Xbox Live Update for the week of February 25, 2015

highlights this week’s arcade releases. It’s on both the Xbox One and the Xbox 360. The game features two interwoven stories that will take place over four episodes, starring Claire Redfield and Moira Burton. She’s the daughter of Barry Burton, best known for his horrible B-movie quotes including: “Jill, here’s a lockpick. It might be more »

Nintendo eShop Update for February 26, 2015

Forget the whole update thing. Today is the Donkey Kong update. Of the 11 games hitting the and eShops today, 6 are Virtual Console games starring Nintendo’s iconic monkey. Overkill? Perhaps, but Nintendo is offering 30% Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze or Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D if someone buys at least one of the more »

This week on the PlayStation Store, February 24, 2015

If you’re into Dragon Ball, this week’s PlayStation Store update is something to be excited about. If you aren’t into Dragon Ball, maybe not. Unless you’re into Resident Evil, in which case you’re in good hands. If neither strikes your fancy, we can’t ever be friends. Sorry. PS4 Dragon Ball Xenoverse ($59.99, $84.99 for Season Pass more »

This week on the PlayStation Store, February 17, 2015

This week is a doozy. Another PS4 board game, British dudes shooting werewolves, a fancy version of a big fighting game and… Q*Bert??? We have an interesting list of games, and yet another big sale. Those seem to be happening pretty frequently lately. Hooray! PS4 Dead or Alive 5 Last Round ($39.99) This is exactly more »

Nintendo eShop Update for February 19, 2015

I’m going to go ahead and phone in today’s eShop update. I feel like I’m justified, because Nintendo is phoning it in too. There are only five new games this week, so nothing distracts from Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. All we get are 2 games and 1 game. There aren’t even any appealing eShop more »

Xbox Live update for the week of February 18, 2015

It’s a very eclectic selection this week in the Xbox Live Marketplace. Hand of Fate is, wrap your around this, a roguelike/action RPG deckbuilder. In the game you use a deck of cards to craft the dungeon you will hopefully fight your way through. Assemble equipment and encounter decks to play the game of life more »

Xbox Live update for the week of February 11, 2015

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and the only thing we love more than our games is our readers. So let’s find some games that will earn a special place in your heart! The Escapists is a sandbox game that puts you in the big house. Your character’s goal is to escape prison, but it won’t more »

Nintendo eShop Update for February 12, 2015

Today’s is practically here only in spirit. Yes, some and games were released, but it was a cursory gesture. Why? The New 3DS XL, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D, and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate are being released tomorrow. Nintendo wants you to focus on those, not eShop exclusives. So we only get 5 more »

This week on the PlayStation Store, February 11, 2015

Evolve is out! I wasn’t impressed with the beta, but you might like it, maybe! Also, cool indie stuff and a new Super Stardust! And if that’s not enough, you can also pre-order Dragon Ball Xenoverse, and that’s just too goofy of a name to pass up, right? All that and more is available with more »

Nintendo eShop Update for February 5, 2015

Today is an odd kind of update. It’s really more about the sales, rather than the new games. There are 2 and 5 games newly arrived on the stores, but you can tell it’s a lackluster week when the only things appealing are virtual console games and a port of a mobile title. Not that more »

This Week on the PlayStation Store, February 3, 2015

This week marks the first whole month of PlayStation Store coverage from yours truly! Wooo! Anyway, another month, another round of PlayStation Plus freebies. This month’s highlights are Transistor, Yakuza 4 and Rogue Legacy, but you can find the full list in the usual place. Two versions of the upcoming Mortal Kombat X are ready more »

Xbox Live update for the week of February 4, 2015

A Lannister always plays his Xbox – wait, that’s not right. But if they had Xboxes in Westeros, I’m sure the Lannisters would play, in between conquering things and throwing weddings where everyone dies. The point here is that Game of Thrones – Episode 2: The Lost Lords is now available for both the Xbox more »