Microsoft XBOX to support Cross-Network Play

In an amazing announcement, Microsoft has stated that it will support cross-network play.  Yes, that is correct, Microsoft, of all companies is on board with this.  This would allow users of the XBOX system to join gamers of other systems with cross-platform games (Madden, COD, etc.) in battle or sport.  Imagine now being able to more »


Jet Set Radio tags its 15th anniversary

Jet Set Radio is a game remembered fondly by many a Sega fan for its slick artstyle, gameplay and futuristic setting. It’s no surprise, that fifteen years after the game’s release, fans of JSR’s composer, Hideki Naganuma, praise him daily on Twitter. Crossover fanart with games as recent as Splatoon can be found easily, and more »

Shantae: Half Genie Hero Preview: Shantae shows her moves

Shantae Half Genie Hero appears to be coming along nicely. WayForward provided a preview build featuring three playable levels to early-access level Kickstarter backers. The demo is brief, and specifically adjusted to avoid any possible spoilers, but its contents are solid. Shantae Half Genie Hero will feature platforming action as the titular Shantae runs, jumps, more »

King’s Quest: A Knight to Remember Preview: Eager for adventure

King’s Quest is poised to launch during July, 2015 with the first of five chapters, “A Knight to Remember.” I had the opportunity to see the latest build and ask questions of developers Bill Linn and Matt Korba during E3 2015, and what I saw has me excited to return to the fairytale kingdom of more »

July 2015’s Games with Gold for Xbox revealed

This is the second anniversary of the Games with Gold program, heavily inspired by Sony’s PlayStation Plus. To celebrate, Games with Gold will offer two free games on the Xbox One every month. Microsoft heard our gripes about Pool Nation and its lengthy stint as a Game with Gold. In July, the  will get Assassin’s Creed IV: more »

Lego Dimensions Preview: More advanced portals

Lego Dimensions is all about portals. Portals between different Lego worlds. A specialized portal peripheral that allows up to seven figures to be active at once across three different zones that influence characters’ abilities and appearances within the game. That isn’t even counting the Portal cross-over, which adds an Aperture lab to the game with more »

E3 2015: The year of the NFC figure explosion

Perhaps things have gone a little too far. When it was only Skylanders, the NFC figure fad was okay. One line, about 40 to collect and that’s fine. We can handle that. Except this proved to be more than a passing fad. It transformed into a cavalcade, with Disney and Nintendo following Activision’s example. Now, more »

Xbox Live Update for the week of June 17, 2015

There’s not a whole lot in the way of releases this week, it’s like everybody in the game industry was busy doing something like E3 2015. Quantum Rush: Champions is a futuristic-racing game on Xbox One that allows you to speed it up on earth and in space. Your ships have mounted cannons and can pickup more »

E3 2015: Mighty No. 9 has built-in speed runs

At my very first E3, and my very first appointment, I was able to see Mighty No. 9. Seeing the banner with all the new characters and sitting down to test out the controls brought me way back to a time when all I could think about was Mega Man. Yeah, I was one of those kids more »

Portal and The Simpsons come to LEGO Dimensions

Portal and The Simpsons icons have joined the growing cast of LEGO Dimensions. These and other sets were first revealed in a May leak from Brickset along with now-confirmed Jurassic World figures. (No word on Doctor Who just yet.) LEGO Chell and GLaDOS fit right in with the Portal level pack, LEGO Homer and Bart Simpson are a nice touch for any more »

E3 2015: Microsoft and Sony swap policies on older games

Remember E3 2013, when Microsoft was the company being ridiculed for its handling of used games? The Internet’s reaction was swift and merciless, as it always is. Sony taunted Microsoft’s ridiculous policies with used games, forcing Microsoft to walk back on every stupid thing it had said. Now at E3 2015, Microsoft announced something else more »

E3 2015: Everything from Microsoft’s presser

The first of the big three is out of the way: Microsoft’s E3 2015 press conference is over and done with. Xbox One backwards compatibility was both the highlight and forerunner, but a shot of nostalgia from Rare Replay was a welcomed treat as well. Of course, we also saw quite a few other scripted snippets. Here more »