Orb Audio Introduces Tenth-Anniversary Speaker Redesign

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Orb Audio Mod2X speakersYou may remember the Orb Audio speaker system I reviewed a few months back. If not, here’s the TL;DR version: the People’s Choice Home Theater Speaker System is a gorgeous little 5.1 setup that may not be the easiest speakers in the world to hook up, but they certainly make up for that in terms of performance and aesthetics. Apparently, though, that stunning performance wasn’t enough for the folks at Orb Audio. Home Theater Review is reporting that the system has just received a tenth-anniversary overhaul, which includes an update to the existing Mod1, Mod2, Mod2, and Mod4 speakers, as well as two new subwoofer models, the subONE and the subMINI.

The modular design of the spherical Orb Audio speaker systems remains the same. If you buy the Mod1X and decide you want to upgrade to the Mod2, it’s as simple as buying a new frame and adding another drive. What’s changed is the all-new aluminum driver that was designed to deliver better midrange and high frequency performance, and also up the speakers’ higher power handling capabilities.

The new subMINI is a $299 9-inch cube with an optional walnut wood veneer finish for an extra $118. It features 100 watts of internal amplification, a dual-port design, and a 40-160Hz adjustable crossover. The subONE ups the amp to 200 watts in a cabinet that measures less than 12 inches cubed, with your choice of black finish for $399 or a walnut wood veneer finish for $118 more. Both subs can also be ordered with an optional wireless adapter for an extra $129.

As before, Orb Audio sells direct to the consumer, and prices for the new systems start at $124.50 for a single Mod1X, with a full-blown 5.1 system including four Mod2X speakers, a Mod4X center channel, and the subOne for $1,867.00.

Each Orb Audio system is also customizable, so you can expand the system to 6.1 or 7.1 channels, and even upgrade to Orb’s Uber Ten Custom Subwoofer during the checkout process.

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