Kinetics Shows New Line of Acoustical Treatments

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Kinetics diffuserWhen constructing a home theater, many buyers concentrate solely on components as a measure of expected performance. And yes, bigger and better subwoofers, exotic tweeters, and a good amp can make a lot of difference depending on the characteristics of the sound you’re going for. But what most people don’t think about is the actual space you’re putting your boxes into. By far, the most important component of your sound system is always the room. Sound doesn’t just travel straight from your speakers to your ears; it bounces off walls, ceilings, floors, and anything else in the room, and every interaction changes the quality of the sound that does finally reach your ears. Kinetics has introduced its new HighTones2 line of diffusing panels to help make sure that your room performs at its absolute best, by making sure that those surface interactions are beneficial, not harmful.

Even if you don’t have a high end system, doing some treatments to the room — like damping a rear wall — can have an amazing impact on the perceived performance of your gear. From the press release:

“HighTones2 diffusers expand on industry-accepted QRD theory to an 11-well quadratic residue sequence for improved diffusion,” explains Norm Varney, Acoustical Product Development Manager. “Plus, they include Barker code sequencing for reduced lobing.”

And just because you’re doing acoustical treatments doesn’t mean that you have to be tacking something ugly to the wall. All these panels are available in cherry, oak, maple, or poplar, with options for stained and/or clear coated finishes. And if you’re looking to do up the whole room, there are more options you should look at:

“HighTones2 Square” is also available in MDF, possibly the most cost-effective QRD diffuser on the market. The MDF version is great for stretch-fabric acoustical systems, including Kinetics StretchTRAK. Plus, all 2’x2’ diffusers are designed to fit in drop-ceiling applications.

If you’re re-doing a room from scratch, you might want to consider Sound Damp2, a compound you can inject into the walls to bring down sound transmission through the walls and ceilings. If you want more details, or just want to take a look at the different kinds of panels that are available, check out the Kinetics Home Theater website.

Kinetics will be officially introducing these new acoustical treatments and more at CEDIA EXPO 2013 later this month, in Booth 2923.

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