LG Debuts World’s Largest OLED at IFA

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LG 77 inch 4K Curved OLED

Image courtesy of Big Picture Big Sound

Via Big Picture Big Sound and CNET comes the news that LG is displaying a positively massive Curved OLED display at IFA 2013 in Berlin this week. The set — a massive 77-incher with 4K “Ultra HD” resolution — is billed as the world’s biggest, but don’t look for it to hit store shelves anytime soon. And when it does, expect to pay a hefty premium. Despite the fact that 4K display prices are coming down, there’s still quite the premium on Ultra HD resolutions. And given how new OLED TVs are on the marketplace, that display technology is even more expensive. Throw in the curvature — which, as I’ve said before, is of dubious benefit, although there’s slightly more to be said for it at this screen size — and you have an equation that adds up to one very, very expensive TV. Assuming it ever makes it to market in this form, that is. According to CNET, “LG has held off on detailing when we can expect to see its new toy hit shop shelves.”

What we do know about the 77-inch Curved OLED display is that its panel, like other LG OLEDs, relies on white sub-pixels with color filters to create white, red, green, and blue sub-pixels, hence the name WRGB. Samsung relies on a different technology that uses red, green, and blue sub-pixels with no filters. Proponents of the different will debate at length about the relative merits of each approach. I’ll simply note that they’re different.

Via: [Big Picture Big Sound] and [CNET]

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