met with more »