Google reveals a lot about gaming in 2014

Google recently published an article talking about the most common searches from 2014 on both Google, and YouTube. The author of the article was happy to prove that video games have become a lot more mainstream than maybe people realize. Statistics abound of course, and a lot of information is shared, but there are a few more »

Stink at StarCraft II? It’s because you’re too old

As we all know, human beings age. And as we age, things change. We develop the richness of experience that makes old people so boring. We develop fun new medical problems that terrify doctors. And we start being terrible at video games, according to science. Specifically, .


Brain Training Games Are Bunk

We’re all familiar with the strategies, and most of us are guarded when it comes to them. We’ve been hyper exposed to “before and after” pictures promising easy diets. Our email boxes have been inundated with products promising herbal supplements and treatments to promote penile growth. Snake oil salesmen are everywhere, looking to pray on more »

What does “violent” even mean?

The Senate has a bill running through the motions after getting out of committee that, if passed, would cause the research of the real world effects of violent games on minors. OK. Fine. I’m not going to deny that there is validity in trying to find out everything so that an informed decision can be more »

Critically Playful: Some benefits of gaming

In a recent episode, Katie Couric examined the issue of gaming addiction. While the issue of gaming addiction can be worrisome and important to actually address, Couric’s entry into this topic was flawed to say the least. All flaws of the presentation of the debate, including the lack of an opposing viewpoint, aside, Couric did more »

E3 2013: Sega & Nintendo – A Historic Partnership

It’s easy to forget that Nintendo will be at E3 2013. No it won’t be showing off some flashy new hardware like Sony with its PS4 and no, it won’t be trying to sensationalize the benefits of an integrated TV-gaming experience like Microsoft and its Xbox One. But Nintendo will be at E3 2013, and more »

Critically Playful: Story is what you make of it

Recently, Mark Filipowich wrote on the topic of storytelling and situation for PopMatters. He started off with a story about one of his professors saying that “for a story to be a story, it must consistent of a character being changed by events. Stories may be layered and make use of a gamut of literary more »

Former defensive end Pitcock recovering from video game addiction

Quinn Pitcock, a third-round draft pick of the Indianapolis Colts in 2007, is telling his tale of addiction to the world. The monkey on his back wasn’t alcohol, cocaine or any chemical. Rather, Pitcock says 18-hour Call of Duty sessions almost cost him everything. He shocked the football league by retiring in 2008, a decision he told ESPN he immediately regretted.

E3 2012: StreetPass madness

If you have a 3DS, one of the highlights of your E3 2012 trip was definitely the StreetPass hits. It’s still pretty difficult to collect the tags while going about your daily life, but here you’re in the ideal environment to collect as many hits as possible while going about your business on the show more »

Duh of the Day: Consoles still strong game systems

Magid Associates study involving US gamers suggests consoles are still on top…

Wisconsin criminal justice students using first-person shooter in coursework

Police BadgeFox Valley Technical College, an institution based in Oskhosh, Wisconsin (USA), is using a first person-simulator game to help criminal justice students. The machine covers a wide range of scenarios a police officer might see on patrol, including domestic violence cases and missing children. It provides students a hands on way to practice the techniques they’ve learned in class before they applying them in the real world.

Chris Matheny, vice president for instruction at the school, told the The Northwestern it gives students a unique perspective.

Grad students create PlayStation 3 game to help kids battle cancer

PlayStation Move logoThis console generation we’ve learned that games do not have to be a sedentary hobby. The Nintendo Wii is being used for everything from stroke rehab to helping athletes lose weight. Now a prototype game created by University of Utah students and faculty is helping young cancer patients keep their spirits up.