Starting Final Fantasy XIV’s Heavensward expansion

Square Enix first revealed Final Fantasy XIV’s first expansion, Heavensward, in October 2014, promising a 2015 release. We now know that the expansion will be out June 23, 2015, and thanks to the folks at Product-Reviews, how to crack it open. Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward’s main quest is titled ‘Coming to Ishgard’ and requires a level more »

E3 2015: EA will have at least 12 games at its booth

Man, the big day is getting close. You can taste it, right? Does that E3 2015 flavor feel like there’s a little EA in it today? It should, because another game lineup has come in. EA will be bringing at least 12 games to E3 2015. I say at least, because there will definitely be more »

Your complaints worked! Flying mounts to be allowed in Draenor!

Blizzard has a thing for making players spend long amounts of time walking around in World of Warcraft. Their given reasoning is that there’s so much to find and discover that players would be doing themselves a disservice by flying over it and ignoring it. This could also be read as “we paid a lot more »

Wander, the non-combat MMO releases June 4th

There’s a brand new kind of MMO releasing soon, one that focuses on exploring and connecting non-violently with other players. This MMO is called, most appropriately, Wander. It will be released June 4, 2015 PS4s and PCs through Steam. While the main point of the game is to explore and search for other players to more »

WildStar jumps the free-to-play ship

Another day, another MMO going free-to-play. This time it’s WildStar (working title World of Spacecraft), the sci-fi/western MMO from developers Carbine Studios and publisher NCSoft. WildStar drew a lot of initial interest for its unusual setting, self-aware humor, and comprehensive player housing system. It mixed this with solid, action-heavy combat and a skill system that more »

Martial arts MMO Blade & Soul is coming to to the West this winter

That’s one more regional barrier for the scrap heap. Developer NCSOFT announced it will be bringing martial arts MMORPG Blade & Soul to North America and Europe this winter. The free-to-play MMO will be playable in French, German and English, but its Western counterpart is currently early in development. Community Director Omeed Dariani told Polygon that the new version’s current state is more »

World of Warcraft is hosting a selfie contest

I don’t know how all of you feel, dear readers, but when Blizzard announced the addition of their S.E.L.F.I.E. camera to World of Warcraft back in January 2015, I thought it was ridiculously corny. The item, which is awarded from a level 100 Garrison mission, allows players to literally take selfies of their characters while more »

Final Fantasy XI free through May 25, 2015 when you reactivate an old character

Square Enix will treat retired Final Fantasy XI veterans to free game time if they reactive their old accounts before May 25, 2015. The “Return Home to Vana’diel Campaign” applies to characters that were deleted manually by their owner or automatically due to inactivity. The Ultimate Collection Seekers edition of the game will also be free to eligible more »

Tree of Savior, the Ragnarok Online successor, got the Steam Greenlight

Back when Korean MMORPGs were really starting to take off, one title in particular stood out. It was Kim Hakkyu and Gravity’s Ragnarok Online. Years have passed and the shine has faded, but it seems Hakkyu may attempt the same success with his newest title, Tree of Savior. At least, the fact that said game more »

Fat Chocobo Soars in the Final Fantasy XIV Expansion, Heavensward

All across Eorzea, adventurers rush hither and tither atop a wide aray of mounts. Muscled horses ablaze with the flames of Ifrit, Magitek suits of armor, and fierce, winged Ahrimen carry their owners with relative ease. But some adventurers prefer to travel in style. Such adventurers summon to their sides the unsung hero of Final more »

EVE Online celebrates its 12th anniversary today

It has been 12 years of epic battles and billions of dollars in cargo lost in an MMO community that is now the stuff of legend. EVE Online launched 12 years ago today and I think we can say it has caught on. The ambitious sci-fi shooter focuses on the type of ship-to-ship battles that more »


FFXIV’s Au Ra may be the prettiest race

I gave up on Final Fantasy XIV a while ago, after realizing it wasn’t much fun doing things on your own. FFXIV certainly seemed pretty and, in retrospect, I think it could be a wonderful experience if you knew there was a group of players upon you could call upon for adventures. But, at the more »