SANUS Gives You 11 New Reasons to Mount Your TV

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SANUS Premium Series VLF525_FM_Plus tv mountChances are very good that your TV isn’t mounted. I get it. I totally understand why. Before I was assigned up first mount review, I had absolutely no interest in hanging my TV on the wall, either, and now I’m hooked. You know the old saying, though: “Once you go mount, you never go back.” Or something like that. At any rate, SANUS also understands why your TV probably isn’t mounted. And the company wants to change your mind by making it easier, quicker, safer, and more attractive for you to take your display off its pedestal and hang it on the wall.

The company is introducing eleven new Premium Series mounts at this year’s CEDIA Expo in Denver, running the gamut from fixed-position models to tilting mounts, full-motion mounts, and full motion plus mounts, all of which are designed to be super DIY-friendly. To make these things practically install themselves, SANUS has included a number of features on every mount in the series — from the $29.99 model designed for 13-inch displays all the way up to the $349.99 behemoth designed for 80-inchers — including built in magnetic levels and stud-finder tools, key-holed wall plate and quick release tabs for tool-free setup, and even safety locks that make an audible click so you can hear and feel it when the TV is securely mounted.

And if you hear that click, step back, and realize that the TV isn’t exactly level, SANUS has you covered there, too. The new mounts can be easily re-leveled even after the TV is mounted, and each includes a little TV kickstand so you can lean the TV out from the wall to connect your cables with ease.

SANUS also includes a number of handy tools on its website to help you select, install, and buy the perfect mount for your TV, including a MountFinder search tool, a HeightFinder (which tells you right where to drill into your walls), and a Store Locator to help you narrow down your nearest authorized dealer.

Hold your horses, though: the new SANUS Premium Series mounts won’t be available at retail until October.

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