Event, new content added to WWE SuperCard in 1.1 update

WWE SuperCard has been teasing players in-game about a “People’s Champion Challenge” for a while now, and it is finally coming to pass. 2K Games and developer Cat Daddy have released the first update for WWE SuperCard, and with it has come some interesting new content, bringing new cards and an event into the free-to-play more »

Microsoft makes biggest Minecraft purchase ever

Microsoft is spending the most money anyone has ever spent on a Minecraft after a formal announcement was made that a $2.5 billion deal for Microsoft to buy Mojang has been finalized. Reports circulated last week that Microsoft was in serious talks with Mojang for a mega-deal. More reports surfaced over the weekend stating that more »

Boss Monster video game coming to Steam

It’s no surprise Brotherwise Games received plenty of funding for it’s second big Kickstarter project. After all, the fundraiser for the of Boss Monster earned well over its proposed goal. This time, Brotherwise asked fans for cash to fund a video game adaptation, originally planned for the iOS and Android mobile platforms. Thanks to a more »

Dive In: Game streaming is a disaster waiting to happen

Here’s the worst-case scenario: All of these game streaming services (Such as Square Enix’s new Dive In) that keep cropping up fail miserably. The suits at the top are dumbfounded, unable to find any reason for said failure, and point the finger at the usual suspects: piracy and/or consumers being stupid or something. The services more »

iPhone 6 tech ensures a great future for legacy gaming

Apple’s new device has a hell of a kick to it. The iPhone 6, and especially the iPhone 6 Plus, are partially designed with powerful gaming experiences in mind. The A8 chip, combined with this new “Metal” tech, are capable of 1080p visuals and all that cool video game/tech jargon that basically means, “it can more »

The Room adds on a third game

The Room and The Room 2 are compelling mobile games, not least for the reason that they couldn’t really exist outside of the mobile platform. And the creepy horror puzzle games will be getting a third entry next year. Yes, expect a The Room 3. For those unfamiliar, The Room is basically a game asking more »

Square Enix bringing Dragon Quest to the perfect platform

Yeah, so, I like Dragon Quest a lot. Sometimes it’s hard to tell is Square Enix does too. On one hand, we got a weird-but-somehow-still-fun port of Dragon Quest 8 on mobile platforms. On the other, the 3DS has had like 3 awesome Dragon Quest remakes that have yet to leave Japan. Being a fan more »


5 tips for getting your deck over in WWE SuperCard

So, I won King of the Ring in WWE SuperCard. I stuck with it for a few hours, came out on top and won a pair of super rare Cesaro cards for my troubles. I also won a rare support card, but I don’t really use it, so whatever. I wrote a little about it more »

10 games that made PlayStation Mobile worthwhile (for me)

PlayStation Mobile was forgettable. Sony never really handled the platform’s promotion properly. It was easy to forget it was even available on the various Android devices that supported it. Yet, even a flop has it’s memorable moments. PlayStation Mobile was mostly a letdown, but there were 10 times it wasn’t. These 10 games were some more »


Say goodbye to PlayStation Mobile

Remember PlayStation Mobile? It’s okay if you don’t. It was only available on a few Sony Android-based phones/tablets and the . In fact, even Vita owners can be forgiven for forgetting it’s existence, what with it being in it’s own section on the PlayStation Store. Updates were few and far between and it wasn’t like more »


Dragon Quest VIII’s Mobile Port Kinda Sucks, But I Still Love It

I was so ready when Square Enix finally dropped its port of Dragon Quest VIII on the North American mobile marketplaces. The moment my Twitter feed began to murmur about its imminent release, I had my phone ready, hopelessly refreshing the App Store because I had misread a news post (it came out earlier in more »

Tuffy the Corgi runs into our hearts and Vitas

It’s about time someone made a video game about a Corgi. Born out of a love of Super Mario Bros. 3, a developer named Tim Rogers led his small band to create Tuffy the Corgi. The game boasts only one level, but according to Rogers it’s one long level. Players will have to navigate Tuffy more »