Rodea the Sky Soldier may be the Wii’s swan song

A Wii release in 2015? It’s happening. Yuji Naka’s long-in-limbo Rodea the Sky Soldier, announced for American release last month by NIS America, will be playable on Wii in addition to Wii U and 3DS. First-run editions of the Wii U version of the game will come bundled with the original Wii game, finished in 2011 by Prope, more »


Here are all the Club Nintendo digital game rewards and recommendations

Club Nintendo is a mess right now. There’s no way you’re getting into it. You can try, as I have for the last hour, but it won’t work. The site has been slammed and, since Nintendo never put any effort into the site’s infrastructure, you’ll likely spend the rest of the day staring at a more »

Punch-Out!! on Wii U is great, with one exception

When Nintendo announced digital Wii games on the Wii U eShop, I was pretty excited. Mostly because Punch-Out!!, one of the Wii’s low-key greats, was on its way for a great price. Next Level Games has done great work every time it had a Nintendo property to play with, and Punch-Out!! is no exception. The more »

Harmonix doing a Rock Band survey

Has your heart been longing for more Rock Band? Have you had an empty void in the depths of your soul because of the lack of simulated rocking out with your friends and loved ones? Do you own one or more currently working Rock Band musical instruments? Then you might want to take this here more »

More Guardians of the Galaxy come to Disney Infinity 2.0

Games with NFC figures tend to release the toys in waves, in the hopes of keeping people coming back to the title weeks and months after its release. Disney Infinity 2.0 is getting a new wave of NFC figures this week, and they tend to fall into a familiar category. In short, the Guardians of more »


Play-Asia has $14 Wii U GameCube controller adapters

Nintendo wasn’t really prepared in 2014. It flubbed the launch of both Amiibos and the official, GameCube controller adapters for the Wii U. In the case of the former, rare Amiibos became impossible to find. With the latter, adapters sold out quickly and though a restock has been promised, it hasn’t happened. Fortunately, Play-Asia has more »

Just Dance 2015 is one of Amazon’s best selling, holiday games

Amazon’s gone ahead and revealed its best selling items this holiday season. A lot of things are expected, like Frozen‘s continued success. Some are unexpected, like the Acer, ASUS, and HP Chromebooks being the most popular computers this year. However, nothing is a bigger surprise than Just Dance 2015 being one of Amazon’s three most more »


Light and Dark Skylanders Trap Team elements make sense, but aren’t fair

With Skylanders Trap Team Activision and Toys for Bob decided to take things a step further. It wasn’t enough to have 8 different elements worth of Skylanders figures for people to collect. They upped the number to 10, so Light and Dark could be added to the mix. While this may make sense, since the more »

Skylanders Trap Team sees the light and gets dark December 21

Skylanders Trap Team will finally be complete next week. Activision and Toys for Bob pulled a switcheroo on players this iteration. Thet expanded the elements. Light and Dark were added to Magic, Water, Life, Undead, Tech, Earth, Wind, and Fire. Except, there have been no Light or Dark Skylanders released. Now, that problem is solved. more »

GameStop Cyber Monday 2014 sale is surprisingly good

We all know this Black Friday, GameStop didn’t exactly wow people. The retailer had some deals, but almost every other store had better prices. Which is why it’s so surprising that the GameStop Cyber Monday sale for 2014 is actually really good. There are tons of systems, games, and accessories on sale on the site more »

Feels like the Target Black Friday sale started early

Did you see the November 23-26, 2014 Target ad? I did, and it came as quite a shock to me, because some of the deals here are as good as the ones in the Target Black Friday ad. You don’t expect that ahead of Thanksgiving, but here it is. I guess the store really wants more »

2014 Walmart Black Friday ad breaks sales into “events”

Oh Walmart, this year you’re going to try again to outdo them all. Here’s the scoop. Since Target and Best Buy decided to leak their own ads, that’s what happened with the Walmart Black Friday ad too. The store put it up online on their webpage, presumably to make things easier on all of us more »