Can’t get a code for Marvel Heroes? Buy your way in

If you’ve been itching to play Marvel Heroes, but haven’t been lucky enough to snag an access code, you may be happy to know there’s another way in to the game. Gazillion Entertainment just announced the Marvel Heroes Founders Program that gives any fan instant access to the game and other goodies. Getting in is more »


City of Heroes is dead, now what do we play?

It’s over. An era has ended. After eight years, City of Heroes is gone. There are no more Paragon Protected Zones. On November 30, 2012, Paragon Studios was obliterated and NCsoft decided it was time to move on, which leaves the remaining City of Heroes users with a hole in their hearts. Let it be more »

Marvel Heroes begins looking for closed beta participants

The upcoming Marvel Heroes MMO by Gazillion Entertainment is now in closed beta. That means a small number of interested players can sign up for their chance to test out the game before the general public. 

Prevent Doctor Doom’s victory in Marvel Heroes

Doctor Doom has gotten his hands on the Cosmic Cube and is ready to use its immense power to change the world in his own image. If only there were some dedicated Marvel superheroes around to pound his face in, then we’d all be safe. Hey true believer, Captain America wants you – to be one of the Marvel Heroes.

Marvel Super Hero Squad has their own free online game

Super Hero Squad MMOMarvel’s Super Hero Squad features kid-sized versions of iconic heroes including Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. Though the property is aimed at kids, a lot of adults are following their cute little adventures as well. The Squad has appeared in their own Cartoon Network TV show and will soon be coming to your computer. Gazillion has created a free MMO based on the Squad’s adventures that is currently in beta testing. Gazillion and developer The Amazing Society have a 10-year license to do Marvel-based MMOs, so it looks like we’ll be hearing a lot from them.

E3 2010: Hands-on with Jumpgate Evolution

The biggest problem with Jumpgate Evolution isn’t that it almost directly competes with EVE Online. Instead, the title’s problems stem from being in development for so long. There are times where this writer was doubtful he would ever see it completed. Seeing it at E3 2009 was like a breath of fresh air but even more »