Bet you never thought you’d see Steins;Gate on PS3, Vita

I never in a million years would have expected this announcement, but I guess this is the way games are going. Steins;Gate, one of the most famous visual novels of our time, is coming to the PS3 and Vita. By which I don’t mean Japan’s getting it. No, that’s something that of course would happen. more »

Wait for a sale for Xeodrifter

I have good news and bad news about Renegade Kid’s Xeodrifter. The good news is, it’s a lot better than the abysmal Planet Crashers it released in 2012. The bad news is, it isn’t as great as the now iconic and multiplatform Mutant Mudds. Yes, Xeodrifter is one of “those” games. It’s middling. It has more »

Target sale ad for December 14-20, 2014 takes care of gamers

Tis the season of last minute gift shopping. Which is smart, because sometimes you can find certain items on sale cheaper now than they were on Black Friday. When it comes to this week’s Target sale ad, a few things are definitely cheaper. Some consoles, to be specific. Though, it’s a good time to buy more »


WWE is a better fit than DC Comics for NetherRealm

Chances are, you’re probably reading this and wondering what the hell I’m even talking about. WWE recently announced a partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and more specifically NetherRealm Studios, to develop a 2015 mobile game called WWE Immortals. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, I’m here to remind more »


Lindsay Lohan: The Price of Fame is surprisingly funny

I savor bad games like a fine wine. There’s something about these stupid, free-to-play iOS and Android games that make me smile. Which is what drew me to Lindsay Lohan: The Price of Fame. I knew nothing about the mobile title, other than it was appearing on the App Store under new additions. Always up more »


I only beat Peggle Blast level 29 because the game glitched

Peggle Blast is the devil. PopCap Games and EA are the devil for making Peggle Blast. In short, a whole lot of evil is going ’round on our iOS and Android devices, and Peggle Blast is to blame. But, if you want to get really specific, it’s Level 29: In One Basket that’s to blame. more »

Ultimate NES Remix seems easier on the 3DS

The 3DS version of Ultimate NES Remix may not be as alluring as the separate Wii U releases or its bundled, physical compatriot, but I’ve noticed something unusual about this collection. I have the Wii U NES Remix games. I downloaded them upon their release because they were intriguing and, honestly, there wasn’t much else more »

Apple’s censoring of Papers, Please is stupid

If you’ve never played Papers, Please!, it’s a stress management game in which you play a guard at a government checkpoint of a fictional country. Your job is to check people’s various papers, make sure it’s all in order, and either deny them, or wave them through. It’s one of those games where you will more »

3 hidden treasures found in GameStop’s DS bargain bin

Sometimes it’s worth swallowing your pride and digging through a million copies of LEGO Rockband and Imagine Babyz. There be gold in them there yellow paper sleeves. You may think the idea of “DS bargain bin at GameStop” is a recipe for disappointment, but for whatever reason, a few games in the company’s “unsellable for more »

Vita and PS4 China debut set for January 11, 2015

Wanted when you’ll see a Vita or PS4 China launch? Give it exactly one month. Sony has a set date for both the handheld and console’s debut, and it’s surprisingly soon. On January 11, 2015, a whole new region will officially be exposed to Sony’s systems for the first time. Hey! It only took 20 more »

Nintendo eShop Update for December 11, 2014

Ready for another robust update? I know we’ve been busy before then, but it’s time for the and eShops to get a regular, large load of games. This week there are 9 new 3DS games and 2 for the Wii U. It’s a lot to process. I’ll give you a minute. Minute’s up. This is more »

Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker needed this port

The Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor games are probably the most innovative offshoots of the SMT series. Sure, Persona is much more popular, but it also is a fairly typical JRPG. Games like Devil Survivor Overclocked and Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker shook up the formula, not only because they’re strategic RPGs, but because the more »