SnapStream is the Daily Show’s Death Star of DVRs

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Snapstream serverIt used to be that TV shows like The Daily Show tortured their interns by plopping them in front of an entire wall of TiVos that recorded all the major news and talk programs in hopes of catching important news items and gaffes. No longer.

Starting life as BeyondTV, an early HTPC program, SnapStream saw its market shrinking thanks to cable company provided DVRs, so the company turned its sights to the commercial market, designing a system that scales all the way up to the 30-tuner/30-terabyte monstrosity capable of fully feeding all of our topical comedy needs.

Laying down a month’s worth of TV-watching every day isn’t the only trick this system can handle, because how do you know what’s worth watching or heckling if you can’t find the diamond in the rough? SnapStream scans the incoming closed captions, creating an internal Google-like index of video, or automatically flagging clips containing key words. These clips can then be tossed to any PC , phone, or tablet where they can be reviewed, commented on, and flagged.

Check out all the details and a swanky video of SnapStream at the source link. If you’re serious about your TV library, and you’ve got serious cash to burn, this hub’s for you. I mean, hey, if it’s good enough for the Daily Show

Via: [ArsTechnica]

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