Apple’s “One More Thing” That Wasn’t Announced Yesterday

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Third-generation Apple TVWe reported last week that bills of lading indicated the possibility of a new Apple TV arriving soon, with a potential new feature labeled as “Communication Function” in the paperwork. If you followed yesterday’s debut of the iPhone 5C and 5S, you may have noticed that no such new device appeared. But Peter Kafka at All Things D is reporting that the newly updated Apple TV is indeed a thing, and that we’ll see it debut as early as next week:

People familiar with the company’s plans say that Apple TV is scheduled for an internal overhaul on Sept. 18, the same day Apple releases its iOS 7 mobile operating software.

The one new feature I’m aware of is a tweak to Apple’s AirPlay system.

Apparently, that new “Communication Function” listed in the shipping records is an updated content-sharing system that will allow you to use your iOS device to stream media that you own to Apple TV devices that you don’t own, straight from the cloud. Presently, sharing content to your friends’ Apple TVs when you’re away from home requires that you have the content actually stored on your iDevice.

No word yet on what this new functionality will actually be called, but “Communication Function” doesn’t seem like a likely moniker. AppleCast, perhaps? This method of direct-from-the-cloud content sharing does sound quite similar to the way Chromecast works.

At any rate, all of this sounds like a software update only, which is likely why we an entirely new piece of hardware debut at yesterday’s event. If the report holds true, we should expect this update to be available on existing Apple TVs next week. If so, that bill of lading most likely refers to units with the update already installed.

Via: [All Things D]

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