Code Name STEAM Preview: Running Out of Steam

Nintendo released a demo for Code Name STEAM, and I jumped right on it as soon as I could. To me, there is no word more magical than “free.” I’ll play almost anything for free. Anyway, I spent some time with the demo, and now I’d like to share my thoughts with you all, because more »

Super Mario RPG’s Mallow and Geno should be in Super Smash Bros.

For those of you who have no soul and thus never played it, Super Mario RPG was a fantastic SNES era console RPG from Nintendo and SquareEnix (then Squaresoft). It was the last Mario game on the SNES, and, in my opinion, in the running for the best Mario game ever. It contained the Princess more »

The Reckless Emboar Pokemon codes are live

Ready to get another special gift from GameFreak and Nintendo? Load up your copy of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby, because the Reckless Emboar is here. By the way, in case you were wondering, yes. Reckless Emboar would make a fantastic band name. But that isn’t why you’re here. You’re here for the code more »

The joys of bonding over The Legend of Zelda in French

I, like I’m sure many people, absolutely adore Legend Of Zelda; Link To The Past. I honestly feel it’s probably the definitive Zelda game, in that if you wanted to show a person “this is what Zelda is“, it’s the best game for it. I played so much of it, in fact, that I could more »

3 reasons Persona Q is fun for everyone

I know I’m not alone when I say this: I love JRPGs (in theory, some of them are terrible of course), but I just don’t have time for them anymore. Not long ago I reviewed Kingdom Hearts 2.5 for the site, and cramming 50 hours or more of game time into such a tiny space more »

Seasons of the Wolf Review: Gorgeous, Extensive, and Dull

Tales of Aravorn: Seasons of the Wolf Price: $24.99 System(s): PC Release Date: November 15, 2014 Publisher (Developer): Winter Wolves (Winter Wolves) ESRB Rating: “Mature” for violence and suggestive themes I’m a huge fan of visual novel games. I think it stems from the fact that I’ve always been an avid reader, and visual novels are just that, visual novels! more »

It’s a sing-off with free Dragon Age Inquisition Tavern Songs

Cool things happen sometimes in video game land, including this surprise announcement from BioWare concerning a small, yet popular part of Dragon Age Inquisition. Not only is BioWare just plain giving away a cool thing for free, but also holding a contest for even more stuff. Stuff is great, stuff is cool and BioWare wants more »

Criminal Girls: Invite Only Preview: Otherworldly Corrections

A spire is a dangerous place. It’s a prison, after all. There’s no visible way in, and appears to be but one way out. Welcome to to an otherworldly jail filled with monsters. Yet, there’s hope here too. People with criminal DNA who have yet to commit truly atrocious acts have a chance at redemption, more »

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past manga is coming back

A long, long time ago, when Nintendo Power was in its prime, people sometimes received awesome things thanks to it. Free copies of Dragon Warrior were one. Installments of Shotaro Ishinomori’s The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past manga were another. It was a means of experiencing the plot of the game without more »


Ys: Memories of Celceta and the Pitfalls of Sleep Mode

I love the Ys series. I first picked up the PlayStation 2 version of The Ark of Napishtim on a whim, and later tore through The Oath in Felghana over the course of a few days. One can imagine my excitement when Memories of Celceta was announced for the Vita. Life has a habit of getting in the way, more »


I don’t get Dragon Age Origins’ combat

Recently, because it was available for free, I got a hold of Dragon Age Origins. I’d heard it was an incredibly good RPG, and that well may be true. Certainly, it seems to have all the interesting parts that a good RPG should have. It has interesting stories, solid character creation, and you get to more »

Here’s Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns

Guild Wars 2 first released in 2012, and now, almost two and half years later, it is finally getting its first expansion. Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns takes place in Maguuma, and adds a lot of new aspects to the game. Not only are there new places to explore, like brand new open world more »