5 Steam Holiday Sale 2014 Games to Buy: Day 2

We survived the first day of the Steam Holiday Sale! Go us! Our wallets aren’t even empty yet. That will surely change, since the event is running until January 2, 2014, but still. For now, we rejoice in the fact that we’ve been good and not spent all of our money on the first day. more »

Here’s Your December 19, 2014 Indie Game Bundle Update

Need a last second gift for the holidays? Grab someone an indie game bundle. You’ll get them a lot of games for a great price, stuff they can enjoy well into the new year, and won’t have to worry about wrapping or delivering it. Especially since there are 20 indie game bundles to choose from more »

Minecraft deserves to be popular

I’ve gotten just about nothing done today, work wise. That’s because I’ve been spending the past several hours playing Minecraft. It’s such a fantastic game that it really deserves the popularity it’s gotten. I mean, where else can you spend five hours re-creating a giant wing-wong out of iron blocks? Not that I’ve ever done more »

5 Steam Holiday Sale 2014 Games to Buy: Day 1

The time has come, as was rumored and prophesized. The 2014 Steam Holiday Sale has arrived. Deals are running rampant, as expected, and we should be seeing some of the best prices on PC games this year as time wears on. However, to make things a little easier for you, Technology Tell has something planned. more »

Minecraft Story Mode is certainly something

I like to believe I trust Telltale Games. The developer clearly knows what it’s doing, with hits like The Walking Dead, Sam & Max, Fables, and, most recently, Game of Thrones. Still, their latest Minecraft Story Mode announcement is giving me pause. Because this is Minecraft, a game that’s essentially virtual legos, and one wonders more »

I am Bread Preview: Toasty

I am Bread is no joke. It may seem like one, with its QWOP controls. Plus, it is from Bossa Studios, creator of . No, this is a strangely compelling, strategic kind of game. There will be laughs along the way, but you’ll also be in for quite the challenge. The basic concept in I more »

What’s going on with Winged Cloud’s The Guardian Spell? (Update 2)

If you enjoy otome games, you’re bound to look into independent projects. It’s the best way to find visual novel dating sims in English, and trolling websites searching for official translations, fan translations, and original projects is the best way to find something new to play. Unfortunately, people who backed Winged Cloud’s The Guardian Spell more »


Be cautiously optimistic about Starbound Winter Update

Starbound broke my heart. I know, it was Early Access and things happen, but there were certain expectations. They weren’t met, and we went months without official updates. It wasn’t until December that we finally heard word about progress and started seeing new, unstable releases. Now, there’s a Starbound Winter Update trailer of what should more »

I don’t know why I don’t like Convoy as much as FTL

FTL: Faster Than Light is a game where you go from point to point, and random interactions happen. Maybe you’ll find random loot. Maybe you’ll have to fight a pirate ship. Maybe you’ll have to play diplomat. The goal is to get to the end of the game and fight the rebel flagship. Convoy is more »

Here’s Your December 12, 2014 Indie Game Bundle Update

Time for the usual indie game bundle update. This week, you really need to see one in particular. It’s the Bundle Stars Killer Bundle. I picked this indie game bundle up for myself and it’s a really good one. For $5, you get 10 great games that haven’t really shown up in many bundles yet. more »

I beat The Kahdir in Rogue Legacy!

A little while back, I purchased Rogue Legacy. It’s exactly the kind of game I normally hate, because I normally dislike games that feel punishingly hard. Something about Rogue Legacy, however, doesn’t feel punishing. It’s incredibly difficult, of course. And I die an awfully large number of times. But it doesn’t feel like it punishes more »

Craft the World Review: World of Dwarfcraft

Craft the World Price: $18.99 System(s): PC (coming soon to iOS) Release Date: November 24, 2014 Publisher (Developer): Black Maple Games (Dekovir Entertainment) ESRB Rating: N/A I’m always happy to see an anticipated game finally come together. Craft the World has emerged from Steam Early Access and launched, promising an experience that is self-described as more »