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Napster documentary DownloadedDownloaded, Alex “Bill S. Preston Esquire” Winter’s documentary on Napster has been getting most non-non-non-heinous reviews on the festival circuit, and if you’ve been itching to see it, you can check out out now on AOL On. For free, of course. The movie, a collaboration with VH1 Docs, chronicles the rise and fall of one of the most disruptive music services of all time.

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

Downloaded is exactly what we are looking for to grow AOL On as the premiere site for premium video content,” AOL On senior vp Ran Harnevo said. “AOL On is already home to the latest trending video and hit original short-form video series such as #Candidly Nicole. This next step into streaming premium feature film content takes advantage of not only AOL’s leading position in the online video space, but also its ability to leverage multiple platforms for streaming premium video including across mobile and connected devises through the AOL On app.”

The film is available here, or through the AOL On app via a variety of platforms like media boxes and video game consoles. Featuring all the major players on both sides of the fence, a whole bunch of artists, but mysteriously not Seth Green, it’s a fascinating look into the way things went down. The biggest thing I took out of Downloaded was that Napster was basically in testing when the world discovered it and it blew up. Basically it was in an open beta, and the people involved didn’t have the maturity or experience to realize why this was a bad, bad thing. The idea was always to sell Napster as a platform to the studios for digital distribution, but by the time it was in the shape it needed to be to make that work, it was way too late, and its creators were Public Enemy #1.

Of course, Steve Jobs later had a “new innovation from Apple” he called iTunes, and the rest was history.

Watch: [Downloaded on AOL On]

Via: [The Hollywood Reporter]

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