Tabletop Simulator Review: Facilitating fun

Tabletop Simulator Price: $14.99 System(s): Windows, Mac, Linux Release Date: June 5, 2015 Publisher (Developer): Berserk Games (Berserk Games) ESRB Rating: N/A Tabletop Simulator is a hard game to review. It’s a sandbox, but not in the traditional sense. Rather, someone should approach it as a platform, a facilitator of other sorts of games. As more »

Lightning Rod, Sunburn and Zook Skylanders now available

Okay everyone, it’s time for a public gaming announcement! The Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure universe is expanding! Activision’s just sent out word that two more single figures and one more adventure pack are headed to stores. Let’s hear your squeals of delight! I don’t hear any squealing.

Guardians of Graxia is a board and computer game

Guardians of GraxiaPetroglyph is working on a game you can play at your computer or away from it. Guardians of Graxia is a strategic game that involves using guardians to try and acquire land on the floating continents of the planet Graxia with their armies. At the same time, you also will have a number of mysteries about the planet and its inhabitants that can only be solved by choosing a guardian and exploring the world.

Both versions of Guardians of Graxia will be released in Summer 2010, but each has its own unique properties. The board game is played using cards, figurines and map tiles, and there will be regular and deluxe versions released. Petroglyph hasn’t announced what bonuses will come with the deluxe version. Both versions of the board game will come with 6 guardian figures and 32 ownership banners for each side. Also, the press release states that the price for the regular edition will be $60, and the deluxe will be $70…

Best Buy’s after Christmas video game sales

Best Buy 2009 After Christmas adIf you go out and, for many, brave the snow, to get Sunday’s newspaper, you’ll find a plethora of store ads declaring fantastic after Christmas sales. Best Buy is one of those stores, and the ad is impressive. Remember though, the sales in the Sunday Best Buy ad only apply between December 27, 2009 and January 2, 2010.

If you wanted an Xbox 360 for Christmas, you may want to head on over to Best Buy this week. An Xbox 360 Arcade system is its normal $199.99 price, but if you buy one, you will save $60 on one Xbox 360 accessory or game. The best part is, if you pick a game or accessory that costs less than $60, you get it for free. It’s almost like you get to make your own bundle…

Gamertell’s 2009 DS holiday gift guide

Atelier Annie Alchemists of Sera IslandThe holiday shopping season is drawing near as people are preparing to pick up Christmas and Hanukkah gifts for the 2009 holiday season. This year tons of fantastic DS games were released, and it may be difficult to pick out the perfect one for your favorite DS owner.

For Gamertell’s 2009 DS game gift guide, there are 30 DS games released in 2009 that could make fantastic holiday gifts. To make your search easier, Gamertell’s DS gift guide has been sorted by ESRB rating. Just go to the section that is appropriate for the age of person you’re shopping for, and hopefully you’ll find some good DS gift ideas. If Gamertell’s reviewed the game, click the game’s title to read and see what we thought about it.

Let’s take a look at some great DS game gift suggestions…


Wizards of the Coast dumps Gleemax

Gleemax Alpha logoWizards of the Coast has announced that Gleemax is out. The social networking site for gamers is scheduled to be phased out and completely removed from the internet in September 2008 so Wizards of the Coast can focus on sites like Dungeons & Dragons Insider and Magic: The Gathering Online. On July 28, Randy Buehler, Vice President of Digital Gaming, posted an entry on Gleemax announcing the news.

The Gleemax site was first created in October, 2007. It was designed to allow tabletop gamers to interact and talk over forums, share blogs, write reviews, chat online and play free Gleemax games. A marketplace function was also discussed, but never implemented, and there were also links to Dungeons & Dragons Insider and Magic the Gathering Online.

Gamertell Exclusive: Xfire debate club examines women’s issues in videogames

Women in the gaming industryOften when people think of women in gaming, they either think of the digital super cute, super sexy or super barbaric women found videogames often portrayed as the damsel in distress or weak. On October 25, 2007, the Xfire Debate Club logged on for their ninth meeting to discuss issues women face trying to get into the gaming industry or as a gamer.

The eight million strong gaming community, Xfire, invited nine successful women of the gaming industry to speak with the Xfire community on the topic of women in the gaming culture, game marketing, portrayal of female characters in videogames and the online gaming experience as women to name a few. Xfire is one of the fastest growing online gaming platform and community in the world helping gamers to easily connect, chat and play with their friends online

The eight women in the gaming industry who attended include,,,


Ninety-nine videogame secrets exposed

Resident Evil 2 Tofu Gamer Help Online recently posted 99 – yes you read that right – codes that will unlock secret movies, game enhancements, practical jokes, humor, mini-games and system tricks.

Have you ever become so infuriated with a game because you just can’t seem to overcome an obstacle. Like the hand-numbing button masher scene in the first Metal Gear Solid when you have to save Snake from getting electrocuted to death by Ocelot? Or maybe you just want to do something funny like give James Bond a bobble head or play as a piece of Tofu in Resident Evil, put your character in god mode or even unlock secret ending movies or minigames?

Get your Halo fix early with ActionClix

Gamertell Halo ActionClix 01 As we saw at ComiCon, many companies are producing Halo tie-in products from inexpensive stickers to pricey life-size replicas. Somewhere in the middle are the affordable fun stuffs, like WizKids’ Halo ActionClix.

Being released a week before the Xbox 360 Halo 3 game in September 2007, fans can start collecting colorful 3D plastic miniatures based on the Clix tabletop game franchise. Each pack runs $10, but you get 4 game figures, 4 stat cards, 2 tiny dice and…


New Star Wars PocketModel TCG: Pics and ships

Gamertell WizKids Star Wars PocketModel TCG Tin

WizKids recently sent me samples of their latest Trading Card Game, Star Wars PocketModel TCG, released this past week (late June 2007).

Each game pack, which retails for $4.99, includes 4-8 pocket models (on two plastic cards), 6 game cards, an instruction/rules sheet and a pair of really tiny dice. The unique, and rather unusual, aspect of this game is that the “pocket models” are actually miniature ships. A free sample coupons is available on the WizKids’ web site where you type in your zip code and print the resulting page to pick two free cards and three ships (an X-Wing and two TIE Fighters) at a local shop. The coupon expires July 30, 2007.

Each plastic card in a game pack contains glossy, full-color precut ship parts that you pop out and piece together referencing a tiny wireframe diagram and itty, bitty guide letters on each connection point.

Click through to get more information as well as images of cards and completed ships…