I’m so hyped for Disgaea 5 because of REVENGE

I always get excited about Disgaea installments. There’s something about the series, and the appeal of a strategy game that can really be played for months, perhaps even a year, before it’s fully mastered. Yet, I also feel that isn’t why I’m excited about Disgaea 5. It isn’t because of what I do know about more »

Fatal Frame 2 still terrifies me

I feel as though I shouldn’t have to warn about spoilers for a game , and yet the internet being what it is, this article will have spoilers. I feel the need to say this because Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly is a horror game, and horror known is horror lost. Yet somehow, Fatal Frame more »

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Interview: A new take on Harvest Moon

An exciting event is upon us. Farming worlds are about to collide. While the next Bokujou Monogatari installment, typically called Harvest Moon, is being turned into XSEED’s Story of Seasons, Natsume are setting forth with their first, original, installment that was developed in-house, Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley. I played both games at E3 2014 more »

The Shifting focus of The Sims games

I’ve just begun taking my first steps into The Sims 4. There were about thirty minutes spent creating a single sim, and then at least two hours that went into getting her accustomed to her virtual world. (Because of course I’m the kind of self-centered person who makes a Sim of herself first.) It’s nowhere more »

Help, I’m addicted to Skyrim mods!

It’s been about four months since I got Skyrim. I got all the DLC for it when I got the game, because Steam is amazing. I’ve probably only beaten the game twice, but I’ve already forgotten what the vanilla Skyrim experience is like. I’m even using terms like “vanilla” when I’m talking about it! Steam more »

Train Fever review: Still love playing with trains?

Train Fever Price: $34.99 System(s): PC, Mac, and Linux Release Date: September 4, 2014 Publisher (Developer): Gambitious (Urban Games) If you’ve never heard of Urban Games, don’t feel bad! As it turns out, Train Fever is this Swiss team’s debut game. And quite honestly, you’d think this team has been around for years. Train Fever runs on an more »

Wishing for a Humble Ouya Bundle

I’m probably in the minority here, but I have an Ouya and I kinda love it. There are definite knocks against it, and it isn’t a perfect micro-console, but it . And, admittedly, a big part of my love comes from being able to play Atari 2600 games on it, since it’s hit-or-miss when getting more »


Xenosaga HD collection a brilliant idea

Xenosaga never got the respect it deserved. Sure, the JRPG series had its faults. The long cutscenes are the thing that spring to mind for me. Yet, if you think about it, those weren’t its fault either. The main problem was, it was a series of six games condensed into three. When developers have to more »

SteamWorld Dig: A Fistful of Dirt Review: Digging it

SteamWorld Dig Price: $9.99 System(s): Release Date: August 28, 2014 Publisher (Developer): Image & Form (Image & Form) ESRB Rating: “Everyone 10+” for Fantasy Violence SteamWorld Dig has come to the Wii U via the Nintendo eShop. Already available for the Nintendo 3DS, PS4, Vita, and Steam, this new release of the title makes special more »

Super Smash Bros. 3DS demo Preview: Such a tease

Who’s playing Super Smash Bros. already? I’m playing Super Smash Bros. already! Well, I’m enjoying the demo, to be precise. This right here is when having a Japanese 3DS LL pays off. Nintendo put the Super Smash Bros. demo on Japanese eShop yesterday, and naturally everyone went nuts. I mean, it’s a chance to play more »

Natural Doctrine Review: And now I hate myself

Title: Natural Doctrine Price: $39.99 System(s): Vita, PS4 (Also available for PS3) Release Date: September 30, 2014 Publisher (Developer): NIS America (Kadokawa Shoten) ESRB Rating: “Mature 17+” for Blood and Violence I am a festering pile of hate and doubt. I look down upon myself for making mistakes which I see, after the fact, were more »

Angry Birds Stella is more than a cute overload

Back in February 2014, I mentioned that my cynical and hardened heart wouldn’t be able to resist Angry Birds Stella. Though all we had back then was concept art, I could already see that those adorable birds would be too overwhelming. Regular Angry Birds and pigs are cute in their own way, but the four more »