Code Name: STEAM Preview: Amiibo change the game, but don’t break it

Want more ways to put your Amiibo to use?  lets you do just that with playable Fire Emblem characters, and for once, it may actually be worth the investment. Amiibo owners have been generally frustrated with functionality in games, usually for one of two reasons: either the effect on the game is too minimal (like more »

Barbara-ian Preview: I Want My Hour Back

Imagine, if you will, a Diablo clone with destruction physics. If this sounds like it would be fun, you’re right. There’s definitely a seed of something interesting in there. Unfortunately, Barbara-ian doesn’t really manage to keep my interest because it’s not very well put together. Now, to be fair, Barbara-ian is still in beta, so more »

Sunset Preview: Thoughtful Trouble in Fictional Anchuria

Video games seldom strive to instill states of somber reflection in the player, but developer Tale of Tales has made it their bread and butter. Games like The Path and Fatale play less like video games and more like particularly immersive exhibits in art museum. They’re more atmospheric than interactive, not seeking to foster the more »

htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary Preview: Stumbling in Darkness

In a dilapidated room, in a dark and dreary place, where only a single firefly provides a guaranteed source of light, a young girl awakes on an operating table. The fact that she isn’t alone momentarily disconcerts her, but the firefly soon shows itself to be a friend, rather than a harbinger of doom. This more »

Code Name: STEAM is okay on a 3DS, but great on a New 3DS

Code Name: STEAM, the new strategy game from Fire Emblem developer Intelligent Systems, releases next month. While it looks like it’ll be fine on the old 3DS hardware, it’s a much better proposition on the New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL. It takes advantage of a lot of the enhanced features, often in understated more »

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Preview Diary 2: Teaming Up

My prior experiences with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate have primarily been solitary ones. Local multiplayer was a buzzkill. I could count the number of PSP owning friends on one hand, and all of them had purchased the handheld for its JRPG offerings. No one was interested in taking me up on the joys of the more »

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Preview Diary 1: Elder Dragon Attacks

It’s been a long time since I headed out on a hunt. Five years, to be exact. I enjoyed Monster Hunter on the PSP, but never stuck with it, as I never really had anyone to play with. I didn’t get into the Wii version, despite its online opportunities, because again, it wasn’t the kind more »

Woolfe Preview: Original, but not Ready

Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries recently debuted as an Early Access title. I’ve been incredibly excited about it Woolfe. I love anything that takes old fairy tales and reshapes them into a new form. This game promised that, with Red Riding Hood being re-imagined as an axe-swinging badass. She’s fighting to avenge her father’s murder more »

H1Z1 Preview: Too Early Access

I’d been curious about H1Z1 ever since Sony Online Entertainment announced it was throwing its hat into the zombie survival ring. My interest was waxed and waned over the months. I saw it briefly at PAX Prime 2014. I didn’t even bother to go hands on. I just watched people meander about because they had more »

Code Name STEAM Preview: Running Out of Steam

Nintendo released a demo for Code Name STEAM, and I jumped right on it as soon as I could. To me, there is no word more magical than “free.” I’ll play almost anything for free. Anyway, I spent some time with the demo, and now I’d like to share my thoughts with you all, because more »

Videoball Preview: Do not play Videoball against Tim Rogers

Look, I get it. Videoball, the minimalist title from Action Button Entertainment, is a promising game, and you want to give it a try. And Tim Rogers, the main mind behind the game, is right there. But don’t give in to the temptation. Sure, you may have seen the game here and there over the more »

Swords & Soldiers II Preview: Meat again on the battlefield

The original Swords & Soldiers was a success for developer Ronimo, spreading from WiiWare to PC, mobile and other console platforms and gaining many fans of its side-scrolling RTS gameplay. With its sequel, Swords & Soldiers II, Ronimo is returning to its Nintendo home, focusing on a screen-versus-screen multiplayer experience that lets players see full-screen more »