Terra Expands LuminSound Outdoor Speaker Line

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Terra LuminSound LS.10In 2012, Terra gave a vocabulary lesson to the audio world by introducing most of us to the word “bollard” with the introduction of its LuminSound LS.32 outdoor LED lighting and sound system (which, by the way, I reviewed for Residential Systems). The combination landscape lighting and speaker system has apparently been a pretty big hit — so much so that Terra is now introducing a new model to the lineup: one that drops the lighting aspect and delivers a modified version of the LS.32’s speaker section in standalone form. Designed for either mixed use alongside the LS.32 or in a standalone version for those of us who like the darkness (I’ll admit, during the time I had the system installed, I rarely used the lighting once the review was written).

Like its bigger brother, the LS.10 is rated for full outdoor exposure, with resistance to UV, salt spray, and chlorine mist. It features the company’s weatherproof 5.25-inch/0.75″ coaxial driver featuring Terra’s ACAD ceramic/aluminum alloy cone and MFCS fluid-cooled spider-free design, mounted at a 35-degree up-angle, to compensate for the fact that it’s lower to the ground. Like the LS.32, the LS.10 features a computer optimized internal crossover network, which includes a transformer that can be switched between 70 volt (4, 8, 16, or 32 watts) or 8Ω operation.

Its uni-directional design also means that you can easily aim its sound into your yard without too much music leaking into your neighbors’ residences. Finishes for the LuminSound LS.10 include green with a green grille, or black with available black, copper, or natural aluminum color grilles designed to match the LS.32. The LS.10 can be purchased individually, or as part of a complete package that includes six LS.10s, Terra’s partial burial AC.SUB, and a Crown CDi 1000 power amp.

As with the rest of Terra’s LuminSound offerings, the company doesn’t list an MSRP for the LS.10. Pricing is up to your local authorized dealer/installer.

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