FTL: Advanced Edition is my favorite transit game

When I first got FTL, I played it almost non-stop. It’s a great game and is just random enough to be fresh every time, just standardized enough to be a familiar experience. It’s something that not many games manage. I loved the game so much, I even wrote a short story that amounted to FTL more »

Let’s Kickstart the Queen at Arms otome

Okay, so this is a Kickstarter project that really doesn’t need assistance anymore. Queen at Arms has already reached and passed its $2,500 funding goal. It’s past the $3,600 point, in fact, meaning it passed the Additional Sprites stretch goal and is nearing the Additional Romance Path $4,000 goal. Which is part of why we more »

Important Importables Review: Girls RPG: Cinderellife

Girls RPG: Cinderellife is weird. It’s nothing like you’d expect from an RPG. Really, it’s more of a life simulation. I mean, a player does get to level up various parameters, usually by spending money on various clothes, hairstyles, and accessories. There are missions too, and an overarching story. Really though, it’s about experiencing life more »

I’ve got Willow Pape beat in Kim Kardashian Hollywood

It’s happened. I’m done with Kim Kardashian Hollywood. It’s over. I honestly feel I never have to . It’s all because I finally topped Willow Pape. I know she’s not the best villain. She’s honestly an exact clone of the rival in Stardom: Hollywood. Still, she has a knack for getting under a player’s skin more »

PS4 needed Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition

The PS4 is serious business, super serious. In fact, it’s too serious. It needed Surgeon Simulator, because doing all that important stuff like saving Seattle with super powers, taking over Chicago with hacking powers, and fighting fungal zombies in Boston got to be too much. So, the system is getting Surgeon Simulator on August 12, more »

Maxis making some right moves with Sims 4

Everyone knows Maxis, and by extension EA, have made a lot of bad decisions when it comes to The Sims 4. The exclusion of toddlers and pools were both earth shattering announcements, to be sure. Yet, despite the fact that those two crucial elements are absent to make us buy expansion packs later, a lot more »


WWE 2K15 Hulkamania Edition is amazing, brother

Today is the first Monday of August, and the first Monday Night RAW. August is also the month of Summerslam, the second-biggest monthly wrasslin’ event. WWE likes to announce things on days like this to promote the one thing, which in turn promotes the other thing and then the other thing. It’s a big, juiced-up more »

The Stomping Land goes silent

When I first discovered The Stomping Land, I was incredibly excited. An open world, sandbox, role-playing game in the land of dinosaurs? Hell yeah! It had me wondering why someone hadn’t thought of, and executed a game to this level already before? Well according to this Reddit thread, it still hasn’t been executed. The Stomping more »

Enchant U has the best loading screens

As I mentioned earlier today, Enchant U is a hidden gem hiding on Google Play, iTunes, and the . Basically, it’s a great upgrade for people who are getting tired of Kim Kardashian Hollywood, since it offers more nuanced gameplay and is much easier to play without ever having to pay anything. There’s something else more »

Enchant U is better than Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Getting tired of Kim Kardashian Hollywood? I wouldn’t be surprised if you did. The tasks gradually get more tedious and demanding, and once you hit A-List, there just isn’t that drive to keep moving forward with the fame-chasing lifestyle. Which is why I think it’s time everyone invested in Kim Kardashian Hollywood picks up Enchant more »


I’m still playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood

I’m still playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood. Why? Well, it’s simple, really. My competitive switch got flipped. I first wrote about Kim Kardashian Hollywood a few weeks ago as a joke. It was yet another one of those silly, mobile apps and I figured a post showing off some screenshots of my lovely adventures would be more »

Why do I do this to myself: Animal Boyfriend edition

In case you were wondering if Android Amusements has turned into a (semi)weekly feature where I play horrible mobile games and wonder why anyone bothered playing them, stop right there. It has. The fact that this week I tried Animal Boyfriend only confirms it. Especially since I was actually excited about Animal Boyfriend. A friend more »