Cyber Monday 2011: GameStop’s sale

GameStop’s Cyber Monday sale is live. The retailer has discounted several games across all platforms for this big day of online spending. Some of the deals from last week have made a return, but some have been altered a bit. GameStop has decided to give away bonus items with some products. For example, FEAR 2: Project Origin and a t-shirt is being given away with Lord of the Rings: War in the North or four other games. Metroid: Other M is being thrown into a Wii bundle as well.

Cyber Monday 2011: Select Origin games for $10 from LivingSocial

Cyber Monday is expected to be the biggest single online shopping day of the year. We’ll be bringing you as many Cyber Monday gaming sales as we can throughout the day. We’re going to start things off with a little deal from LivingSocial. For the rest of the day, LivingSocial is selling vouchers for one of 33 PC EA games for $10. The games in question are offered on Origin, EA’s digital distribution platform that some gamers aren’t so thrilled with.

Gary Oldman and Ed Harris confirmed for Call of Duty: Black Ops

Viktor Reznov Activision and Treyarch has enlisted the aid of two popular Hollywood actors to play roles in Call of Duty: Black Ops. Gary Oldman (Harry Potter series, The Dark Knight, The Book of Eli) and Ed Harris (Apollo 13, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, Appaloosa) will play main characters in the single-player campaign of Black Ops.


Gamertell Review: LeapFrog’s Leapster2 handheld game system for kids


Product: Leapster2
Price: $69.99 (games MSRP $19.99 each)
Rating: One thumb up, on thumb sideways; 85/100; B; * * * 1/2
Pros: Rugged construction, easy to use, PC (Windows and Mac) connectivity and backwards compatibility.
Cons: Some lag and touchscreen issues during motion graphics, stylus cord a bit short and system a bit fat.
Overall: A great buy for parents who want to make sure their kids are playing educational games on a system that will stand up to the occasional (even if accidental) beating.

One way to help satiate your kid’s electronics curiosities is to give them their own, kid-friendly handheld game system. A Nintendo DS is a nice choice but, face it, it’s a little too expensive and not sturdy enough to just give a 3-year-old to play with (well, maybe it’s OK for some kids). And those little brightly colored toys with buttons that make noises are too simplistic.

That’s where the Leapster2 game system comes in…

Sega announces Pictoimage, freehand drawing game for DS

Sega has announced yet another game for the handheld which promises innovative gameplay: PictoImage a drawing-oriented puzzle game that will help you hone drawing and mental skills. Players will be required to accurately guess an image from an extensive library of 300 drawings in the single-player and two-player modes. The fun doesn’t cease there as more »

Gamertell Exclusive: Xfire debate club examines women’s issues in videogames

Women in the gaming industryOften when people think of women in gaming, they either think of the digital super cute, super sexy or super barbaric women found videogames often portrayed as the damsel in distress or weak. On October 25, 2007, the Xfire Debate Club logged on for their ninth meeting to discuss issues women face trying to get into the gaming industry or as a gamer.

The eight million strong gaming community, Xfire, invited nine successful women of the gaming industry to speak with the Xfire community on the topic of women in the gaming culture, game marketing, portrayal of female characters in videogames and the online gaming experience as women to name a few. Xfire is one of the fastest growing online gaming platform and community in the world helping gamers to easily connect, chat and play with their friends online

The eight women in the gaming industry who attended include,,,


Ninety-nine videogame secrets exposed

Resident Evil 2 Tofu Gamer Help Online recently posted 99 – yes you read that right – codes that will unlock secret movies, game enhancements, practical jokes, humor, mini-games and system tricks.

Have you ever become so infuriated with a game because you just can’t seem to overcome an obstacle. Like the hand-numbing button masher scene in the first Metal Gear Solid when you have to save Snake from getting electrocuted to death by Ocelot? Or maybe you just want to do something funny like give James Bond a bobble head or play as a piece of Tofu in Resident Evil, put your character in god mode or even unlock secret ending movies or minigames?

EA and Hasbro strike a deal

A popular Hasbro game-MonopolyEA Casual, a newly launched arm of Electronic Arts, will be soon developing games based on popular Hasbro franchises. Hasbro and EA Casual have finalized a licensing deal. The games developer will churn out games for all conceivable platforms including consoles, web and mobile devices. This augurs well for EA Casual, as the label was born only in June 2007.

The quid-pro-quo end of the bargain means that even Hasbro would be allowed to make toys and traditional games based on popular EA games franchises. EA plans to release the first Hasbro-based games in 2008 though no word was given on when Hasbro will begin releasing EA-inspired toys.