Singulus Tools Up for 100GB Blu-ray Production

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Singulus has completed development on a new Blu-ray disc production process that will allow for a new, triple-layer, 100GB disc based on the existing video disc standard. From the press release:

The further advancement of today’s Blu-ray Discs, the triple-layer Blu-ray Discs with 100 GB storage capacity, is the preferred playback medium for the new 4K technology. With the realization of a new and specifically designed data compression method for the ultra-high definition technology, the storage volume per information layer can be increased from 25 GB to 33 GB. In its committees, the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) is currently discussing the specifications of new, global standards. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES already completed the marketable concept of a new replication line.

At the IFA 2013 media and technology companies provide insights into the future of television: Sky, Astra, Sony, Harmonic, the Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institute and the German TV-Platform present ultra-high definition. The new generation of high definition television provides four times the resolution (3,840 x 2,560 pixels) of HDTV. 4K will become less expensive: in Berlin a Chinese manufacturer is presenting new Ultra-HD TVs with a price tag of less than € 2,000.

Singulus Blu-ray disc replicationProbably the most interesting part of this is that Singulus at least believes that its new tooling successfully allows for  almost edge-to-edge data on discs in mass production. Historically, anything optical disc with more than two layers has been problematic to mass produce, which is why DVD-18 fell into disuse, hybrid Blu-ray was barely a blip, and BDXL has never amounted to much outside of Japan, where BD recorders are ubiquitous.

In addition to the technological specifics, the most interesting thing about the release is that in points to some kind of active call for for BD4K proposals from the BDA. Physical media aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, despite the increased popularity of streaming and downloads. So does this mean BD4K is coming? Not necessarily. Does it mean that it’s being worked on? Definitely. Do I think it will happen? I do, but whether it has the same impact on the market that Blu-ray did remains to be seen.

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