This week on the PlayStation Store, June 23, 2015

  Big week on the PlayStation Store. Lots of Batman, lots of games. But especially Batman. If any readers out there somehow hasn’t had Batman shoved down their throats in the past several months, I truly envy you, and I love Batman. Besides the Dark Knight, expect a whole bunch of new stuff, and a more »

Technology Tell Gaming Channel’s most notable E3 2015 opinions

Oh man, E3 2015, everybody. This was a big year. There were a lot of games available to play, and Technology Tell’s Gaming Channel had six people on the ground experiencing as many as possible. Since it wouldn’t really be “fair” to decide on one or two games as the most notable this year, we’re more »

E3 2015: 5 things I learned playing Street Fighter V

It’s hard to keep playing journalist when you’re not only at your first major event, but that event also puts you in a pseudo-secret media-only area in which you get to lounge around and play the latest entry in one of your favorite game series ever. Truly, it’s hard to be me sometimes. Even as more »

Kickstarter Roundup: Late June

To say that Kickstarter has been pretty busy over the past couple of days is an understatement. Bloodstained’s Kickstarter ended, clocking in at just shy of $6 million to become the most funded game on the site. Shenmue III came out of nowhere during E3 and literally hit its $2 million goal overnight, immediately challenging more »

10 Steam Summer Sale 2015 picks for June 14, 2015

Round four of the 2015 Steam Summer Sale! By which I mean it’s the fourth day, of course. Have you been following along? Probably. I don’t know. Steam Summer Sales inspire a certain amount of devotion, even if your wishlist is barren. Now that we’re getting right into the midst of the sale, you might more »

10 Steam Summer Sale 2015 picks for June 13, 2015

Day three of the Steam Summer Sale and it’s still going strong. Have you made a lot of purchases this year? Because there have been more than a few good ones out there so far. Still, pacing yourself never hurts. Especially since the Steam Summer Sale has only just begun. Given it’s the third day, more »

10 Steam Summer Sale 2015 picks for June 12, 2015

Day two of the Steam Summer Sale and, well, it’s going about as well as you’d expect from such an affair. Tons of games are reduced. There are always a few errors when trying to refresh and see what new deals were added at 10am PT/12pm CT/1pm PT. Business as usual. Since visiting the site more »

10 Steam Summer Sale 2015 picks for June 11, 2015

It has begun! The time is upon us. As was foretold, the 2015 Steam Summer Sale has kicked off on June 11, 2015. This means its time to once again build up that backlog. Because even if you already have 100 games you haven’t even touched yet, you might need at least 15, maybe even more »


3 Jurassic Park games to play while waiting for Jurassic World

The wait for Jurassic World is pretty hard to bear. Especially with all of those new trailers appearing. Seems like it may be a good idea to play something while you wait. You know, get yourself all hyped up while waiting for the movie, or maybe even the LEGO Jurassic Park game. Fortunately, there’s a more »

Five things I love about Theatrhythm Dragon Quest

I am overjoyed that Theatrhythm Dragon Quest exists. Sure, it would have been nice if the game weren’t exclusive to Japan, and I suppose I would have preferred not having to import a Japan-region 3DS in order to play it, but it is and I did and I’ve no regrets. I’ve expressed my desire for more »

Ingredients of Shovel Knight: cooking experiment

Hello, everyone, and welcome to my cooking show. I’ve just had the pleasure of playing through the recent Vita release of Shovel Knight, and I found it to be a savory, wholesome experience. It was evident that a lot of hard work went into this dish, and it featured several hints of familiar ingredients from more »


Top 10 hottest Mii Plaza characters ranked

With the April 16, 2015 addition of two new games to Nintendo’s Mii Plaza suite for the 3DS, gamers are encouraged to head out and collect tags to experience the newly available content. And with good reason, too! With new games come new NPCs, Mii characters who are strikingly attractive in all of their big-headed more »