Pac-Man 256 brings you all the fun of Pac-Man and Crossy Road

Do you like Pac-Man? Of course you do. Everyone likes Pac-Man, at least, everyone with a soul. Do you like Crossy Road? I actually have no opinion on that Android and iOS game, because I’ve never played it. I’m sure it’s great, though, since it’s a take on Frogger. In any case, Hipster Whale, creator more »

BlazBlue: Battle Cards makes fighting a matter of cards

I’ve got some fabulous news for all the BlazBlue fans out there in the world. The franchise is now on iPads thanks to the new game, BlazBlue: Battle Cards! It released on May 14th, 2015, and is currently only available for the iPad 2 or better. Maybe somewhere down the line we’ll see the game move more »

You can’t buy iOS or Android versions of Golden Axe, Jet Set Radio or more anymore

Sega’s decided it’s going to be focusing on mobile games, and part of that mindset shift apparently involves making sure the back catalog of Android and iOS games are ones the company and its fans can be proud of. This means a culling of the herd, as games that aren’t thought to be up to more »

Kingdom Hearts goes mobile (again) with Kingdom Hearts: Unchained Chi

The heretofore browser-only Kingdom Hearts: Unchained Chi is coming to mobile platforms, Famitsu reports. The iOS and Android game is currently only planned for Japan, however, and will release sometime in 2015. Set during the Great Keyblade War, the story of Unchained Chi will mesh with the forthcoming Kingdom Hearts 3.  This lends credence to the possibility of more »

Otomate World asking fans which dating sims they want

Idea Factory’s Otomate line is full of a wide assortment of dating sims geared toward women. The company has been working on getting these games to fans outside of Japan, with Hakuoki, Sweet Fuse, Code: Realize and Amnesia: Memories all coming to various platforms, but apparently it wants to do more. Also, it wants fans’ more »

Nintendo NX won’t be at E3 2015

Nintendo is sure to have big plans for E3 2015, what with the vague state of the next Legend of Zelda and the continued silence around other classic IP. But their next home console, currently known only as Nintendo NX, won’t be part of their showing. During a recent investor’s call, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata more »

It sure looks like Nabbit is in Catch the Rabbit

Looks like we have a situation here. Who wants to start taking bets on how long it will be before Nintendo goes after Ketchapp’s Catch the Rabbit for copyright infringement. Why? Well, it may just be me, but that Rabbit sure looks a lot like the Nabbit from Super Mario Bros. U. Catch the Rabbit more »

Fruit Ninja Academy: Math Master looks educational and endearing

I have a confession: as a kid, I loved games like Number Munchers and Word Munchers. Sure, they were educational, but they were also a lot of fun. Which is why the Fruit Ninja Academy: Math Master release is bringing up all of these nostalgic feelings, because it comes across as the kind of game more »

Love Live! School Idol Festival scratches that Idolmaster itch

I talked briefly about about Love Live! School Idol Festival last year. I played the game for a few hours while recovering from the aftermath of E3 2014, had some fun with it, and then promptly uninstalled it a week later because I had an Android tablet that was low on space and it didn’t more »

3 Minute Games’ Lifeline… is touching

3 Minute Games’ Lifeline… is touching There’s something rather stunning on Apple Watches. Well, Apple Watches and iOS devices in general. As anyone who follows the Technology Tell Gaming Channel knows, we have a fondness for visual novels and good storytelling, and Lifeline… has caught our eye. It’s all about connections. In Lifeline…, you’re you. more »

Zynga’s Empires and Allies mobilizes

Things are getting interesting at Zynga. The company isn’t doing as well as it was back in the YoVille and FarmVille days, what with competition from, and we’ve reached a point where one wonders if Zynga will be here in a year or defy the odds with a comeback. The performance of the newly more »

Apple Watch is now a $549 Tamagotchi

Did you go all out and drop a substantial sum on an Apple Watch? Well, now you can consider that a step toward enjoying a familiar element from your childhood. The Tamagotchi is back! Granted, it never really left, but now it’s here in Apple Watch form. Bandai Namco has had various Tamagotchi apps for more »