2048 Infinite – The Circle of Fifths is better than Threes

Threes was a great iOS and Android game, and it is disappointing that people immediately copycatted its success with the various free-to-play 2048 games, but something good has come of it. That something good is 2048 Infinite – The Circle of Fifths. It’s the same Threes/2048 gameplay we’ve grown accustomed to, yes, but is a more »

Disney pulled a Zynga with Disney Checkout Challenge (Update)

Have you heard about Disney latest iOS and Android game, Disney Checkout Challenge? It’s a iOS and Android game where players act as a checker in a grocery store. Items come down the line, players scan them, points are awarded and you build up a “collection” of different products. Wait, that sounds familiar. Why, it more »

Oh great, a Sharknado: The Video Game is coming

Well, this is just great. Who’s bright idea was it to encourage the Sharknado fad by making a video game based on it? Majesco? Figures. Because capitalizing on ridiculous things is pretty much a way of life, Majesco and Other Ocean are going to be releasing Sharknado: The Video Game alongside the SyFy made-for-TV movie more »

E3 2014 Preview: I Hunted Bugs in Flyhunter Origins

I didn’t get to spend as much time as I would have liked at Sony’s booth at E3 2014. When a show is only 3 days long, with oodles of games on display, and various meetings to attend, things are bound to be overlooked. However, one thing I didn’t want to miss was Flyhunter Origins, more »

Magic 2015: Duels of the Planeswalkers Preview: Bigger and Better

While it is the fate of many games to be played for a while and then forgotten, Magic: The Gathering (MTG) is no such game. The ultimate, genre-spawning, collectible card game, there are millions of players that have been faithfully playing (and buying cards!) for years. The electronic version of the card game, Duels of the Planeswalkers (Duels) gets an update every year, and has come a long way from early versions of the game. I recently had the pleasure of a hands-on demo with Wizards of the Coast reps, eager to show off the new features.

Denny’s and Atari Team Up for Greatest Hits Remixed Menu, Games

Here’s something unexpected. Denny’s and Atari have joined forces. Why? Because Denny’s has launched some Greatest Hits Remixed menu options, and decided some reskinned Atari games would be the perfect way to promote some tasty classics. Which means free Android and iOS games for us, and some tweaked versions of old favorites on Denny’s menus more »


Making Bad Decisions with Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

As you can probably guess, the first bad decision made with Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, the Glu Games free-to-play simulation, is actually choosing to play said game. But, sometimes when a game is such a visible train wreck, you just have to take a shot and play it. After all, there’s nothing to lose except some more »

The Banner Saga Invades Mobile Platforms

The Banner Saga is largely known to gamers as “that Kickstarted game that got sued by King because it had ‘Saga’ in the name.” But it also happens to be a really good game, and it’s about to hit a broader audience. For those unfamiliar, The Banner Saga is a tactical role-playing game with some more »


Dragon Quest VIII’s Mobile Port Kinda Sucks, But I Still Love It

I was so ready when Square Enix finally dropped its port of Dragon Quest VIII on the North American mobile marketplaces. The moment my Twitter feed began to murmur about its imminent release, I had my phone ready, hopelessly refreshing the App Store because I had misread a news post (it came out earlier in more »


Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 hits iOS July 2

Strategy buffs, get ready to do backflips. There is a sequel on the way, coming to mobile devices. 2K Games has announced Civilization Revolution 2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It’s slated to arrive on Android devices soon. Playable leaders including returning Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon Bonaparte and series staple Gandhi. Among the new leaders are more »

Twitch for iOS gets an audio-only mode

Twitch has gone from streaming video to streaming audio. Don’t worry, this isn’t a bold new direction. This is just another option for users of the Twitch iOS app to enjoy content. With the newest update, you have the option of only listening to audio. You can also put your phone to sleep without stopping more »

E3 2014: Natsume Game Lineup Focuses on Handhelds

I must admit, I feel bad for Natsume going into E3 this year. It’s biggest moneymaker, Harvest Moon, won’t actually be a Harvest Moon game. The Natsume game will have the same name, but is an entirely new game from their own developer. Still, judging by the Natsume game lineup for E3 2014, the company more »