Terraria’s 1.3 update changelog revealed

The Terraria 1.3 Changelog has been released, and it’s expansive, impressive, and purposefully incomplete so not to spoil all of the new surprises. Following is the full list, but some of the highlights include: 800 new items to discover Expert Mode, featuring increased challenge and new rewards New Underground Desert biome New Tax Collector NPC more »

Bluefin Depot, the latest Splatoon map, out tonight

It’s almost been a whole week, time to see if Nintendo’s doing anything with Splatoon. Let’s see. Why yes, yes the company is. In keeping with the the trend of putting out at least one free add-on a week, we’re getting another map. Later tonight, we’ll be exploring the Bluefin Depot. Splatoon‘s Bluefin Depot looks more »

So much Super Smash Bros amiibo, DLC and update news today

So much Super Smash Bros amiibo, DLC and update news today Did you catch Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros video this morning? If not, you missed a huge spectacle of surprises. Instead of being a simple presentation revealing Lucas, the DLC character scheduled to be added to the game on June 14, 2015, it was the more »

Splatoon Splash-o-matic weapon update arriving tonight

Okay Nintendo, we have to talk. It’s great that so much Splatoon content is regularly being released. Free add-ons are awesome. It’s totally keeping the game alive. It’s so fresh, it’s practically a prince of Bel Air. But you didn’t even give us enough time to enjoy the new Kelp Dome map before springing the more »

Splatoon Kelp Dome looks pretty cool

Earlier today, we got a better look at Splatfests, Splatoon‘s special Turf War events. I mentioned that it appeared a new stage showed up in the trailer, and wondered if we’d see more new content this week. Well, that’s been confirmed, as we’re getting another Splatoon map tonight! The latest Splatoon map is called the more »

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s free June 2015 DLC adds Animal Crossing, Devil May Cry

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s free June 2015 DLC adds Animal Crossing, Devil May Cry The Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate update we’ve all been waiting for is here. Well, it’s the free DLC installment I’ve been excited about. I’m not sure about you. But, I imagine you’ll want it just as much after you find out more »

Super Smash Bros’ Lucas DLC drops next Sunday

Apparently, Lucas is a Nintendo World Championships kind of guy. Nintendo announced Lucas DLC for Super Smash Bros a few months ago, but never mentioned when exactly the PSI warrior would join Ness in the arena. Now, we know. June 14, 2015 gets to be his birthday, as that’s when he’ll debut on the 3DS more »

The Splatoon Inkbrush lets players make Turf Wars “artistic” tonight

Tonight’s the night we’re going to paint the town. Well, technically we all already have been doing that, but imagine even more! The Splatoon Inkbrush is being added into the game tonight via a free update. It’s exciting, because all of the Splatoon commercials have shown characters wielding the Inkbrush and it, you know, made more »

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator’s silhouette is “Jack-O”

The reveal for the upcoming entry in the Guilty Gear Xrd series, Revelator, came with two characters: returning veteran Johnny, and a new, nameless silhouette. Games Talk revealed some new information later translated by Gematsu about this silhouette, namely confirmation that she is indeed female and that her name is Jack-O (ジャック・オー). In terms of more »

Tanya coming to Mortal Kombat X

I don’t have a huge love of the Mortal Kombat series. This is mostly because I’m not twelve and am no longer impressed by gratuitous violence. I’m not saying Mortal Kombat X doesn’t offer some stellar gameplay and fantastic fighting game mechanics. It well may. I’m just saying that the excessive focus on hyper-violence turns more »

Splatoon Ranked Battle’s Splat Zones unlocked June 1, 2015

Good news, Inklings! We have a whole new way to stay fresh. The Splatoon Ranked Battle mode is now open. Enough people have reached level 10, which means we can go and start earning points to see which squids are the best. Beware – it’s a tough fight. The only Splatoon Ranked Battle mode available more »

Splatoon looks good with Style Savvy

Nintendo’s really big on putting free DLC into its games that is reminiscent of other titles. Splatoon is the big game of the moment, so it’s getting cameos in games. Super Smash Bros. is the obvious one, with Mii Fighter costumes that transform the characters into Inklings. Girls Mode 3: Kirakira Mode, the third Style more »