Wren Sound Asks, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi: Which Is Better for Streaming?

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Wren Sound Systems V5BT Bluetooth SpeakerOur friends at Wren Sound Systems are back with a new post exploring the ups and downs, ins and outs of wireless audio, this one touching briefly on the two most prevalent wireless technologies used in music streaming: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It isn’t an extremely in-depth discussion — again, these posts from Wren are designed as primers, not white papers — so many of you may already have a good handle on the basics covered in this post. But if you’re new to wireless streaming and are confused by the different technologies, this is a good place to start: Should my wireless audio system use Bluetooth or WiFi?

Wren Sound Systems CEO Mike Giffin gives a basic rundown on the range, availability, and setup of both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi systems, without really digging into the oft-confusing specifics, like all of the various Bluetooth codecs (AAC, aptX, SBC, etc.), or all of the disparate ways of connecting via Wi-Fi (AirPlay, AirPlay Direct, DLNA, UPnP, and so forth).

So if you’re just looking for the basics, head on over to Wren Sound Systems’ website and read the whole post.

At the end, Giffin does tease the next installment in the series, which should hit the interwebs in a few weeks:

Bluetooth is a universal standard and easy to use. But, its range is quite limited and sound quality is restricted. WiFi systems have a wider range and can offer excellent fidelity. But, different systems that use WiFi are incompatible, and setup may be difficult.

There are several additional technical issues to consider while evaluating wireless speaker options.  We’ll take those up in our next installment.

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