Fatal Frame 2 still terrifies me

I feel as though I shouldn’t have to warn about spoilers for a game , and yet the internet being what it is, this article will have spoilers. I feel the need to say this because Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly is a horror game, and horror known is horror lost. Yet somehow, Fatal Frame more »

8 Sites with “good” Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles media

Know what’s out in theaters today? That new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot. (Yuck!) I think I speak for the majority of the internet when I say no thank you. That’s okay. We do not want this. Really. Which is why I propose we spend the day enjoying good, classic, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles media more »

August 9, 2014 is a GameStop Disney Infinity Day

Love Disney Infinity and can’t wait for Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes? Go to GameStop on August 9, 2014. It’s a Disney Infinity Day. Theoretically, it’s an opportunity for fans to gather, swap power discs, and play the games. In reality, it’s a chance for GameStop to put the various Disney Infinity games and paraphenalia more »


Skylanders Trap Team Dark Edition lets you capture Kaos

The $100 Skylanders Trap Team Dark Edition is starting to look like a better investment. Every time a new game is released, there’s always a special Dark Edition that includes different character variations and other special bonuses. Usually, it’s specific to one outlet and practically identical to the $79.99, standard starter pack, but the Skylanders more »


EB Expo Attendees Can Get Skylanders Trap Team’s Gearshift

Sites like eBay are going to be innundated with figures come October 2, 2014. It isn’t just because all pre-orders of the game come with the NFC figure. It’s also because the EB Expo will be giving them away too. Getting a Gearshift figure at EB Games Australia’s EB Expo 2014 will prove a bit more »

Anime Midwest 2014 was a Gamers’ Heaven

A lot of major cons make a show of trying to offer something for gamers, but it usually only results in a few panels, voice actors that have perhaps done one or two video game rolls in addition to other parts, and maybe a tabletop or TCG room. Meanwhile, Anime Midwest 2014 went above and more »

Nintendo eShop Update for June 3, 2014

Pardon my language, but holy crap. This is a fantastic week for the Nintendo update. Like, it’s crazy good. Not only are there 4 games and 7 games, there’s also 1 DSiWare game and 1 WiiWare game. This is just shocking. I think I need to sit down. Oh, wait, I already am. Okay, you more »


Tomorrow is GameStop’s Skylanders Day

The Skylanders series of games are so popular, GameStop goes out of its way every year to hold a Skylanders Day to get people in the door to get special figures and deals. With Skylanders Trap Team coming later this year and even more Skylanders Swap Force characters still to be released, it’s an event more »


E3 2014: Skylanders Trap Team has the Coolest Characters

Listen, it’s been almost a week since E3 2014. If you love the Skylanders series and are interested in Skylanders Trap Team, you’ve probably ready at least two or three previews by now. So this isn’t going to be one of those. You have some idea of how the game plays, especially if you’ve played more »


E3 2014: People at Skylanders Trap Team Sessions were in It for the Toy

As long as Activision has been making Skylanders games, E3 attendees have known that stopping by the Skylanders demo stations or making a meeting will result in the acquisition of a special, limited edition, E3 figure. Usually, at said presentations, people have some semblance of decency and go to the trouble of at least Googling more »

E3 2014: Activision game lineup focuses on the big 3

Guess who’s in the air, headed to E3 2014? It’s me! But, I love you all so much that instead of relaxing, I’m reporting on Activision game lineup. Because when you’re you’re psyched up about E3, you gotta always be covering it. The Activision game lineup this year is focused on only three games. Which more »


Pre-order Skylanders Trap Team for Gearshift

Oh Activision, you always make these Skylanders games so hard to resist. It’s not enough that each installment seems to read our minds in terms of what new content we want in the game. You also have to do things like offer a figure to anyone who decides to pre-order Skylanders Trap Team. That’s just more »