Paradigm Alpha Demo Preview: The Future is Dumb

The eponymous Paradigm of the video game demo Paradigm inhabits a world where nothing works particularly well. Various generations of radically varying technological advancement have been kludged together to make a quasi-functioning world, but what with all the horny computers, beat-boxing eggplants, and industrialist sloths with bad comb overs, it’s a wonder anything gets done more »

Super Smash Bros. 3DS demo Preview: Such a tease

Who’s playing Super Smash Bros. already? I’m playing Super Smash Bros. already! Well, I’m enjoying the demo, to be precise. This right here is when having a Japanese 3DS LL pays off. Nintendo put the Super Smash Bros. demo on Japanese eShop yesterday, and naturally everyone went nuts. I mean, it’s a chance to play more »

PAX 2014: Nintendo shows up big with Hyrule Warriors and Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo will be just fine. I say this having not played any of its games at PAX Prime 2014. The only thing I have to go on is their slate of games scheduled to release between now and 2015 and the fact every Nintendo station at PAX had a crowd each time I walked by. more »

PAX 2014: Can Evolve live up to expectations?

Evolve might be this year’s Titanfall. It looks and plays great. It has a fantastic multiplayer premise. I won’t deny I had a blast playing as the Goliath and decimating the other four Hunters at PAX Prime 2014. Yet the thought that Evolve can’t hold players’ attention for very long after its release was a more »


PAX 2014: Galak-Z combines rogue-like with 80s sci-fi anime shmup

17-Bit Studios’ follow up to the highly regarded strategy role-playing game, Skulls of the Shogun, taps into 80s childhoods with its new sci-fi anime-inspired shooter, Galak-Z. The premise couldn’t be any more in my wheelhouse. I grew up on Star Blazers, Voltron, and Macross (Robotech). These shows were my introduction to love, war, sacrifice, betrayal, more »


PAX 2014: Assassin’s Creed Rogue breathes new life into the old formula

Hey video game players. It’s okay if you go ahead and play Assassin’s Creed Rogue when it comes out. No seriously, you don’t need to wait for some port to PlayStation 4 or Xbox One that may or may not ever happen. I’m actually hoping it doesn’t. Give your PS3 and Xbox 360 a good more »

PAX 2014: Chariot will test relationships in a good way

Every year people expect to be blown away by the latest and greatest games at events. PAX Prime 2014 is a different type of expo that places equal importance on indie gaming. Sometimes a game comes out of nowhere and surprises people. Frima Studios’ Chariot was one of those games. Chariot is a puzzle platformer more »

PAX 2014: Ready at Dawn needs to smooth out The Order: 1886′s round table

It is really hard to describe my very short experience with The Order: 1886. I hoped to be wowed by what I expect will be the PlayStation 4 equivalent to Gears of War. I’m a big fan of third-person cover-based shooters. The Order: 1886 left me a little perplexed. I gain control of Sir Galahad and I’m immediately beset more »

PAX 2014: Bloodborne is the fast-paced Souls game you want

  I didn’t even realize I wanted Bloodborne. I like the Dark Souls series but they’re the type of game that I have to be in the right frame of mind to play. Each time I attempted both Dark Souls games, I gave up too soon. I eventually came back to the first one about a year more »

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father Preview: Revisiting voodoo murders

It’s funny how much feels new with the Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father 20th Anniversary Edition. From the moment the game begins and the music crescendos, It’s easy to see what’s changed. It’s right there on the title screen, in fact. Instead of being able to just jump into the game, players also get more »

Natural Doctrine Preview: Thought Provoking

I was in awe of Natural Doctrine at E3 2014. I wasn’t actually able to play it, and spent the press session watching a more knowledgeable NIS America employee repeatedly attempt to meet what appeared to be rather demanding victory conditions in an intimidating battle. Yet despite the difficult battle going on before me at more »

Hyperdimension Neptunia RE;Birth 1 Preview: Goddesses again

“Breasts are symbolic of maturity and fertility… qualities of a Goddess” These words echo in my mind as I feel myself plummeting. Plummeting where? From where? Who spoke those words again? What words? Who am I? Everything is slipping away. I woke from a dream, a dream of someone speaking to me. I remember her more »