SteelSeries preparing $80 World of Warcraft Legendary mouse

SteelSeries World of Warcraft Gaming Mouse Legendary EditionTime for extravagance! World of Warcraft gamers who are really serious about that particular MMO tend to want the best controllers they can get, so their in-game performance doesn’t suffer. SteelSeries wants to both capitalize on that and fascilitate easier gaming for those individuals with its new mouse. It’s officially called the World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse Legendary Edition, but you can just call it the WoW Legendary Mouse…

Amazon has 5 video game lightning deals July 11, 2011 (update 3)

LBP 2 box artTime to do some shopping! Amazon’s video game Deal of the Day isn’t just one deal, it’s five. And they aren’t going to all be available at once, either. They’re scattered throughout the day as a series of lightning deals. Which means if you want games or accessories, you’re going to have to bookmark the page and visit repeatedly.

Only one deal has been revealed so far. It’s LittleBigPlanet 2 for the PS3…

Amazon’s buy one, get one free Fourth of July gaming sale lasts until July 9

Amazon Fourth 4th of July 2011 sale logoI know, you’re all probably looking for Fourth of July sales, and Amazon isn’t going to disappoint you. If you head to the Video Game section, you’ll find a link to a buy one, get one free sale. When I checked at 1pm CST on July 3, 2011, there were 300 items to choose from. All of which are part of the sale. You just add the two items you want to your shopping cart and when you checkout, the cheaper of the two items will be free.

Best of all, this deal lasts for a week. You can take advantage of it until July 9, 2011…


GameStop’s May 13 – 17 ad has PlayStation Move discounts

GameStop sale ad May 13-17 2011Well, GameStop’s sale ad for May 13-17, 2011 is out and there are quite a few interesting promotions to keep in mind when shopping for games. It’s a great week for picking up PS3 Move games and accessories, for example. Plus, there are a number of other discounts that could appeal to both console and PC gamers.

The two Move deals made the front page of the ad, so let’s start there…

Razer selling Dragon Age II-themed mice, keyboards, controller

Razer has long been known as a company that makes fancy and expensive gaming mice, keyboards, console controllers, and other peripherals. They have also been known to occasionally come out with licensed products from titles such as StarCraft II and Tron: Legacy. Now, you can add Dragon Age II to their list of licensed products.

CES 2011: CompuExpert bringing headsets, keyboards and gaming mice

Raptor-Gaming LK1 keyboardCompuExpert is going to be attending CES 2011 this year, but you don’t be able to just walk up to its booth on the floor and start seeing some of its latest accessories for gamers. The only way you’ll be able to see Sharkoon headsets, Mionix gaming mice and Raptor-Gaming keyboards between January 6-9, 2011 is if you make an appointment. Well, you could also head to the CompuExpert website to look for retailers carrying them, since almost many of the items coming to the show are already available, but it’d be much better to see and try them in person…

Gamertell’s Game Gear and Cool Toys 2010 Holiday Gift Guide

As you know the holidays are coming up (if you forgot go step into any Macy’s in the country), and gamers need cool toys and gadgets to play with!

Here is a list of some of the cooler items you can get for you gamer or just nerdy friend (don’t worry, nerds are considered cool now).


Micro Center’s Black Friday 2010 electronics, Apple and game deals

Microcenter logoElectronics and game store Microcenter has published its Black Friday 2010 ad with plenty o’ computer (Mac and non-Mac), electronics, tech and gaming deals.

Most of the sale items are limited to “one per household” and are in-store only deals.

It’s worth nothing that Microcenter is also one of the few stores that has a dedicated Apple department that sells more than just iPod junk.

Toys R Us’ 2010 Great Big Christmas Book video game, iPod, tech deals

Toys R Us Big Christmas Book cover artHere’s a bullet-point list of bargains that includes video games, consoles, handhelds, tech toys and even some iPhone and iPod Touch stuff. I’ve also taken screen shots of the noted items which I’ll put in a Photo Gallery. Toys R Us is also shipping items for free…

Razer has some trippy StarCraft II peripherals

StarCraft II keyboard There are some sweet StarCraft II peripherals coming down the pipeline. They may be of interest to you if haven’t been suspended or banned by now. Razer has three StarCraft II inspired accessories that are as cool as they are costly.

Win a Logitech gaming set courtesy of PC Gamer

If you’re a serious PC gamer with a kickass rig, then you may be interested in this contest. PC Gamer is offering two sets of Logitech gaming peripherals to two lucky commenters.

Mad Catz suffers first quarter loss, Street Fighter IV to blame

Mad Catz

Mad Catz released the financial figures for its first quarter ending in June 2010. It saw a 11% loss in net sales compared to the same time last year. In addition to a loss in sales, Mad Catz also reported a rise in operating costs. The result of which ended up costing Mad Catz an additional $0.8 million. The primary reason behind the loss in sales? Street Fighter IV.