CES 2015: SteelSeries Apex M800 designed for top speeds

People get serious about their mechanical keyboards. They expect the best, whether they’re using them for work or play. At CES 2015, SteelSeries unveiled an Apex M800 that the company hopes could be one of the best in the business. It’s throwing around terms like “the fastest” and “most customizable” for this one. I suppose more »


Alienware Steam Machines can be Successful

We all know that Valve’s Steam Machines, more commonly known as Steam Boxes, are coming later in 2014. However, some Steam Machine hardware developers, like Alienware, are already voicing doubts about whether or not they will be successful. Instead of questioning, Alienware should be confident in the Steam Machine. It can not only sell, but more »

Amazon Gold Box tempts PC Gamers with Logitech Sales

It’s an Amazon Gold Box day again! Don’t get too excited though, as all of you lovely gamers won’t be interested in this sale. The March 13, 2014 affair is a bit more specialized, and is designed to appeal to the “Master Race.” You got it, it’s a PC gamer sale with various Logitech peripherals more »

Feenix Autore Keyboard Review

Feenix Autore Price: $163 System(s): PC Feenix is a fairly new company making stylish PC accessories. They value build quality and style as the driving force behind their products. The Autore, is a wonderfully understated keyboard of the mechanical persuasion. A well built slab of a keyboard that does away with anything frivolous, and unnecessary more »

GamerTell’s 2013 PC Gift Guide

Here we are again, another holiday season filled with excess and shopping, gorging ourselves on holiday goodies, and the ever entertaining “Black Friday” hustle and bustle. For gamers, this is an extra special holiday season due to the recent launch of the PS4 and the Xbox One, and while these two heavy-hitters will surely find more »

CES 2013: SteelSeries has two new Apex Gaming Keyboards

CES 2013 means gadget and tech posts, so brace yourself for more of these over the next few days. The latest comes from SteelSeries, which has developed new Apex Gaming Keyboards which are apparently the fastest gaming keyboards now available. The Apex and Apex [Raw] keyboards are optimized in terms of performance and layout to more »

MadCatz Strike 7 gaming keyboard is sleek, awesome and expensive

MadCatz just revealed one of the most advanced gaming keyboards I’ve ever seen. It’s called the Strike 7, and it has a ton of customization options and a touchscreen display. This kind of unique keyboard doesn’t come cheap either. This baby will set you back $299.

Europe is actually getting Learn with Pokemon Typing Adventure

You all have to sit down. Really, you will not believe what you’re about to read. Nintendo is actually going to release Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS outside of Japan. That’s the educational game that shipped with the DS keyboard peripheral and was supposed to teach people to type while catching pokemon. Think of more »

Japan Import: Hori’s latest keyboard is slimey

Dragon Quest fans are a rare breed. They think some of the series monsters, which aren’t really cute, are adorable. Which leads to lots of special merchandise featuring said characters. Most notorious is the wide eyed, eternally smiling Slime. Which has lead to a PS2 Slime-shaped controller, a DS Slime-shaped speaker and now a Wii more »

Razer making Mass Effect 3 gaming gear

The Mass Effect 3 cash-in carries on! The latest attempt to make money on the last entry in the Mass Effect trilogy comes courtesy of a collaboration between BioWare, EA and Razer. Razer will be releasing an assortment of peripherals for the Xbox 360 and Windows PCs that are all ME3 themed. As cynical as more »


GameStop’s May 13 – 17 ad has PlayStation Move discounts

GameStop sale ad May 13-17 2011Well, GameStop’s sale ad for May 13-17, 2011 is out and there are quite a few interesting promotions to keep in mind when shopping for games. It’s a great week for picking up PS3 Move games and accessories, for example. Plus, there are a number of other discounts that could appeal to both console and PC gamers.

The two Move deals made the front page of the ad, so let’s start there…

Razer selling Dragon Age II-themed mice, keyboards, controller

Razer has long been known as a company that makes fancy and expensive gaming mice, keyboards, console controllers, and other peripherals. They have also been known to occasionally come out with licensed products from titles such as StarCraft II and Tron: Legacy. Now, you can add Dragon Age II to their list of licensed products.