Live Blog: Sony’s 2013 PlayStation event

The wait is over folks. Sony is set to thrill or horribly disappoint all of us. This is the event where we’re expecting to see the PlayStation 4, cloud gaming and maybe even a Vita price drop. Follow along with us in our live blog for all the information the moment it happens. Also, pop more »

Live Blog: Nintendo’s E3 2012 press conference

Hey everyone! Who’s excited about E3 2012? The answer is, we all are! So let’s start getting ready. Nintendo’s press conference is June 5, 2012 at 9am at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles and GamerTell is going to be there. Which means you’ll get to read a rather delightful live-blog filled with the latest more »

Live Blog: Microsoft E3 2012 press conference

E3 is moments away from starting. The first press conference is from Microsoft which is bound to announce new Xbox 360 features. Will the focus be more on entertainment, or will games be front and center? We’re live blogging the event, so join us right now to learn about everything as it happens.

Live Blog: Sony’s E3 2012 press conference

E3 2012 is almost here. It’ll sneak up on us before you know it. We’ll be there wearing out our shoes as we try to gather as much coverage as humanly possible. One of the rare moments in which we’ll be getting off our feet is during Sony’s E3 2012 press conference. We’ll be putting more »

Live Blog: Sony’s CES 2012 press conference

The CES 2012 show floor opens up on January 10, but there are a lot of events going on the day before. Take Sony’s press conference for example. Sony will start off its CES festivities on Monday, January 9 at 5:00pm PST from the Las Vegas Convention Center. If you want to find out the more »


Live Blog: Nintendo’s E3 2011 press conference (with video updates)

nintendo logoNintendo E3 2011 press conference is going to be held 9 a.m. PDT on June 7, 2011 (11 a.m. CST and 12 p.m. EST). We know you want to hear all about it, so Gamertell will be sure to live-blog the entire media presentation.

Click through, bookmark and refresh for up-to-the-minute updates…


Live Blog: Sony’s E3 2011 press conference

sony logoSony’s E3 2011 press conference is happening later today (June 6, 2011), and we’re all excited about what’s to come. Make sure you’re here at 5pm PST, 7pm CST or 8pm EST so you can hear all of the latest announcements concerning the PS3, PSP and NGP. There’ll probably be some Xperia Play news as well. Bookmark the site now, and then join us as we live blog the event.

Sony will also be offering a live stream of the presentation at E3 2011, for all of those unable to attend this year…


Live blog: Ubisoft’s E3 2011 press conference (update)

Ubisoft E3 2011 press conference
Ubisoft is celebrating its 25th anniversary at this year’s E3 with a massive game lineup. They’ll be showing off many of the games at their press conference on June 6th at 2:30 p.m. PDT, and Gamertell will be there for the live blog. To follow along with us, bookmark this page now. Then, join us again on June 6th and keep refreshing the page to get the news and our commentary on all of Ubisoft’s announcements.

E3 2010: Sony press conference bullet-point recap

sony e3 2010 press conference jack tretton photo
The Sony press conference held June 15, 2010, at E3 2010, seemed as if it was going to be an all 3D event. They handed 3D glasses to everyone as they entered the auditorium and kicked it off with video clips of a few games (mostly cutscenes) in 3D. Then the glasses essentially went away. Sony didn’t even bother to tag the specs with a PlayStation or Sony logo (they had a “Real D – 3D logo).

After a bit of Move, the event began to drag on. There were a few highlights including the maker of Portal 2 and the grand finale with a human in a Sweet Tooth outfit (that creepy clown with the flaming hair that adorns the box art of each Twisted Metal game).

Based on my Live Blog of the Sony E3 2010 press conference, here’s a bullet point recap.

Live Blog: Sony’s E3 2010 press conference

sony e3 2010 press conference jack tretton photoIt’s time to save the date again! Sony’s going to holding an E3 presentation at 12pm PST (2pm CST, 3pm EST) on June 15, 2010, right after Nintendo’s! Well, not right after. Nintendo’s conference will be three hours earlier.

Once again, Gamertell is going to be live-blogging the affair! We’ll tell you exactly what’s happening at Sony’s press conference, while it’s happening. So be sure to bookmark this page and stop by on June 15, ready to constantly tap F5 to refresh and see the latest announcements.

Live Blog: Nintendo’s E3 2010 press conference

nintnedo e3 2010 press conference photo gamertell live blogOn June 15, 2010, Nintendo’s going to be holding it’s official E3 2010 presentation. It starts at 9 a.m. PST (11 a.m. CST, 12 p.m. EST). Gamertell is going to be attending E3 2010 and will be at the conference, so stay tuned as we’ll be live-blogging the entire event.

Go ahead and bookmark the page now, then stop by the day of the conference to read firsthand impressions and details on what’s happening. We’ll be at E3, commenting on everything, so refresh often! You don’t want to miss anything…

E3 2010: Ubisoft press conference bullet-point wrapup

shaun white skateboard ubisoft e3 2010The Ubisoft press conference (5:00 PM, June 14, 2010) was hosted again this year by Joel McHale of TV series Community and formerly of The Soup. It was hot, sweaty and full of actual, real-time gameplay footage.

To help wrap up the highlights of the event for you (sans sweaty press and crappy WiFi), here’s a bullet-point list of the events happenings. Don’t forget to check out our play-by-play Live Blog of the Ubisoft E3 2010 press conference.