This week on the PlayStation Store, March 31, 2015

Much closer to on time this week, here’s your ol’ pal Lucas’ take on the week’s PlayStation Store releases! It’s amazing how much that whole “real life” thing gets in the way of videogames. Anyway, this is a slower week than last, but a few games of significance are out, as well as a few more »

Toys R Us sale ad for Easter has a buy one, get one 40% discount on games

Time to round out this week’s Easter/spring sale ad roundup. We already went over what Best Buy and Target have to offer, so it’s time to fall back and see what the Toys R Us sale looks like. Honestly, its offerings for March 29-April 4, 2015 are somewhat underwhelming, but at least it’s general game more »

This week on the PlayStation Store, March 24, 2015

  This week’s PlayStation Store update is all about that Bloodborne. There’s also some Borderlands and a pre-order from that God of War III remaster nobody wants, but that’s beside the point. FROM Software is at it again, and everyone loves it. If you don’t care about having a disc, you’re gonna want to boot up the PlayStation more »

By the way, Vita firmware 3.50 is out today too

I know that all Sony system owners are excited about one thing today. You can’t blame them, since the new PS4 firmware Yukimura is out. But there’s Vita firmware too! And if you have both systems and want to use them together for Remote Play, you’re going to have to make time for both updates. more »

New MLB 15: The Show trailer embraces America’s pastime

Two weeks from now MLB 15: The Show releases on PlayStation platforms, and it look like a home run for baseball fans. Yesterday, Sony released the first of many launch trailers leading up to release. Let’s watch! Said trailer, showcasing National and American league ballparks, was revealed through Sony San Diego Studio Twitch channel. Besides that, fans more »

Gravity Rush could come to PS4

You may remember Gravity Rush as the primary reason the Vita survived its first quarter. Kat was definitely Sony’s handheld poster child when the Vita released back in 2012, and it seems they’re now calling her to PlayStation 4. A South Korean games rating board recently listed a “Gravity Rush Remaster” for release on PS4 (thanks, NeoGAF). Sony has yet more »

5 (10?) Games you must (should?) buy from Sony’s Under-A-Buck PSN Flash Sale

Happy Spring, folks! Unless you’re living in the southern hemisphere and are busy welcoming in Autumn instead. Or reside in the north-eastern United States and are celebrating your vernal equinox with (yet another) out-pouring of powder. In any case, celebrate your respective seasonal situation with Sony, who has been gracious enough to kick off a more »

Finally, a PlayStation Network status page to tell you when PSN is down

Sony today unveiled a dedicated status page for PlayStation Network, which gives a clear and easy answer to the oft-Googled phrase, “PSN is down.” Better still, specific services such as PlayStation Now, PlayStation Store, and Video Unlimited are monitored individually. Rather auspiciously, at the time of writing, the page is green across the board. Of more »

Look how cool J-Stars Victory Vs+ is

Look how cool J-Stars Victory Vs+ is Ready to see something pretty unexpected? There are new J-Stars Victory Vs+ trailers! The PS3, PS4, and Vita game doesn’t have a release date yet, but we now have a much better idea of how it will look and play when it does appear. It may not be more »

NIS America hosting a Danganronpa Murder Mystery at Anime Conji 2015

I know this is only going to apply to a handful of people, but this news is so cool that I had to share it. Danganronpa is a great series. The games have stories that twist and turn, and while they aren’t the most difficult, they’re so much fun. The first two were a delight more »

This week on the PlayStation Store, March 17, 2015

This week’s PlayStation Store update is big for fans of JRPGs and first-person shooters. You either waited months for the new Battlefield, or years for the not-so-new Final Fantasy. Either way, these two games have a truckload of hype behind them. Other than that, there’s a new game from NIS, the next Bladestorm and… Cars? PS4 Battlefield Hardline ($59.99 more »

La-Mulana EX Review: Don’t lose your notes

La-Mulana EX Price: $19.99 System(s): Vita Release Date: March 3, 2015 Publisher (Developer): Rising Star Games (Pygmy Studio) ESRB Rating: “Teen” for Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood and Suggestive Themes I don’t have a lot of time. Playing games for review can be a messy process. Sometimes, I have to rush through. Other times, I have to use more »