Wolfenstein: The New Order gets standalone prequel

Last year’s was a critical and commercial success for Bethesda. So naturally they’re returning to that universe with Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, a prequel that will show how B.J. Blazkowicz began his Nazi-killing ways. The prequel is set in 1946, with the Nazis about to win World War II. In Part One, Rudi Jäger and the Den more »

EA explains Battlefield Hardline Premium

EA’s big gamble with its Battlefield franchise arrives March 17. Now the publisher has dropped details about the premium membership for players who really want to be cops – or robbers, we’re not judging. For $50, players will get early access to four expansions, each fleshing out the game’s story a little more. Each expansion more »

Capcom offering refunds for Resident Evil Revelations 2 on PC

Unlike its console counterparts, the PC version of Resident Evil Revelations 2 does not include local co-op. This comes in stark contrast to the game’s adverts and Steam page, which all listed offline co-op as an included feature until today. Capcom told Eurogamer that local co-op was cut “to ensure a stable user experience across a variety of different PC more »

Destiny weapons look great in LEGO

LEGO master ZaziNombies has taken his block-building talents to countless games, but few of his creations are as striking as his recent take on Destiny‘s notorious Gjallarhorn rocket launcher. The build clocks in at 46 inches in length and with a weight of over 15 pounds, fleshed out by a whopping 3,500 bricks. For comparison, ZN’s Ice more »

Destiny’s Hard Mode Crota’s End raid has officially been soloed

Destiny has always been the college student with four digits in the bank, a new car, and perfect grades—that is to say, completely delusional. The many challenges and events it hypes to ludicrous levels are routinely quashed by player ingenuity and even basic gameplay know-how. It’s never quite been able to live up to its more »

The Order: 1886 reignites “short game” debate

Sony wanted people talking about this week, but not this way. After YouTuber PlayMeThrough posted video that suggests the game can be beaten in six hours, developer Ready at Dawn has been on the defensive. Ru Weerasuriya, the studio’s founder and creative director told Eurogamer that PlayMeThrough’s numbers are wrong, but declined to offer a more »

Controversial developer’s game Paranautical Activity returns to Steam

Paranautical Activity got all the wrong kind of publicity in October when creator Mike Maulbeck went on a Twitter tirade, threatening to kill Valve co-founder Gabe Newell. He also called Valve incompetent and declared Steam to be a monopoly. The cause of his anger was Steam incorrectly listing the game as an early access title, more »

2015 Valentine’s Day Console Gift Guide

As you probably saw a few days ago, we’re doing the usual “recommend gaming gifts for Valentine’s Day” thing. It’s a big day for people in relationships and, depending on how long you’ve been together, a game or system could be a good show of devotion. Getting an actual console might be a bit much. more »

Nerf Alert: Evolve’s Wraith monster says you can’t see me

Despite the best intentions of game designers, sometimes certain characters, weapons or abilities just end up being more powerful than everything else in the game. We tell you about a number of these as they happen, but in 2015 we’re going to keep closer track of problems as they initially crop up. For our first more »

Halo Master Chief Collection public beta cancelled

Multiplayer for Halo Master Chief Collection will no longer be tested via public beta, 343 Industries announced Monday in a blog post. The beta-to-be was first announced January 23, purported as a means to “provide additional testing in an ‘at home’ environment to ensure the official release is the best experience for players.” The invite came on the more »

Titanfall 2 will “probably” come to PS4

Publisher EA will likely release the yet-to-be-announced Titanfall 2 outside Xbox One and PC, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen announced February 9, 2015 during San Francisco’s Technology, Internet & Media Conference. It’s no grand secret that EA has been planning to renew the Titanfall IP for some time, nor is it any surprise. The original may not have shattered more »

Make no mistake, Evolve is hunting your money

With the long-rumored Left 4 Dead 3 apparently idling away in software purgatory, Turtle Rock Studios’ Evolve should by all rights be a godsend. A new-gen co-op romp from the creators of the zombie take on the concept? And one in which a single player from each match will be cast as the final boss? Sounds brilliant. And more »