Dancing with the Stars Super Mario Tribute was great

I don’t have a television here in the mystical glade, but I do try to keep up with pop culture. Thus, I have a pretty good idea when interesting things happen. You may recall me pointing out Slamba Yetu, the remix of the Space Jam theme with Bab Yetu from Civ IV. Well, now something more »

Get Xbox Live Black Friday Deals without leaving your house

Do you really want to engage in the full scale mortal combat that is Black Friday? Microsoft has unveiled a bunch that ensure you don’t have to. There’s a massive sale on games for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360. I prefer discs, but I don’t like getting trampled by angry mobs in search more »

This week on the PlayStation Store, November 26, 2014

The PlayStation Store doesn’t have any qualms about competing with the Thanksgiving holiday. After all, what are the kids going to play when their banished to the basement while the grown-ups argue about politics? The PlayStation Store has a healthy helping of fan favorites for the kids and the adults that will sneak down to more »

Skyrim Mudcrab sounds like Samuel L. Jackson

A number of the Skyrim mods I like best are incredibly lore friendly. Mods like Frostfall, which create cold-weather status effects, mods like iNeed, which forces the need for food, water, and sleep, and other similar mods are my general go-to. This doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy some of the sillier mods, however. For instance, more »


Criminal Girls: Invite Only busts out in February 2015

The game many figured would never be released outside of Japan now has a release date. Take that, people who underestimated NIS America! Criminal Girls: Invite Only will make it to North America and Europe in the month of love – February. February 3, 2015 in the states and February 6 overseas, to be exact. more »

Dragon Age Inquisition has too many mountains

I’m a certain kind of Dragon Age Inquisition player. I relish taking on every sidequest and exploring every corner of the map. Rush through the story? Pshaw! There are more important things to do. You know, like clearing every marker off of a location’s map. The problem is, doing so has convinced me that the more »

Review: Ironkill Robot Fighting Game for iOS

From AppleTell Two robots a casual kind of way. Read the full post on AppleTell »

eShop Black Friday 2014 sale discounts 10 games

2014 eShop Black Friday sale discounts 10 games Here’s something a little unexpected. Nintendo is going to hold a Black Friday sale of its own this year. If you stop by the or , you’ll see 10 games are on sale. They’re evenly divided among the two systems. Unfortunately, the eShop Black Friday sale isn’t more »

National StreetPass Weekend is on until November 30, 2014

If there’s one thing people are going to do around the holidays, it’s spend time with family and friends. Sometimes, they’ll do it in the comfort of their homes, and others will mean trips to special events or even taking part in the Black Friday hunts. The important thing is, keep your 3DS on and more »

Technology Tell 2014 Vita Gift Guide

Here it is, coming right at you, another guide for holiday shopping. It’s a Vita gift guide! Unfortunately, it won’t be much use for you this Black Friday, as none of the stores this year have any Vita systems on sale. A few have discounted Vita games, like GameStop, but it’s really a pretty barren more »

When the Dragonborn met the Mudcrab

The rain poured furiously upon the plains of Whiterun. Thunder boomed from Dragonskeep to Broken Fang cave, and forks of lightening, purple and angry, broke the sky like shattered glass work. The fury of nature was a mere pittance compared to the fury of the battle in the bandit camp below. The Dragonborn, known as more »


Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Diary: Creeping with DexNav

In an earlier Pokemon Alpha Sapphire diary installment, I mentioned that the way in which some daily scenes are depicted makes the game feel more immersive and natural. That isn’t the only thing that makes the Pokemon world feel more real this time. The other is the DexNav. The DexNav is an improved version of more »