Minecraft deserves to be popular

I’ve gotten just about nothing done today, work wise. That’s because I’ve been spending the past several hours playing Minecraft. It’s such a fantastic game that it really deserves the popularity it’s gotten. I mean, where else can you spend five hours re-creating a giant wing-wong out of iron blocks? Not that I’ve ever done more »

Contest of Champions made me believe in mobile fighting games

My latest addiction is Marvel’s Contest of Champions, a fighting game on iOS and Android.  Wait, wait, don’t run off because I said mobile fighting game. The basics are simple. Tap the screen for a light attack, swipe for a medium, hold on the opponent for a heavy attack which breaks blocks. Holding backward blocks, more »

Minecraft Story Mode is certainly something

I like to believe I trust Telltale Games. The developer clearly knows what it’s doing, with hits like The Walking Dead, Sam & Max, Fables, and, most recently, Game of Thrones. Still, their latest Minecraft Story Mode announcement is giving me pause. Because this is Minecraft, a game that’s essentially virtual legos, and one wonders more »


Light and Dark Skylanders Trap Team elements make sense, but aren’t fair

With Skylanders Trap Team Activision and Toys for Bob decided to take things a step further. It wasn’t enough to have 8 different elements worth of Skylanders figures for people to collect. They upped the number to 10, so Light and Dark could be added to the mix. While this may make sense, since the more »

Skylanders Trap Team sees the light and gets dark December 21

Skylanders Trap Team will finally be complete next week. Activision and Toys for Bob pulled a switcheroo on players this iteration. Thet expanded the elements. Light and Dark were added to Magic, Water, Life, Undead, Tech, Earth, Wind, and Fire. Except, there have been no Light or Dark Skylanders released. Now, that problem is solved. more »


WWE is a better fit than DC Comics for NetherRealm

Chances are, you’re probably reading this and wondering what the hell I’m even talking about. WWE recently announced a partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and more specifically NetherRealm Studios, to develop a 2015 mobile game called WWE Immortals. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, I’m here to remind more »


Lindsay Lohan: The Price of Fame is surprisingly funny

I savor bad games like a fine wine. There’s something about these stupid, free-to-play iOS and Android games that make me smile. Which is what drew me to Lindsay Lohan: The Price of Fame. I knew nothing about the mobile title, other than it was appearing on the App Store under new additions. Always up more »


I only beat Peggle Blast level 29 because the game glitched

Peggle Blast is the devil. PopCap Games and EA are the devil for making Peggle Blast. In short, a whole lot of evil is going ’round on our iOS and Android devices, and Peggle Blast is to blame. But, if you want to get really specific, it’s Level 29: In One Basket that’s to blame. more »

Apple’s censoring of Papers, Please is stupid

If you’ve never played Papers, Please!, it’s a stress management game in which you play a guard at a government checkpoint of a fictional country. Your job is to check people’s various papers, make sure it’s all in order, and either deny them, or wave them through. It’s one of those games where you will more »

How can Angry Birds be 5?

I’m in shock. I don’t know if it’s my body readjusting from Central to Pacific, then back to Central time or what, but I can’t believe that the Angry Birds franchise is now five years old. There are children out there who have never known a world without Angry Birds. It’s so hard to believe. more »

Final Fantasy’s Triple Triad deserved to return

Okay, true facts time. When I was in high school, one of my most prized possessions were some real Triple Triad cards a friend got me from Japan. I carried those everywhere, even though I was trying to be a girly-girl and not people know I was all game=y and geeky. I have no idea more »

2014 Best Buy Black Friday ad preview seems great for gamers

Time to catch a glimpse at the big one. Gather around for the 2014 Best Buy Black Friday ad preview. Best Buy has decided to leak a bit of their ad, showing what people can expect come November 27-28, 2014. It’s huge. As you gaze through the offerings of the Best Buy Black Friday ad, more »