ODiN laser projection mouse looks like a decapitated robot head

If there’s one thing I enjoy doing, it’s spending time with my harem of chubby redheaded fairies (what kind? What kind you got?). If there’s two things I love, however, it’s the above thing and parading around with the mutilated remains of my enemies. The problem is, ever since fighting in the Hybrid Robot Wars, more »


Alienware Steam Machines can be Successful

We all know that Valve’s Steam Machines, more commonly known as Steam Boxes, are coming later in 2014. However, some Steam Machine hardware developers, like Alienware, are already voicing doubts about whether or not they will be successful. Instead of questioning, Alienware should be confident in the Steam Machine. It can not only sell, but more »

Amazon Gold Box tempts PC Gamers with Logitech Sales

It’s an Amazon Gold Box day again! Don’t get too excited though, as all of you lovely gamers won’t be interested in this sale. The March 13, 2014 affair is a bit more specialized, and is designed to appeal to the “Master Race.” You got it, it’s a PC gamer sale with various Logitech peripherals more »

Mionix Naos 7000 Review: Comfortable Fit

Mionix Naos 7000 Price: $79.99 System(s): PC When it comes to mice (the computer peripherals, not the rodent) we tend to fall into the pattern of buying the most affordable that still functions well enough. Gaming mice are usually full of gimmicks, a plethora of buttons that you’ll never use and promises that it will more »


Mionix Avior 7000 Gaming Mouse Review: It’s Won My Heart

For around 3 years now, I have had the same mouse sit, steadfast and un-usurped, as my personal crowned favorite gaming mouse. It’s not that there weren’t others. Oh, no, I had many a steamy affair with other technological temptresses —bear claw grip, 20 button affairs. But no matter how many times I roamed, I more »

GamerTell’s 2013 PC Gift Guide

Here we are again, another holiday season filled with excess and shopping, gorging ourselves on holiday goodies, and the ever entertaining “Black Friday” hustle and bustle. For gamers, this is an extra special holiday season due to the recent launch of the PS4 and the Xbox One, and while these two heavy-hitters will surely find more »


ROCCAT Kone XTD Review: This gaming mouse takes it up a notch

It’s time for more Hannah confessions. A couple years ago when I started playing Portal on my computer for the first time, I played the first two rounds without a mouse. I used my computer track pad…I guess you could call me a rebel without a cause. Anyways, it was extremely hard and eventually I caved and bought a mouse but I wish it had been the ROCCAT Kone XTD Gaming Mouse because this mouse is far superior.

Razer making Mass Effect 3 gaming gear

The Mass Effect 3 cash-in carries on! The latest attempt to make money on the last entry in the Mass Effect trilogy comes courtesy of a collaboration between BioWare, EA and Razer. Razer will be releasing an assortment of peripherals for the Xbox 360 and Windows PCs that are all ME3 themed. As cynical as more »

CES 2012: SteelSeries brought headsets, mice and a controller

SteelSeries is really showing off at CES 2012 this year, as it has six accessories for computer gamers this year. What makes it even better is that three of the items are brand new. The other six are just updated versions of existing products. Still, it’s always nice to hear about new headsets, gaming mice more »

Shogun Bros. Assassin’s Creed Chameleon X-1 mouse also a gamepad

Now this is the kind of cool tech-product we like to see! Shogun Bros. happens to be a developer behind a rather ingenious, 7-button, gaming mouse for Windows PCs. At first glance, the Cameleon X-1 looks like a mouse. Flip it over, and it turns into a 16-button controller. It’s a transformer! And, even better, more »

Get fit with day 18 of Amazon’s 19 Days of Deals (updated)

Zumba Fitness 2 WiiThe Amazon 19 Days of Deals in the video game section is almost over. It’s been quite a trip, with some days having over a hundred games and accessories discounted. December 16, 2011 is day 18 of the sale, and it takes up to 40% off a variety of sports and fitness video games and accessories. In addition, there’s also one video game Lightning Deal.

The Lightning Deal won’t appear until 8pm PST tonight, so you have plenty of time to think about it. The hint says it will be a Razer gaming mouse at the lowest price ever…

Review: Rude Gameware Fierce 3500 Gaming Mouse for Windows, Mac

Rude Fierce 3500 Gaming MouseI’m going to level with you – I’m typically extraordinarily cheap when it comes to buying accessories for my computers or consoles. My house is littered with off-brand controllers, $5 mice, carrying cases found at Goodwill and, my personal favorite, roughly 15 pairs of dollar store headphones. My attitude had typically been that I could get by with the bare minimum, because I’m just looking to get the job done.

After spending two weeks straight using the Rude Fierce 3500 Gaming Mouse, I’ve been spoiled. I can never go back to using bargain bin accessories or peripherals again, and it’s all Rude Gameware’s fault…