Smart Grids 101: Connectivity of the Future

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Popcorn in Your Browser is dead after just a couple of days

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Sling TV comes to Google Nexus Player, Google Play Store

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TechnologyTell Review: Flir FX wireless HD video camera

This is Flir’s first true consumer product. And considering the quality of things Flir, the expectations are running a little high. Did they stick the landing, or is this first foray a flub? Read on and find out! Design & Installation The Flir FX WiFi 1080p HD video monitoring security camera shows that much thought more »

TechnologyTell Review: Justin 5400mAh Power Bank

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Want a smarter, more powerful smarthome? Go for Oomi.

These days, it seems that every company has already thrown their hat into the smarthome, IoT/IoE ring. If you want wireless lights or wireless sockets or home alarm/monitoring systems, there’s plenty enough choice to go around. But that in itself ends up being a problem. If you’re like me, then you have at least half more »

Microsoft eyes gaming cord-cutters with Xbox One tuner

From EntertainmentTell Microsoft is offering a tuner so Xbox One users can cut the cord Read the full post on EntertainmentTell »


TiVo in process of resurrecting the spirit of failed Aereo

Just a couple months ago, TiVo had completed an auction purchase of Aereo’s assets. And if you recall, Aereo was the exciting new service whose business model ultimately failed against the legal system. Who wouldn’t like a cloud DVR that records OTA signals and makes it available to subscribers? Well, aside from TV networks, that more »

TechnologyTell Review: Izon View Wi-Fi surveillance camera

Consumer home monitoring cameras come in a small variety of shapes and sizes. The most common ones you’d find are in the shape of a puck or some kind of zoom lens. Or a miniaturized observatory for astronomy. None of them are really designed to be small and secretive to blend in with a room’s more »

Think you know IoT? Here’s your chance to prove it and win!

I’ve had the opportunity to test and check out many a smart device, and I can tell you that not all Internet of Things are created equally. It’s all still kind of new – maybe more like a toddler instead of infancy – yet there is a lot of ground to cover before such products mature and hit their stride.

This ultimate backup battery just may change the world

The Tesla Powerwall is like a backup battery for your house. During the day, the Powerwall can store energy from a solar panel array or city energy grid.

TechnologyTell Review: Nyrius Smart Switch Outlet

If you’re interested in providing wireless connectivity to a variety of devices, you’ll do well to keep an eye on Nyrius. I’ve granted Bluetooth wireless to speakers with the Songo and wireless HDMI with the Aries Home+, both of which are fantastic products and deliver. One of Nyrius’ latest gadgets for the home is the Smart Switch, which brings the power of Bluetooth to an outlet.