There are new, transparent 2DS models thanks to Pokemon


We all know about Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, and Omega Ruby right? We’re all on the same page there? We also know that Nintendo has gone crazy with special 2DS releases right? So it doesn’t seem too farfetched that they are releasing, yet again, a special 2DS. This one specifically for the release of the new

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Important Importables: Game Center CX Deserves a Second Chance

retro game challenge

Retro Game Challenge is the best DS game . It’s a mini-game collection of “retro” games, and is inspired by Shinya Arino’s Game Center CX TV show where he plays retro games. The original title had players attempting to best Game Master Arino by playing “classics” like Cosmic Gate, Robot Ninja Haggle Man, Rally King,

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Nintendo eShop Update for August 14, 2014

eshop mega man battle chip challenge

All eyes on the ! This week’s eShop update is better for owners than for those with the , but we’ll make do. Especially since there’s something rather exciting. I’m talking about the eShop debut of Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge. Well, it’s exciting for me because I never played the original, but still. So

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2014 Pokemon World Championship is August 16-17, 2014

Nintendo eShop Update for June 3, 2014

Nintendo eShop Update for June 19, 2014

Wii U Virtual Console gets Brain Age (in Japan)

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection isn’t dead thanks to Homebrew

Nintendo eShop Update for May 15, 2014

Spider-Man video game plot inspires Marvel’s “Spider-Verse” event

Nintendo Network will be down March 13, 2014

DS and Wii Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection ends May 2014

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