Super Smash Bros. 3DS is good news for Nintendo

Nobody thought Super Smash Bros. was going to be a bomb. But, there was some curiosity about how Nintendo’s colorful entry into fighting games was going to do once the first portable version hit the market. The answer from Japan is extremely well!

I love Skyrim’s Studded Imperial Armor more than is reasonable

Sometimes, a Princess likes a thing far more than is reasonable. For instance, the idea that I’m an Elven Princess. It’s dumb, but I love it, so I go with it. I feel similarly the Studded Imperial Armor for Skyrim. There’s really no reason for me to like it so much. It’s not that impressive. more »

This week on the PlayStation Store, September 16, 2014

The PlayStation Store has come back online from the slim pickings it offered last week. But then again last week we got the blockbuster Destiny released with polarized reviews from critics that I haven’t seen since Beyond: Two Souls launched. The games this week are hit or miss, depending on your preference. PlayStation 4 Air more »

NHL 2K to start for iOS and Android this season

From AppleTell Career mode, 3-on-3 mini games, and multiplayer shootouts. Read the full post on AppleTell »

Destiny and the “Hamster Wheel Blues”

It is possible to kill yourself at The Tower, the hubworld in Bungie’s new video game, . All other types of violence are prohibited in The Tower, the game restricting the controls so the gun you’ve been blasting away with stays firmly affixed to your back, the fists you’ve used to pummel hundreds of enemies more »

Okay, I’ll give Oblivion another chance

Recently, I wrote an article talking about how I tried to play Oblivion but found it a worse version of Skyrim. I tried really hard not to insult , because I truly feel that if I’d played Oblivion first, I would have liked it a lot more. Since I didn’t, however, I kept comparing it more »

Guardians of the Wallet: Rocket Raccoon leads Disney Infinity 2.0 preorders

Naysayers scoffed after Disney shelled out $4 billion for Marvel Comics.  The company had already licensed the film rights for Spider-Man and the X-Men to other parties, so people wondered what was left in the cupboard. Disney and Marvel turned The Avengers into household names, and this summer did the same with the Guardians of more »

Next Madden NFL 15 update has to chronicle worst week in NFL history

Like millions of Americans, I love some football. I play Madden NFL, fantasy football and occasionally make time to watch games just for fun. The first two weeks of the season have made it hard to remember why at times. Some of the best players in the NFL have started the year under legal clouds. more »

Front Page Sports Football is making a comeback

Cyanide Studios, the team behind Blood Bowl, is resurrecting . Every fan thinks they can run their favorite football team better than the general manager. If they are fans of the Dallas Cowboys, they’re probably right about that. In any case, here’s your chance to see what you’ve got. As the GM, you’ll need to more »

I’m so hyped for Disgaea 5 because of REVENGE

I always get excited about Disgaea installments. There’s something about the series, and the appeal of a strategy game that can really be played for months, perhaps even a year, before it’s fully mastered. Yet, I also feel that isn’t why I’m excited about Disgaea 5. It isn’t because of what I do know about more »

Lovers of game music remixes should listen to Erutan

Erutan, otherwise known as Kate Covington, is a trained musician who spends her time and talents making video game music remixes. But, she doesn’t just do that. No, she takes music and adds lyrics to them, so that you really feel the full force of the intent. For example, here’s her cover of “Rose of more »

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call Review: Music never dies

Price: $39.99 System(s): Nintendo 3DS Release Date: September 16, 2914 Publisher (Developer): Square Enix 1st Production Department (Square Enix) ESRB Rating: “Teen” for Blood, Fantasy Violence, Mild Language, Mild Suggestive Themes Rhythm games may be stale but with 27 years of lore and a globally popular franchise at their fingertips, Square Enix is in a more »