Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Interview: A new take on Harvest Moon

An exciting event is upon us. Farming worlds are about to collide. While the next Bokujou Monogatari installment, typically called Harvest Moon, is being turned into XSEED’s Story of Seasons, Natsume are setting forth with their first, original, installment that was developed in-house, Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley. I played both games at E3 2014 more »

Jane Jensen Interview: Gabriel Knight rules the night

It’s a big year for adventure fans. Sierra’s resurrected. Jane Jensen’s Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father 20th Anniversary is getting a remake. People are realizing point-and-click is not dead. It’s all quite exciting. And now, as the icing on the cake, Technology Tell’s Gaming Channel has been given a chance to talk to Jane more »


Wizard World: Jason David Frank talks Power Rangers, UFC, and Super Power Beatdown

Today is the day the 2014 Wizard World Chicago Comic Con begins! Which, as I mentioned last week, sounds like it could be one of the best fandom cons to hit Chicago this year. But before prepare to attend yourself or start envying people who can attend this weekend, take a moment to listen to more »

Interview: Danny Garfield blends up the genres in Concursion

Two of the biggest trends in gaming are retro experiences and mixing various genres. Concursion, a new game on PC and Mac, offers up a heaping helping of both. It combines numerous genres from beloved 80s classics such as Super Mario Bros., Ninja Gaiden and Gradius. These genres are changed on the fly in this more »

Talking it out with Danganronpa and Danganronpa 2′s Localization Editors

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc was amazing and, as difficult as it may be to believe, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair is even better. Combined, these two titles have made 2014 very bright for Vita owners. Which is why I just had to shoot a few questions at the people from NIS America who helped make this more »

Pyrodactyl Interview: No absolutes in Unrest

If you’ve been following GamerTell, which I hope you have, I’m sure you’ve noticed the recent focus on Pyrodactyl Games’ Unrest. A Kickstarter success story, this narrative-driven adventure just released and grabbed me. I connected with the game and fell in love, then finished it with a broken heart. Frankly, Unrest‘s “ending” left me wanting more »

Having a howling good time talking Billionaire Banshee with Razlo

With so many video game Kickstarters out there, we sometimes forget that there are just as many amazing board and card games hoping to get made as well. Billionaire Banshee happens to be one of those games and, luckily enough for Steven “Razlo” Bailey, 458 people pitched in $21,878 to make it happen. With Apples more »

Bear Box Media talks about its Internal Invasion

Bear Box Media recently launched their first game on the Wii U, called Internal Invasion. It is a simple, yet challenging, puzzle game that utilizes touch controls to guide a nano-bot from cannon to cannon in order to make it to an exit and cure a body’s infection. After playing Internal Invasion, I had some more »

E3 2014: Story of Seasons interview with Yoshifumi Hashimoto

During E3, we got an opportunity to talk with Story of Seasons producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto. Jenni Lada asked him questions about what makes this game stand out from the Harvest Moon games, and future plans for the franchise. Story of Seasons will be released in North America on the 3DS in 2014 thanks to localization by XSEED. more »

The 7 NYC Arcade Apartment Questions You Really Had, Answered

As a video game journalist, one of the things I hate most is when I open my inbox and see some PR email from an individual trying to hype up something they did in an attempt to earn 15 minutes of internet fame. So when I got an email from Chris Kooluris on June 2, more »

ACEN 2014: Laura Bailey is the Boss

When you think of video game voice actresses, Laura Bailey is one of the first women who come to mind. She’s been a major presence in the industry, way back since her start voicing Akane, Dende, and Kid Trunks in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, and has gone on to star in over 230 more »

ACEN 2014: Travis Willingham talks inFamous, Secondhand Lions

If you’re a gaming and anime fan in the Chicago area, you know where the party’s at. That’s right, it’s ACEN 2014 time. An array of celebrities have appeared in the area, and the congenial Travis Willingham was among them. You may know him from his most recent role as Reggie Rowe in , but more »