Swing Copters is not the next Flappy Bird

So-difficult-it’s-practically-impossible has become its own game genre, thanks to mobile gamers. They elevated these ridiculously difficult titles, which provide five minutes of play at best for even the most skilled, to a commercially viable property. Flappy Bird is heralded is the “king” of this cluster, but I feel Swing Copters will be the impossible games’ more »


Frozen is now in Disney Club Penguin too

In Frozen is everywhere news, the Disney Club Penguin virtual world is now hosting a Frozen Party. Frankly, I’m surprised it’s taken this long. You know, since both are Disney and everything. You’d think the company would have wanted to capitalize on this right away, but nope! Here’s an icy adventure freezing up August. Granted, more »


TinierMe returns as CocoPPa Play

I admit it – I’m a sucker for dress-up games. Which is why back when TinierMe, a dress-up social networking site with mini-games was around, I jumped on board. Free dress-up time with adorable avatars? Sold! Then it closed for monetary reasons, and I went on to satiate my immature gaming needs with various other more »

Pokemon Trading Card Game Online is Nintendo’s foray into mobile gaming

Considering how enormously beloved the core video games of the Pokemon franchise are, it’s easy to forget that Nintendo’s Pokemon has a larger reach. The Pokemon Trading Card game is a good example. You may not have played it since middle school, but many people still are, and now the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online more »

Alice in the Heart is a tragedy

Alice in the Hearts is a tragedy Quinrose makes amazing otome games. That is, dating sims for girls. Alice in the Country of Hearts is among their best, so it should have been a triumph when the PSP version was localized and ported to iOS and Android devices as Alice in the Hearts. Alas, instead more »


WWE SuperCard is bizarre and dangerously addictive

I was confused, at first. Confused, and a little disappointed. I had eagerly awaited the release of WWE SuperCard for the, like, handful of hours between its announcement and launch. Once I booted it up, I was given some random cards to start with and sent on my way. No explanation of the rules or more »

Skylanders Trap Team iOS, Android ports match the console game

There’s a dirty little secret in the Skylanders game world – the mobile adaptations typically don’t hold a candle to the 3DS and console experiences. While people with systems get full games, Android and iOS devices got titles like , , and . Well, no more, because Skylanders Trap Team is changing that. Forget getting more »

Alice in the Heart brings Alice in the Country of Hearts to iOS, Android

There’s a Quinrose otome game in English! We finally got a Quinrose game! Granted, it means Alice in the Country of Hearts transformed into Alice in the Heart, a title that makes no sense, but that’s okay! Any otome game fan, or reader of the manga will recognize this title. It’s Quinrose’s visual novel take more »

The case for one-handed RPGs continues

Playing The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky makes me want a new laptop. Mine can run it well; it’s just a huge, clunky beast of a machine and I want to play Trails in bed. I totally could, if I had one of those smaller, touch-based Windows 8 tablet-hybrid thingies. I’m using a more »

I’ve got Willow Pape beat in Kim Kardashian Hollywood

It’s happened. I’m done with Kim Kardashian Hollywood. It’s over. I honestly feel I never have to . It’s all because I finally topped Willow Pape. I know she’s not the best villain. She’s honestly an exact clone of the rival in Stardom: Hollywood. Still, she has a knack for getting under a player’s skin more »


Micromon is basically pay-to-win Pokemon

Everyone speculates what a mobile or free-to-play Pokemon game would look like. We think about how developers would capitalize on intricacies in the formula. But now, with Pocket Trend’s Micromon, we can really see where a mobile Pokemon-style would go wrong, because this game does. To start, players have to pay to get into Micromon. more »

iOS BioShock is pretty cool, but that’s about it

The biggest news item of the day seems to be 2K’s announcement of an iOS BioShock port. This is a straight-up without microtransactions or any of that other mobile game silliness. Yep, that’s a major selling point these days. This new port will only work on the latest iOS devices, and feature the latest iteration more »