Madden NFL Sunday Ticket Offer Crashes DirecTV Servers?

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Madden 25Yesterday, during the first games of the regular football season, DirecTV saw a lot of people redeem the hugely discounted NFL Sunday Ticket offer enclosed with the Anniversary Edition of Madden 25. A lot more than anyone estimated, apparently, because as was the case with the launch of SimCity and Diablo III, there simply weren’t enough servers or bandwidth to handle the traffic. Those who tried to log into their computers to stream their favorite team were met with “server down” and log-in errors.

It’s times like these when a traditional linear cable (or satellite) connection starts looking pretty darn good. If content providers intend to continue to expand online streaming and cloud services, they seriously need to start reserving half again as much as anyone predicts they’ll need on the worst case scenario, and then paring down from there if that turns out to be overkill. That, or perhaps they should restrict the number of available accounts.

Digging a little deeper, it does appear that not everyone complaining about the lack of access could blame server outages. A user name or password change may also have been to blame for some users, and even though the service was unavailable for many directly via DirecTV’s website, apparently the NFL Sunday Ticket mobile apps were working just fine according to Yahoo! News.

Either way, things should be back up and running just fine in time for next Sunday’s games, and  hopefully we won’t see this sort of issue pop up again with NFL Sunday Ticket again anytime soon. Because fans are irate enough as it is. If we see these sorts of crashes two weeks in a row, this could give a whole new meaning to the “Madden Curse.”

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