Evo 2013: Infiltration is the best in Street Fighter X Tekken

Styles make fights, as they say. Sun-Woo Lee, better known as “Infiltration,” and Justin Wong are two of the top fighting game players in the world. The gap between their skills shouldn’t logically be a large one. But Infiltration brushed Wong aside handily in the Street Fighter X Tekken Grand Finals. It took only four more »

Evo 2013: Capcom panel announces new tournament, more content for Super Street Fighter IV

Evo 2013 isn’t just a bonanza of fighting game tournaments. The makers of our favorite fighters are on hand to tease us with the goodness to come. Capcom held a panel and delivered a plethora of news for the fighting faithful to chew on. Up first, Super Street Fighter IV will receive an update. It more »

Evo 2013: Crazy DJT 88 Finishes Them in Mortal Kombat 9 Championship

Crazy DJT 88 was the fan favorite in the Mortal Kombat 9 Grand Finals for one reason: he wasn’t using Kabal. Several top players opted for Kabal and DJT defeated three of the best en route to the title. He took out Detroit Ballin, Reo and two-time Evo MK champion Perfect Legend. His Cyrax proved more »

EVO 2013: CafeId’s Knee Wins Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Championship

The world’s biggest fighting game tournament kicked off July 12, with more than 3,000 players battling for thousands in cash prizes. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was the first game to crown its champion this weekend, and familiar names ruled the day. The crowd in Las Vegas was solidly behind California’s own Bronson Tran, but Bae more »

Nintendo discussed shutting down Smash Bros. EVO 2013 tourney, not just the stream

GamerTell previously told you Nintendo didn’t want a live stream of the Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament at EVO 2013. Thankfully, somebody realized free promotion for your company’s products is good, and Nintendo changed its stance. In an interview with One More Game TV, Evo co-founder Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar said not just the stream, more »

Xbox Live Update for the week of July 3, 2013

Telltale Games The Walking Dead was one of 2012’s critical and commercial darlings. At long last, Telltale returns to that universe in Episode 1 DLC 400 Days. Starting out in a Georgia truck stop, you will follow the stories of five survivors, all of which are intertwined. The Walking Dead game was all about tough more »

Xbox community contributor David “Knuckles Dawson” Dreger found dead

David Dreger’s passion for gaming turned him into a beloved member of the Xbox 360 community. Known also by his Gamertag “Knuckles Dawson,” Dreger wrote for sites including Joystiq’s Xbox 360 Fanboy offshoot and Rooster Teeth. At the latter, he gained notoriety through his Achievement Hunter video series. He set a personal goal of unlocking more »


Future Capcom fighters may have better developed stories

Storytelling has never been the strong point of most technical fighting games and, for the most part, players don’t seem to mind. However, the cries of a Capcom fan requesting better story modes has been responded to by a Capcom employee who revealed, funnily enough, that Capcom are thinking along the same lines.

Clayster Selects European Team Prophecy to Join Him at Call of Duty Championship

Unite Gaming put in an impressive run at the MLG Dallas Pro Circuit for Call of Duty: Black Ops II March 15-17. They finished second, but the rules for the Activision-run Call of Duty Championship are slightly different. To participate in that tourney, a player has to be at least old enough to purchase the more »

European Call of Duty Championship’s Most Popular Scorestreak: The F-Bomb

A Eurogamer piece by Oli Walsh takes a look at the seriously salty language that permeated the Electronic Sports League’s European Championship March 16 -17. This video is not safe for work, or anywhere else where locker room talk would not be appreciated.

Call of Duty Championship shapes up after weekend of qualifiers

The world’s best Black Ops II  players brought it last weekend in huge qualifying tournaments for the Call of Duty Championship that takes place April 5-7. Eight teams had already punched their tickets to Los Angeles through the World League Championship Series. Those squads are: RAGE Tva Vintage Phoenix Curse Quantic Complexity Awe Sports   more »

Major League Gaming Winter Championship: KT Rolster B Wins International Exhibition

KT Rolster B won the MLG Winter Championship’s International Exhibition for League of Legends, taking home a cool $10,000.  They defeated European eSports team Gambit Gaming in three games. Gambit formed from the ashes of Moscow Five. That team lost its funding after its CEO, Dmitry Smelyi got arrested in an FBI cyber crimes sting. more »