Pokemon Center selling Pokemon Trainer Nendoroid

Fantastic news for anyone who loves video game figurines. Especially if they also care about Pokemon. Good Smile Company’s Pokemon Trainer Nendoroid is now available outside of Japan. How’s that for a holiday surprise for you? The Pokemon Trainer Nendoroid was originally a Japan exclusive item. You had to actually pre-order and visit a location more »


You shouldn’t complain about The Pirate Bay police raid

I’m not the sort of person to get on their high and mighty moral soapbox and tell you what you should and shouldn’t do. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that piracy is theft, nor am I going to tell you that you have little to no reason to engage in piracy more »

Stuff stockings with Pokemon Center Christmas surprises

Ever since that online Pokemon Center launched, we’ve been seeing pretty regular updates to the store. However, it’s one specific update that everyone needs to pay attention to now. Just in time for Christmas, there’s a Holiday 2014 update. Brace yourself, because you’re going to hear about some good stuff. This December, the Pokemon Center more »

GameStop Cyber Monday 2014 sale is surprisingly good

We all know this Black Friday, GameStop didn’t exactly wow people. The retailer had some deals, but almost every other store had better prices. Which is why it’s so surprising that the GameStop Cyber Monday sale for 2014 is actually really good. There are tons of systems, games, and accessories on sale on the site more »

Here’s the November 5, 2014 Nintendo Direct Roundup

Nintendo of America aired their latest Nintendo Direct video today, November 5, 2014, showcasing what the company has in store for the and over the coming months. Included were release dates, game footage, and a few brand new trailers. If you’re unable to watch the 33+ minute video or just want the highlights, here’s how more »

All hail The Internet Archive’s 900 game Internet Arcade

The Internet Archive, the non-profit organization dedicated to preserving as much publicly available information as humanly and electronically possible, has recently begun hosting a massive library of classic coin-op games, dubbing the collection the Internet Arcade. The Internet Arcade allows users to play games in their web browsers using emulation software called JSMESS that maps classic more »

Walmart has a $79 2DS

The 3DS is one of the most promising systems currently available. The wealth of its game library is extraordinary. Which is why everyone needs to head to Walmart immediately and pick up a $79 2DS. It’s been marked down for one day – when November 3, 2014 ends, the price shoots back up. This is more »


Enter the Dragon Age Keep (updated)

Time for the perfect way to end your day. The Dragon Age Keep is here. EA has launched the open beta of the means which people will be able to tailor the world of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Here’s how the Dragon Age Keep works. If you’re planning on grabbing , you head to the official more »

Here’s Your October 10, 2014 Indie Game Bundle Update

Hi all, and welcome to a slightly smaller, indie game bundle update. This week, we have a fewer collections than usual. Some expired. Other sites didn’t put up as many packages as usual. Which means we have 26 indie game bundles to choose from this week. GamerTell’s Best Indie Game Bundle Picks: Bundle Stars Reboot more »

Amazon leak shows Final Fantasy Type-0 for PC

Final Fantasy Type-0 may be the next Final Fantasy series game brought to the PC. Eagle-eyed Internet users have spotted that the Italian region Amazon listing for the game sports three platform options for pre-order: Playstation 4, XBox One, and PC. While this could be a simple error on the part of, it’s not more »

Here’s Your October 3, 2014 Indie Game Bundle Update

Time for indie game bundles. Are you ready? Think of this week as a recovery period. The past two weeks, we saw over 30 bundles at a time. This week, we’re down to 28. I know that seems like it’s still a lot of indie game bundles, but most are returning ones. One of the more »

GOG sale celebrates its 6th birthday

It’s GOG’s birthday week, and that means good news for us. Why? Because GOG sales are held to celebrate any little event. Since this is the site’s sixth anniversary, that means a full week of game sales. Best of all, these aren’t flash sales where you have to constantly keep visiting or refreshing the site. more »