TwitchCon could be better for Let’s Play “stars” than attendees

Game steaming has become a viable method of entertainment media. League of Legends finals draw over 30 million viewers, there were 9.4 million Awesome Games Done Quick unique viewers this year, and in 2014 Twitch had over 100 million unique, monthly viewers. It’s no wonder that TwitchCon 2015, the first official convention celebrating streaming games, more »

Rentpunk Game Jam: Nickel and Dimed

Rentpunk is a game jam for our uniquely precarious times.  In the current information economy, geek culture has become mainstream culture, yet the revenge of the nerds has been exacted at a terrible price.  The middle class is an anachronism.  Ghost towns dot the vast wasteland that separates major metropolises, their empty warehouses and factories more »

WotC makes PathGuy take his D&D Character Generators down

Everyone who plays Dungeon & Dragons, I’m afraid I have some bad news. A valuable resource is now gone from the internet. I regret to inform you that Wizards of the Coast have asked Ed “PathGuy” Friedlander to remove his D&D character generators from the internet. Which is a shame, because they’ve been making tabletop more »

2015 Lunar New Year Play-Asia Sale has begun

Good news for anyone who’s a fan of importing delightful games and items from Japan. One of the most anticipated Play-Asia sales is now on. Yes, I’m talking about the Play-Asia Lunar New Year Sale. Why is it so great? Because stuff is discounted, and you can win other stuff for shopping. Over 10,000 items more »


Club Nintendo website working again

Club Nintendo website working again Since I know a lot of people are eager to call dibs on their Club Nintendo freebies before everything shuts down on June 30, 2015, I figure now’s a good time to send out the alert. The Club Nintendo website is finally, kinda, sorta working again. I mean, there are more »


Club Nintendo offers new rewards, good luck getting them

I was so excited this morning, people. Do you know why? Because I woke up to people saying that the new physical and digital, Club Nintendo rewards were online! I raced to my computer, headed to the website, then remembered that the Club Nintendo website is stuck in 2001 as I slowed to a halt. more »


Nintendo Posts Release Schedule for Early 2015

Nintendo Co., Ltd. has posted an updated release schedule accurate as of January 28, 2015. The list of upcoming titles, which is buried at the end of their latest financial earnings document, breaks down releases by region and by system and includes a separate chart of third party download titles as well as their own more »

Pokemon Center selling Pokemon Trainer Nendoroid

Fantastic news for anyone who loves video game figurines. Especially if they also care about Pokemon. Good Smile Company’s Pokemon Trainer Nendoroid is now available outside of Japan. How’s that for a holiday surprise for you? The Pokemon Trainer Nendoroid was originally a Japan exclusive item. You had to actually pre-order and visit a location more »


You shouldn’t complain about The Pirate Bay police raid

I’m not the sort of person to get on their high and mighty moral soapbox and tell you what you should and shouldn’t do. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that piracy is theft, nor am I going to tell you that you have little to no reason to engage in piracy more »

Stuff stockings with Pokemon Center Christmas surprises

Ever since that online Pokemon Center launched, we’ve been seeing pretty regular updates to the store. However, it’s one specific update that everyone needs to pay attention to now. Just in time for Christmas, there’s a Holiday 2014 update. Brace yourself, because you’re going to hear about some good stuff. This December, the Pokemon Center more »

GameStop Cyber Monday 2014 sale is surprisingly good

We all know this Black Friday, GameStop didn’t exactly wow people. The retailer had some deals, but almost every other store had better prices. Which is why it’s so surprising that the GameStop Cyber Monday sale for 2014 is actually really good. There are tons of systems, games, and accessories on sale on the site more »

Here’s the November 5, 2014 Nintendo Direct Roundup

Nintendo of America aired their latest Nintendo Direct video today, November 5, 2014, showcasing what the company has in store for the and over the coming months. Included were release dates, game footage, and a few brand new trailers. If you’re unable to watch the 33+ minute video or just want the highlights, here’s how more »