Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain: Volcanic Drake, Drakonid Crusher, and Nefarian examined

We’re now 17 cards into Blizzard’s reveal of Blackrock Mountain, the 31-card Hearthstone adventure due out April 2. Yet we’re only just now getting another look at some proper dragons, after Hungry Dragon’s appearance in the initial unveiling and Dragonkin Sorcerer’s curious display.   The latest Dragons are a diverse bunch, supporting both aggressive and control play styles. more »

Okay? is the next Desert Golfing

Last year, we ended up getting this great time sink for Android and iOS devices called Desert Golfing. It was great, as you’d endlessly hit a golf ball towards a hole on a sandy golf course, relying on proper angles to reach the goal. Now, earlier this month, we’ve gotten what seems to be its more »


Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain: Blackwing Corruptor and Dragon’s Breath revealed

We’re up to 14, folks. We’re fast approaching the halfway point for Blizzard’s reveal of Blackrock Mountain, the 31-card Hearthstone adventure launching next month. The spotlight returned to the draconic members of the expansion in the most recent unveiling, with Blackwing Corruptor leading the charge. Like Blackwing Technician, another member of the Dragon archetype, Blackwing Corruptor is easy more »

Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain: Flamewaker, Core Rager, and Imp Gang Boss examined

Blizzard recently unveiled three new class-specific members of Hearthstone‘s next expansion, Blackrock Mountain. We’ve now seen 12 of the expansion’s 31 new cards, including the first hints of the Dragon archetype and one terrible Legendary, a peculiar Shaman spell, and some buff-happy Dragons. With the rise of the latest curtain, Mage, Hunter and Warlock have joined the more »

End March with Telltale’s third Game of Thrones episode (update)

As great as Telltale Games can be, the wait for new episodes can be agonizing. Fortunately, those following its Game of Thrones tale will soon find relief. A message has gone out with glad tidings. Apparently, the third episode will be released tomorrow! Surprise! March is going out like a lion this year, I guess. more »


Doctor Who: Legacy gets an 8-bit addition

Doctor Who: Legacy, one of many mobile, orb swapping game phenomenons, is heading towards two million downloads. While this is already exciting news, if you can believe it, there’s more. Anyone who is anyone probably already knows, but the reboot of Doctor Who on television is reaching it’s tenth birthday. You heard that right folks, more »

Report: Angry Birds is losing steam, and fast

Angry Birds has long been the game upon a hill for the mobile market. It was a runaway success for Finnish developer Rovio, and is still the best-selling paid mobile app of all time. But that hasn’t saved the franchise from the fate of all one-trick ponies—getting old. Rovio’s latest financial reports show a 73% more »

Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain is now available for pre-order

Hearthstone‘s next expansion, the 31-card Blackrock Mountain adventure, is now available for pre-order via the in-game store for $24.99.  Although it cannot be pre-ordered with in-game Gold, the entirety of Blackrock can be unlocked without spending a dime; each wing will run you 700 gold, as was the case with Curse of Naxxramas. As previously reported, pre-ordering the adventure cuts $10.00 more »

Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain: Dragon Egg and Dragonkin Sorcerer examined

Blizzard today unveiled two more members of the 31-card set which Hearthstone‘s upcoming Blackrock Mountain expansion will introduce. Firstly, Dragon Egg, an aptly titled and rather unassuming 1-drop. Essentially a smaller Grim Patron (discussed in an earlier examination), Dragon Egg is crying out for buffs and pings. Druid and Paladin can easily provide the former, while Warrior and more »

Cinderella Free Fall shows Disney’s always ready to match-3 up

Cinderella is one of the biggest movies right now. It made over $132.5 million with it’s debut this past Friday, making it an unquestionable success for Disney. (Though, one has to wonder how much of that money came from people who went to see the Frozen Fever short.) Of course the company wants to capitalize more »

Nintendo and DeNA team up for iOS and Android games

Nintendo and DeNA go hand in hand There’s big news from Japan today. Nintendo is teaming up with DeNA for mobile games. Which you might have already heard about in passing, if you stopped by earlier today. The two companies are part of a sharing endeavor that will help Nintendo get its games onto mobile more »

5 dormant Nintendo IPs could find new life on mobile devices

After years of chatter, Nintendo announced Tuesday that it is entering a business partnership with DeNA to release games on mobile devices. Certainly the deal will include franchises like Mario and Zelda, as both companies enjoy making money, but according to the release, “all Nintendo IP will be eligible for development and exploration by the alliance.” more »