You Must Build a Boat Review: Wet, wild fun

You Must Build a Boat Price: $4.99 System(s): PC (Also available on Android and iOS) Release Date: Month Date, Year Publisher (Developer): EightyEightGames (EightyEightGames) ESRB Rating: N/A Match-3 games tend to be a guilty pleasure. The problem is, it’s difficult to find one that really stands apart. Distinctive endeavors are difficult to find, given how more »


That Idolmaster Cinderella Girls trademark may be related to new mobile game

Back in February 2015, Bandai Namco did something rather unexpected. It trademarked Cinderella Girls in Europe. This is notable as the company has a mobile game called The Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls involving the collecting and battling of various idols. It seemed as though the trademark could be tied to a localization of that title, but more »

Pokemon Shuffle headed from 3DS to Android, iOS

Everyone’s favorite Pokemon-based, matching addition is going to get a larger audience. It turns out Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have decided Genius Sonority’s Pokemon Shuffle is ready for the big time. Not that it wasn’t “big” on the 3DS. Millions of people are playing it on Nintendo’s handheld after all. But the companies feel more »

Serafina’s Crown Review: Small part of a bigger picture

Serafina’s Crown Price: $7.99 System(s): PC, Android and iOS Release Date: December 16, 2014 Publisher (Developer): Woodsy Studios (Woodsy Studios) ESRB Rating: “Mature” for strong language Visual novels are all about the story, right? Well, I’ve never seen such an elaborate story as the one told Serafina’s Crown. It’s the official sequel to a game called Serafina’s Saga, but there is so more »

Kickstart Purrfectly Ever After to help a cat become human and find love

Stories about animals that fall in love with humans and make a wish to become human themselves so they can be together are a familiar theme in folktales. Japanese kitsune are often the center of such myths. However, Purrfectly Ever After wants to tweak that tale. The Kickstarter otome game is asking for $7,555 to more »

A Threes Pebble clone has appeared

Threes is an absolutely fantastic puzzle game. It’s honestly one of the best apps you can put on your Android or iOS device. And now, the Threes Pebble clone puts it on your wrist. Now, this is of course an unauthorized port. The official version of Threes, from Asher Vollmer, Greg Wohlwend and Sirvo, is more »

Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories looks like a RPG Maker game

Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories is going to be Natsume’s second original installment in the Harvest Moon series, after The Lost Valley. The company claims to have taken feedback from fans seriously about this, the first Wii U, PC, iOS and Android installment in the series. While at least one of these improvements was evident more »

E3 2015: The year of the NFC figure explosion

Perhaps things have gone a little too far. When it was only Skylanders, the NFC figure fad was okay. One line, about 40 to collect and that’s fine. We can handle that. Except this proved to be more than a passing fad. It transformed into a cavalcade, with Disney and Nintendo following Activision’s example. Now, more »

[Update] E3 2015: Everything from Bethesda’s presser

E3 2015 marked Bethesda’s first dedicated E3 press conference, and the studio did not disappoint. Fallout 4 was the cornerstone, of course, it being the primary reason the conference was called to begin with. But the first shreds of DOOM also left a good impression with arcade-y combat and movement. Hell, the surprise release of mobile SIM Fallout Shelter was a more »

E3 2015: Fallout Shelter is out now

Unsatisfied with a raft of Fallout 4 details, Bethesda also announced a separate Fallout title during their E3 2015 press conference. Believe it or not, it’s a mobile game: Fallout Shelter, a SIM-like title ostensibly sitting somewhere between FTL: Faster Than Light and Progress Quest. In short, you play a vault overseer, expanding your facility and monitoring your vault dwellers. Here’s more »

Chaos Rings III Review: Wild cards

Chaos Rings 3 Price: $19.99 System(s): Mobile Release Date: May 27, 2015 Publisher (Developer): Square Enix (Media Vision) ESRB Rating: “Teen” for Violence and Suggestive Themes People like to gripe about mobile games, Square Enix and JRPGs, and a combination of the three. However, I would argue the developer/publisher has been knocking it out of more »

E3 2015: EA will have at least 12 games at its booth

Man, the big day is getting close. You can taste it, right? Does that E3 2015 flavor feel like there’s a little EA in it today? It should, because another game lineup has come in. EA will be bringing at least 12 games to E3 2015. I say at least, because there will definitely be more »