Steam Machines pick up, well, steam with November launch

Steam Machines are finally ready to come out of the oven. As Polygon reports, the first sanctioned models will release November 10, 2015, with an unspecified number going to pre-orderers October 16. Alienware and Cyberpower will be the leading the charge, with the former’s prices spanning $449 to $749. A Steam Controller and Steam Link will go for more »


SMACH Zero will be the first Steam OS handheld

The handheld Steam Machine, originally known as Steamboy, has become SMACH Zero. The name change was revealed by the SMACH team in a recent statement. While Steamboy was the provisional name of the project, SMACH Zero will be the final product, the first handheld console that runs Steam OS. SMACH is a third-party developer separate more »

Valve’s Steam Link coming in November

Valve has all kinds of interesting stuff to reveal this week. We already told you about the Vive VR device. Now Valve has announced Steam Link, a device which will allow Steam Machines, Windows PCs, Macs and Linux PCs to stream content from any PC or Steam Machine on the same home network. Pictures appeared more »

Valve will unveil a new ‘SteamVR hardware’ system at GDC next week

After over a year of silence from research and development, Valve announced Tuesday that they’re bringing their hardware back on stage to strut its stuff at the upcoming 2015 Game Developers Conference, and that they’ll be adding a “previously-unannounced SteamVR hardware system” to the lineup. Also slated for an appearance is the latest version of the Steam Controller, more »

Valve adds an analog stick to its Steam controller, making it sane

As you might be aware, Valve has some… very odd ideas about the future of controlling games on the couch. Like, “two touchpads on a controller” odd. Fortunately, sanity has somewhat prevailed at the House of Steam. A recent update has revealed that instead of what look uncomfortably like nipples that you will be expected more »

I Guess Valve Steam Machines will be at Gamescom 2014

Ready for something not-entirely unexpected? It seems Valve Steam Machines will be at Gamescom 2014. I know, you’re not especially shocked. It is to be expected. There wasn’t a big to-do about the Valve Steam Machines and controller at E3 2014, what with the launch delay until 2015 announced in May 2014, Gamescom would be more »


Alienware Steam Machines can be Successful

We all know that Valve’s Steam Machines, more commonly known as Steam Boxes, are coming later in 2014. However, some Steam Machine hardware developers, like Alienware, are already voicing doubts about whether or not they will be successful. Instead of questioning, Alienware should be confident in the Steam Machine. It can not only sell, but more »

No Steam Controllers Until 2015

Valve has announced on their blog that their trend-bucking Steam Controllers will almost certainly not be reaching shelves in 2014. They’re instead “realistically looking at 2015″. This news comes on the heels of a statement by Alienware that they aren’t making much money on their Steam Machines. While the definition of a Steam Machine is more »

Gauntlet throws down release date, pre-order bonuses

Warner Bros. Interactive has finally set a date for the revival of an arcade classic, Gauntlet. September 3, 2014 will be coming out party. Sound a bit tardy? Well, that’s because Gauntlet‘s last launch window was Summer 2014. Since you can’t announce a release date without pre-order bonuses, Warner Bros. Interactive put forth some details more »

Godus isn’t free-to-play, it’s “invest-to-play”

Oh, Peter Molyneux. He’s undeniably a great game designer; he’s the man who popularized the “god game” genre with games like Populous and explored oddball concepts with game like . The games he makes don’t always work, but they are always highly interesting, and Molyneux himself has a wacky way of describing them. And Godus more »

Valve wants beta testers for Steam Music

Valve is getting ready to start the Steam Music beta for SteamOS and other computers that utilize Valve’s big picture mode. Steam Music hopefuls can apply to join the beta by signing up for the Steam Music community group and awaiting entry into the program. Valve says it’ll release the beta to people in waves more »


CES 2014: The Maingear Spark Steam Machine Steam Box is Adorable

We finally have some idea of what a Steam Box will look like, with numerous Steam Machines debuting at CES 2014, but they’re still a mystery. No one knows which one will be best, most practical, or most amazing. However, I think we can already all decide on which one is most adorable. It’s the more »