The Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle is real

Sure enough, a Club Nintendo promotion wasn’t the only thing announced during today’s surprise Nintendo Direct. A Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle was too. Rather, the bundle was confirmed, because we’d already heard rumors that it was a thing and would be coming out alongside the game on May 30, 2014. The Mario Kart more »

Sale Xbox One games at Best Buy, Amazon

Ready for a Xbox One deal? Of course you are. Sale games are always welcome, and sale Xbox One games even more so because they’re so new and it’s so unlikely for them to actually get discounted. But, it’s happened, and it’s a big one. Best Buy decided to make three Xbox One games part more »

Get a free Wii U game with Mario Kart 8 promotion

Did you know there was a Nintendo Direct today? No? Me either! But there was. Nintendo just snuck one up on us. Don’t worry though. We didn’t miss too much. Baby Rosalina and Pink Gold Peach characters, a few new items, Mario Kart TV to watch important moments and, oh. Yes, free games were also more »

Best Buy gives you free gas with Mario Kart 8 pre-order

Best Buy has an interesting promotion going on for Mario Kart 8. If you pre-order the physical Wii U game from its store, it will give you a code that can be redeemed for $10 in real gasoline. Codes for in-store pre-orders will be printed on the receipt when you pick up the game, and more »

Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle may be en route

A new Wii U bundle might be racing to stores next month, and while what I’m about to talk about hasn’t been confirmed, it seems quite plausible. A site called has found images of what appears to be European box art for a Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle. Now, this hasn’t been confirmed more »

3D Outrun drives onto Japanese shores April 23, 2014

The latest in Sega’s line of remastered arcade and Genesis catalog, 3D Outrun will be releasing in Japan on 3DS this April. Remastered by the studio M2, the studio who have masterfully ported previous Sega titles, it will be enhanced with the titular 3D features as well as a few more. These include multiple viewing more »

WonderCon 2014: Play Mario Kart 8 (and 4 other Nintendo games)

WonderCon is a pretty big deal in the whole Comic-Con world, and is yet another celebration of all things geeky, nerdy, and dorky. Though, typically these kinds of events aren’t very heavy on video game elements. This year will be different though, as Nintendo is bringing and some of its other major releases to WonderCon more »

Animal Crossing: New Leaf and 4 other 3DS games’ prices drop

Love your 3DS? Of course you do! But, I bet you’d love it even more if some of the best first-party games, like Animal Crossing: New Leaf, weren’t over $30 each. Well, don’t worry, because soon they won’t be. It’s price-drop time! Nintendo likes to do this every once in a while, so don’t be more »

Table Top Racing is coming to the Vita this Spring

Table Top Racing tore things up on iOS and Android over the past year, and now it’s ready to take on the PlayStation Vita. A few days ago, Playrise Digital announced a spring release window for Table Top Racing. Things will be slightly different in the Vita version. The power of the platform will enable more »

Qvadriga Review: Finally, a good whipping game!

Roman chariot racing is a genre of game that only had one good game: Circvs Maximvs. Qvadriga is the computer game equivalent, and does a fine job of keeping the board game feel, while taking advantage of the computer to add in more details. While the game is mainly about chariot racing, you’ll travel the Empire seeking the fame, fortune, and better racing gear, in a quest to become the the most famous racing team in history.


EA flash sale is live on PSN

Earlier today, Sony pushed live a flash sale in the PlayStation Store. This flash sale is only for PS3 games and will end on March 31. Nothing on this list is particularly new, but this is a good way to catch up on some older titles you may have missed the first time around. There’s more »


Asphalt 8: Airborne has been updated with built-in Twitch streaming

Today is a pretty big deal for mobile gaming. Asphalt 8: Airborne has officially become the first mobile game to feature built-in Twitch streaming. Gameloft used the recently released Twitch mobile SDK to enable this functionality. Gameloft also promoted this feature earlier this week by hosting a 24-hour live stream for Asphalt 8. The game more »