3DNPC is genuinely the best Skyrim mod out there

One of the problems with Skyrim is that the NPCs aren’t really that interesting. This isn’t a knock on Bethseda, they really did try their best. The NPCs as they exist are entertaining, and certainly do the job well enough. Heck, I even have my favorite NPCs to marry, which tells you they did something more »

SteamLeft lets you know how long you need to play

I recently discovered a website called SteamLeft. What it does is calculate how long it would take you to finish playing all the games in your Steam library. After doing so it presents the time needed, accompanied by a fun time related fact. Take my result for example. It would take me 14 days, one more »

Help the people of Skywind find their voices – volunteer today!

You know about the Skywind project right? No? Well it’s a bunch of modders who are attempting to recreate the entirety of the best RPG ever made, , inside of the third greatest RPG ever made, Skyrim. (Sorry Bethesda, second place goes to Chrono Trigger.) Now, I’m sure you’re chomping at the bit waiting for Skywind more »


Rewriting Toontown

The Disney Company said “no”, and the internet said, “watch me”. On August 20th of this year, Disney’s members were alerted via email that the 3D Massively Multiplayer Online Game was set to close in exactly one month. In response, fans everywhere took to the internet to share their woes. Toontown Rewritten is the response initiative, firing more »

Rare Sega Pluto prototype console has yet to be sold

Roger Vega, owner of the Sega Pluto, has yet to sell his prized piece of gaming history. The news comes from the Twitter account of Sega fan site Sega Nerds which claims to have been in correspondence with Vega regarding a potential buyer that eventually backed out. Sega Pluto: The undiscovered planet The Sega Pluto more »

Mother 3 translator offers Nintendo his services for free

EarthBound is one of the many games to appear on the Wii U’s new Virtual Console after the console’s system update this week. Professional Japanese translator Clyde Mandelin took Nintendo’s announcement, which was made in the most recent Nintendo Direct, as a sign of Nintendo’s renewed interest in the long forgotten series and took the opportunity to make Nintendo an more »

The Homebrew Channel is running on Wii Us

Have a Wii U? You can hack it. Not that we endorse that kind of thing, mind you. Doing that is a sure way to instantly void your warranty, but thanks to those diligent hackers, it is now possible. They haven’t got it running during the Wii U mode, but it will work on the more »

Final Fantasy VI Monopoly set a dream come true

You all need to brace yourselves, because we are about to talk about the coolest crafting project ever. The Sprite Stitch website has a gift exchange where people handmake gifts for one another and this year a user named Jadely has taken the prize for best gift ever. This user decided to buy the love more »

Fans translate Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo DS

When it comes to fan translations, you tend to see certain systems get more attention than others. There are lots of NES and SNES fan translations, you won’t have too much trouble finding Genesis or Game Gear translations and even an occasional GBA or PSP game translation project appears sometimes. When it comes to recent more »

Create your own mazes with the World’s Biggest Pac-Man site

Have you ever thought to yourself while playing Pac-Man, “Ya know, I could make a better maze than this,”? Well, now you can show the world just how awesome your maze-designing skills are by creating one — or more — on the World’s Biggest Pac-Man site. Prepared to be blown away as you peruse through literally hundreds of mazes created by joe shmoes like yourself.


PS3 only does everything, even Kinect

Kinect sensorShantanu Goel may be the hero for PS3 fanboys and fangirls right now. He’s managed to create a bridge between consoles. You don’t just need an Xbox 360 for Kinect now, because if you’re tech-savvy enough, you can use it with your PS3. I guess you didn’t need to buy Move after all.

Goel is the creator of a new Kinect hack. It uses various programs together, like the DIYPS3Controller DualShock 3 emulator, PrimeSense Libraries for Kinect, NITE Libraries and OpenNI Libraries to allow people to use a computer as sort of a conduit to allow the PS3 to recognize and successfully use the Kinect.

Thinkgeek carrying Minecraft magnets

Thinkgeek Minecraft MagnetsThose Kongscut Minecraft magnets on Etsy started something. What was once an indie product by a devoted fan has spawned an official version! This means you can get official, real Minecraft magnets at Thinkgeek now too!

Thinkgeek’s Minecraft magnets are pretty much identical to the ones first created and sold by Kongscut…