Technology Tell 2014 Vita Gift Guide

Here it is, coming right at you, another guide for holiday shopping. It’s a Vita gift guide! Unfortunately, it won’t be much use for you this Black Friday, as none of the stores this year have any Vita systems on sale. A few have discounted Vita games, like GameStop, but it’s really a pretty barren more »

New League of Legends patch redefines meta

Riot has released the patch notes for the 4.20 version of their exceedingly popular moba, League of Legends. The lengthy document lays out their plans for the 2015 pre-season, and includes a joke or two alluding to the fact that the patch number is one that has significant meaning within pot culture. It’s kind of more »

Crusader Kings II has much-needed tutorial mode now

I’m a typical Steam user, in that I have purchased countless games I’ve barely had to time to play. One of them is Crusader Kings II, an addictive grand strategy game with several RPG elements. In this game, you take the role of a medieval ruler trying to set up a powerful dynasty. Since the more »

Massive Chalice Preview: I’m no better than the Cadence

Throughout Massive Chalice, players are repeatedly told of the Cadence’s evil. It’s a demonic presence, corrupting everything, and the next 300 years must be spent doing everything possible to stem its waves of destruction. The Massive Chalice, tells me the foe will never stop generating and unleashing its pawns upon the kingdom in this war. more »

Beyond Earth mods bring Alpha Centauri back

When people heard Firaxis Games was working on a futuristic version of Sid Meier’s Civilization, hopes were high. After all, Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri was a legendary game that incorporated many ideals and concepts from the Civilization series while also remaining distinct. Now that the game is released, we know it isn’t as close to more »


Massive Chalice’s alchemists are amazing

Double Fine’s Massive Chalice is a more realistic, strategic RPG. It’s undoubtedly a fantasy game, but it’s more rooted in reality than most. This means, sadly, that a wizard isn’t going to come along and save the day. No, the closest thing one has to that is the alchemist, a class I believe is one more »

Massive Chalice made me restart

The Technology Tell Gaming Channel is going to do a preview of Double Fine’s Massive Chalice. That isn’t surprising, of course, because this is a Double Fine game, it was Kickstarter success that raised almost $1,300,000, and you can’t let the Early Access of a release like this pass you by. Unfortunately, our preview is more »

Enjoy an Abstergo Beyond Earth mod when Assassin’s Creed Unity disappoints

Listen, I know Assassin’s Creed Unity got a lot of people down. I understand. So why not sit back with a Civilization: Beyond Earth mod that might make things a little better? People have already been adding all kinds of things to the latest Civilization , despite its youth, and one of those items is more »

This essential Civilization: Beyond Earth mod gives a Miasma warning

Civilization: Beyond Earth has been out for a while, which means people have started making things that makes the overall game experience a bit better. Which means one of the best, smallest mods has been released. I give you, the Miasma Warning Beyond Earth mod. That isn’t it’s official name, mind you. It’s really called more »

Civilization: Beyond Earth mod takes Big Boss to space with Metal Gear Solid sponsor

It’s always amazing when fans manage to make two series work well together. Like in Civilization games, mods can make new civilizations, units, and characters suddenly fit within the realm of the world. So, I guess it isn’t so surprising that a mod which brings Metal Gear Solid into this game works so well. This more »

I can’t wait for Codename STEAM to pit Abraham Lincoln vs. aliens

I didn’t even realize I wanted a steampunk-themed strategy game in which the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Tom Sawyer and Tiger Lily battle an alien invasion. Now is the only thing I want. The spring 2015  Nintendo 3DS offering from Intelligent Systems will combine third-person shooter elements with turn-based strategy. It’s a similar concept to more »

Skulls of the Shogun Review: A Modern Feudal Fairytale

Title: Skulls of the Shogun Price: $9.99 System(s): (Also on or coming to PC, iOS, Android, Xbox 360, PS4) Release Date: October 28, 2014 Publisher (Developer): 17 Bit (17 Bit) ESRB Rating: “Teen” for Blood, Suggestive Themes, and Violence We’re in the middle of a golden age for strategy games. There’s something for everyone out more »