Smart home no longer a choice between ultra-expensive and cheap DIY (Post sponsored by URC)

Great news: It’s more affordable than ever to automate your home, while taking all the guesswork and annoyance out of setting it up. It wasn’t always this way. For most of its existence, home automation has been the domain of both the ultra-wealthy and the DIY enthusiast. The ultra-wealthy regularly have, for decades, paid five more »

Rekindle couch & TV romances with Logitech’s latest K400 Plus keyboard

Tablets make for some fantastic entertainment consumption devices with few limits for location. You can almost think of it as instant gratification, if you consider the widespread internet connectivity and plethora of media streaming sources available. But despite the fun and convenience, tablets can’t give you full immersion.

TechnologyTell Review: Voombox Ongo Portable Speaker

Voombox has offered up plenty of interesting entries in the speaker category, and one more has come our way. Our friends at Voombox sent out a Voombox Ongo for us to review, and this little dynamo will pack quite a bit of performance in an unusually small package. Design The Voombox Ongo is designed to more »

TechnologyTell Review: 808 NRGGLO Speaker

There’s something to be said for being able to take a party where ever you go–particularly with summer coming on in earnest–and parties tend to need certain basic things. Music is one of these. A killer light show, meanwhile, is less useful but still welcome. 808 sent out an NRGGLO speaker for us to review, more »

How comfortable would you be using a fingerprint-only smart lock?

Anyone who has spent some time learning the skill of picking locks understands that a home’s locked doors are merely an illusion of security. Sufficient skills and/or the right tools is all it takes to gain entry through tumblers, sometimes in just mere minutes. I know I’ve been able to pick both locks on my front door in under 60 seconds.

TechnologyTell Review: ARCHT One Wireless Audio System

TechnologyTell Review: ARCHT One Wireless Audio System

Free software upgrades Harmony products with smart home control

Free? Upgrade? You heard correctly, but only Logitech Harmony owners will gain this benefit. The company has just announced that a few of its most popular hub-compatible products are getting a boost with smart home control capabilities.

Smart Grids 101: Connectivity of the Future

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Popcorn in Your Browser is dead after just a couple of days

From EntertainmentTell Popcorn in Your Browser- Black Lodge-style red curtains and all- is dead after just a few days Read the full post on EntertainmentTell »

Sling TV comes to Google Nexus Player, Google Play Store

From EntertainmentTell Sling TV is now available for Google Play devices Read the full post on EntertainmentTell »


TechnologyTell Review: Flir FX wireless HD video camera

This is Flir’s first true consumer product. And considering the quality of things Flir, the expectations are running a little high. Did they stick the landing, or is this first foray a flub? Read on and find out! Design & Installation The Flir FX WiFi 1080p HD video monitoring security camera shows that much thought more »

TechnologyTell Review: Justin 5400mAh Power Bank

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