Humble Origin Bundle may lure you into using Origin

EA’s tapped into the Humble Bundle. We’re doomed.. Well, actually, we’re just going to be forced to suffer through fantastic deals with the Humble Origin Bundle. Yes, I’m sorry to say that you may have to rethink your stance on EA’s Origin distribution service, because the latest Humble Bundle is all about it, and some more »


Navy SEALs in trouble over Medal of Honor: Warfighter involvement

EA’s underperforming Medal of Honor franchise has angered the military again. Medal of Honor: Warfighter has gone from bad game to full-fledged national security risk.

Seven US Navy SEALs received discipline for being paid consultants on the game. Four other team members who have since transferred are also under investigation.

Opinion: Medal of Honor franchise has misfired again

EA’s attempts at having Medal of Honor fill the non-Battlefield calendar years haven’t gone according to plan. The 2010 “playable Taliban” controversy racked up mountains of bad publicity before the game launched. The publisher learned from its mistake. Medal of Honor:Warfighter is heavy on the exploits of SEAL Team 6, but does not include deceased Taliban leader Osama bin Laden.

Zero Dark Thirty DLC planned for Medal of Honor Warfighter

Sony is partnering with Electronic Arts to offer up a bit of, shall we say, interactive publicity for its upcoming Hollywood take on the hunt for (and subsequent assassination of) Osama bin Laden.

Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition pre-orders get access to Battlefield 4 beta

EA’s latest Medal of Honor is, for now, the only way to get an invite to the beta for Battlefield 4. The publisher has announced Medal of Honor Warfighter pre-orders will come with access to the beta. Warfighter, like Battlefield uses the Frostbite 2.0 engine.It looks as if EA is settling into a cycle that sees Battlefield and MOH releases in alternate years. MOH hasn’t become as popular, so a little help from Battlefield is a good idea.

E3 2012: Medal of Honor: Warfighter is looking good

Medal of Honor: Warfighter faces heavy odds in its attempt to dethrone Call of Duty this holiday season. After seeing its E3 2012 demo and trailer though, you have to admit it looks pretty good. You can take to the battlefield with Tier 1 operatives October 23, 2012.

Activision’s rivals weigh in on Black Ops 2

Now that Black Ops 2’s long-rumored futuristic setting is confirmed, everybody is giving their opinion. Kevin O’ Leary, a product manager at EA currently working on Medal of Honor: Warfighter, took to Twitter to voice his disinterest. He called Black Ops 2 “tired” and suggested the franchise might need a year’s rest. That was a not subtle slight at Activision’s decision to release new CoD games annually.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter focuses on Tier One, doesn’t include bin Laden

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is “ripped from the headlines” with the inclusion of Tier One Operatives. After the inclusion of playable Taliban in 2010’s Medal of Honor earned the ire of military personnel, EA is playing it safer. This game isn’t going anywhere near the mission that made Tier One a household name: the killing of Osama bin Laden.

PS3 is first in line for Battlefield 3 DLC

DICE, the developers of Battlefield 3, kicked off this morning with some pleasant news for PS3 owners. The PS3 will be the first platform to get Battlefield 3 expansions. Those who plan on getting BF3 on PC or Xbox 360 need not fret because the exclusivity window is quite small. It’ll only last one week which is a lot shorter than the exclusivity window Call of Duty expansions get on Xbox 360.

Pre-orders for Battlefield 3 from Origin come with a free game

EA really, really wants gamers to use Origin. It knows if it can convince gamers to give the service a try just once, it can make long-time customers out of us. Of course, EA needed to tap into the alluring power of Battlefield 3 to lure customers in since Battlefield 3 isn’t being sold on Steam. Pre-orders are already coming with free DLC and access to the Battlefield 3 multiplayer beta, but it will also come with a free game.

Kmart’s June 12 – 18, 2011 ad has an Xbox 360 deal and 16 sale games

Portal 2Kmart’s June 12-18, 2011 is a little sparce this week, but gamers still may be able to find one or two great deals. This is especially true if you have passed up on one or two recent PS3 or Xbox 360 releases, since 14 console games have been reduced. The best thing to do is go into the ad with no expectations, that way you’ll be pleasantly surprised when something good does appear.

As usual, there’s a console deal…

CES 2011: Interactive Toy Concepts’ Medal of Honor remote controlled battlebots

Interactive Toy Concepts Medal of Honor remote controlled toys
This is of those very unassuming products at CES 2011 that so many people quickly pass by and yet it is so very cool once you find out exactly what all it does.

It was at the CES Unveiled event a couple days ago and, like most people, saw it as simply a series of remote controlled vehicles based on a video game property.

Oh, we were so very wrong.