Minecraft Story Mode is certainly something

I like to believe I trust Telltale Games. The developer clearly knows what it’s doing, with hits like The Walking Dead, Sam & Max, Fables, and, most recently, Game of Thrones. Still, their latest Minecraft Story Mode announcement is giving me pause. Because this is Minecraft, a game that’s essentially virtual legos, and one wonders more »


Light and Dark Skylanders Trap Team elements make sense, but aren’t fair

With Skylanders Trap Team Activision and Toys for Bob decided to take things a step further. It wasn’t enough to have 8 different elements worth of Skylanders figures for people to collect. They upped the number to 10, so Light and Dark could be added to the mix. While this may make sense, since the more »

10 Best Dragon Age Inquisition fanfiction prompts

It started out as a joke. I was one of those people who wrote fanfiction in high school, and sometimes I like to brainstorm ideas for stories I’d want to read. That’s what I was doing on Twitter a few days ago, coming up with ridiculous, Dragon Age Inquisition fanfiction ideas. Except, some of these more »

Skylanders Trap Team sees the light and gets dark December 21

Skylanders Trap Team will finally be complete next week. Activision and Toys for Bob pulled a switcheroo on players this iteration. Thet expanded the elements. Light and Dark were added to Magic, Water, Life, Undead, Tech, Earth, Wind, and Fire. Except, there have been no Light or Dark Skylanders released. Now, that problem is solved. more »

Payday 2 adds a lucky Clover, Diamond Heist

Anyone can be an amazing, virtual bankrobber. Equal opportunity and what not. Overkill Software is embracing that with one of its new Payday 2 DLC packs. In addition to a whole new heist, the first female character is being added to the game. Clover is from Dublin, Ireland and is really proud of her heritage. more »

Xbox Countdown to 2015 deals begin today

The new year is almost upon us, but let’s not forget the great games we played throughout 2014. Over the next two weeks, Microsoft is going to discount several of them, some for only a day. Some of the   titles on sale include Titanfall: Game of the Year Edition, Wolfenstein: The New Order and more »


I hate Dragon Age Inquisition’s stupid install rule

Dragon Age is one of those series that I always wanted to play, but never had the time or money to allocate toward it. However, I picked up Dragon Age Inquisition during the Amazon Cyber Monday sale, because I’ve heard so many good things about it. I waited patiently for it to come in the more »

Target sale ad for December 14-20, 2014 takes care of gamers

Tis the season of last minute gift shopping. Which is smart, because sometimes you can find certain items on sale cheaper now than they were on Black Friday. When it comes to this week’s Target sale ad, a few things are definitely cheaper. Some consoles, to be specific. Though, it’s a good time to buy more »


Skyrim overshadows Dragon Age Origins

I decided to make a point of playing at least a little of Dragon Age Origins recently. I was still waiting for my copy of Dragon Age Inquisition to come in the mail (since the mail is notoriously slow this time of year), and I wanted to take the time to play some of the first more »

Best Buy sale ad for December 14-20, 2014 has PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U sales

If you’re still in the market for a new console this holiday season, then you should make a point of checking out Best Buy this week. The Best Buy sale ad for December 14-20, 2014 is out and it’s looking like a pretty good week to buy a console. For example, the PS4 is on more »

Alien Isolation Nightmare and Novice Modes make it more inviting

I really like the idea of Alien Isolation. And by that, I mean I love the idea of a game where you have to hide and truly stealth around, because trying to be a big bad gun bunny will result in you getting torn limb from limb. The truth is, however, that I’m really bad more »

Cullen is the Dragon Age Inquisition fanfiction favorite

You can tell a lot about people’s thoughts on game characters by checking through fanfiction. Pairings offer a lot of insight and can answer questions about who people love the most. When it comes to Dragon Age Inquisition fanfiction, there’s a clear star. The people love Cullen. The proof is in the sorting. I started more »