D&D introduces LGBT identities in the core ruleset

Dungeons & Dragons has introduced new gender identities and sexual orientations into the Version 5 edition’s core ruleset. That’s great news for a game that is entirely about collaborative storytelling. While there had been nothing to prevent people from playing more than traditional male/female gender identities or any sexual orientation they wanted, it didn’t necessarily more »

Hand of Fate Preview: A RPG and cards combo

I love card games. From the simplest ones, like Go Fish, to Sequence, to collector cards like Yu-Gi-Oh!, I have always enjoyed them. They’re great to play with other people, or if you’re a loner you can always play good, ol’ reliable Solitaire. Well, Defiant Development’s new game, Hand of Fate, takes a love of more »

Marvel Dice Masters is one of gaming’s hottest sellers

Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs X-Men has taken off incredibly fast. An order WizKids games thought would last them 3-6 months has already sold out. Starter sets with a suggested price of $14.99 are going for $50 or more on eBay, while 60 count Gravity Feed booster boxes are hitting the $120 mark. WizKids is on more »

Pathfinder lets you be the hero of your world and comic

The biggest attraction of playing tabletop role playing games like Pathfinder is the chance to be the hero of your own story. You and your friends slay the dragon, capture the mighty treasure, and rescue the princess. Of course, all these heroic deeds are only known by you and your friends. All that will change in the Heroes of Magnimar Contest, to promote the release of the Pathfinder: City of Secrets comic series.

Kill Shakespeare board game smashes its Kickstarter goals

The comic book series Kill Shakespeare takes some of the Bard’s greatest heroes on an adventure to free the land from his greatest villains. The creators originally conceived it as an MMO, then realized they didn’t have the resources to go there. They opted for the comic book medium, where the only limits are the more »

Champions of Balance makes Neutral a good thing

Paizo, makers what is fast becoming (if it isn’t already) the most popular tabletop role playing game, Pathfinder, continues to release books at a steady pace. Their latest, Player Companion: Champions of Balance, adds something to Pathfinder, the spiritual descendent of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) that’s long been needed: a reason to be something besides a “Good” character.

Dwarven Forge will reach amazing heights with Caverns

When it comes to building dungeons, absolutely nothing compares to Dwarven Forge. I’ve used stuff from just about everyone, from Wizards of the Coast to WizKids to too many other companies to name, and Dwarven Forge does it best. That’s why I bought into their Kickstarter for their dungeon tiles (which raised nigh $2,000,000). I’m reaching for my wallet again, because now they’re having a Kickstarter for their Caverns tiles.

Monster Chef looking for tips

When it comes to games, I have to admit I’m a little jaded. Zombie game? Sure, which kind? Survival, control, co-op? I’ve played them all. World War II game? Sure, which type? Pacific war, D-Day, or tank battles? It’s rare to have a game, even a goofy game, that doesn’t neatly already fit into the genre or sub-genre of something I’ve already played many a time before. Monster Chef is just such a game.

Piercing Fortress Europa Review: Panzers without the chrome

World War II is a rich environment for gaming. You have the fun of submarine warfare, the big naval battles in the Pacific, the fast tank wars in Africa, the clash of mighty armies in Eastern Europe, and, of course, the bloodbath of the D-Day invasion. One arena that gaming basically ignored is Italy; there was a full Allied invasion there, but games detailing the battles in Italy are few and far between. Piercing Fortress Europa seeks to change all that, with a compact system focused on various aspects of the conquest of Italy.

Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport Review: Fun, but not totally necessary

Scoundrels of Skullport (Scoundrels) is billed as a double-expansion for the Lords of Waterdeep board game from Wizards of the Coast (WotC). Lords of Waterdeep is a great game, one worthy of most any gaming group. While a solid design, it has a few quirks, quirks that aren’t really addressed in the expansion, which nonetheless might be worth it for fans of the main game.

WizKids to make official Dungeons and Dragons figures

Wizkids Games, makers of games like Mage Knight and Star Trek Attack Wing have just announced a new line of official Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) miniatures. And there was much rejoicing.

Otontin Warriors of the Lost Empire Review: …Worth beans.

Otontin is a dice game with cards and strategy on the side, loosely modeled on the pre-Columbian empires of the new world. The Mesoamerican tribes were fascinating cultures. Their mathematics could match anything in Europe until the 15th century. Their warriors were incredibly fierce, believing the key to combat prowess was to wear as brightly colored feathers as possible (comparable to going into combat with a bulls eye on your chest), and gold was not of great value (they called it “the excrement of the gods”). No, it was all about cocoa beans, the true sign of wealth. Otontin models the fights between the cities for cocoa, but not so well