OSD Audio Brings Bluetooth Outdoors

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OSD Audio BTR-800 Rock Speaker and BTP-650 Patio SpeakerAs much as I love music, I have to admit that outdoor audio is often more trouble than it’s worth for me. The one major outdoor audio system I’ve reviewed — the Terra LS.32 LuminSound System — involved digging trenches, burying PVC piping, excavating a ginormous hole for the subwoofer, drilling holes through the brick exterior of my home, integrating a rather esoteric amplifier into my system. And when I was done with the review, I had to dig it all up and ship it all back. For my money, the Russound AirGo Amplified Outdoor Speaker I reviewed a couple of years back is way more my speed, but even that device only works if it’s within Wi-Fi range, which may not work for a lot of homes and a lot of backyards. And apparently the folks at OSD Audio agree: outdoor audio shouldn’t be so difficult. The company is now teasing two new outdoor speakers, set to debut at this year’s CEDIA Expo in Denver, which bring advanced Bluetooth technology to the table to make connectivity a whole lot simpler.

Granted, you’ll still need to provide the speakers with power. But ones you’ve got them juiced up (with the included extra-long power cables), getting a signal to them is a snap thanks to integrated Bluetooth 4.0, which delivers 150-foot range if you’ve got a clears line of sight between the speaker and your mobile device, and something like 75 feet if you’re streaming through bushes, walls, or other obstructions.

The OSD Audio two-way BTR-800 Rock Speaker (which comes in at $349.95 SRP per pair) features an eight-inch polypropylene woofer with butyl rubber surround and one-inch soft dome tweeter, with up to 50 watts of internal amplification and a reported frequency response of 28Hz-20kHz. You’ll have your choice of three finishes: canyon brown, granite grey, and slate grey.

For something a little less igneous, OSD Audio will also be showing its new BTP-650 Patio Speakers ($289.95 per pair SRP), which features a 6.5-inch polypropylene cone woofer with butyl rubber surround and one-inch soft dome tweeter, delivering a rated frequency response of 38Hz-20kHz. Mounting hardware, power cable, and the speaker cable required to connect each pair of speakers is also included, and the BTP-650 will be available in any color you want, as long as it’s black or white.

Both new OSD Audio Bluetooth outdoor speaker will make their official debuts in the company’s CEDIA Expo booth, #3924, and should be shipping to authorized dealers right around the same time.

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  • John Peterson

    Thank you for the comprehensive review. Is there still the need to attach the two speakers together via a cable. Would the source device not pair to only one of the speakers?

  • Dennis Burger

    John, I won’t have the chance to checkout the speakers in person until CEDIA, so I’m just going by the press release, which says, “the BTP-650 Patio Speakers (SRP: $289.95/pair) include necessary speaker cable and power cord, plus mounting hardware.”

    But if I get to CEDIA and find out differently, I’ll let you know!

  • Tim Leahy

    Both the Bluetooth Rocks and Patio Speakers include the Master Speaker and and Satellite Speaker. The Master has the Bluetooth Receiver and Stereo Power Amplifier built in. It then needs to have an AC Power Supply (Included with the package) plugged in to power both Receiver and Amplifier in the Main Speaker. Then you need to attach the Satellite Speaker using the 30 feet of speaker wire from the Master Speaker (that is included as well). The only wireless connection is between the main speaker and the Bluetooth enabled device you are using as your source.

    • Dennis Burger

      Rock on. Thanks for the clarification, Tim!

  • Frank

    Can you set up two pairs and use them at the same time? Example, one pair on the patio, the other pair on the back side of the pool.